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egg wars

  1. burgerkingbrad1

    Bedrock Crossover between egg wars and lucky blocks

    So hear me out on this one. I think there should be a crossover between egg, wars and lucky blocks. It would be pretty fun having to break lucky blocks to protect your egg. It would be pretty fun. I already am pretty good at both of them.
  2. A

    Cubecraft Scrimming Newspaper 1

    The Cubecraft Scrimming Newspaper PREVIEW: Welcome to the first edition of the Cubecraft scrimming newpaper. This newspaper will be done weekly if I have time for that. SEARCHING FOR STAFF: I need people to help me with this huge project so any scrimmer that could help please do not hesitate to...
  3. A

    Bedrock Scrimming

    Hello! In this thread I would like to give feedback on the "war" between Cubecraft staff and scrimmers. Firstly I would like to explain to thise not familiar with scrimming what it is: Cubecraft scrimming is a competitive mode played on Cubecraft Bedrock edition where 2 teams fight to overpower...

    Happy New Year 🎊🎉

    Dear : YOU ✍️ ----------------------------------- 🎖️ HELLO👋, I hope you are well and in good health💪. 🥇 Firstly, I would like to say Happy New Year 🕛 🎊 and I hope that your wishes have come true in 2023🏆. 🥈Secondly, I thank you for subscribing to my channel🥰 because of you🫵, I did not...
  5. Roxrock

    All Networks Idea for Eggwars price changes

    I’m going to start off by saying that I am not an Eggwars player, and do not play the game unless my friends want to with me. It has been several months since I have last touched it. Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of people complaining and showing negativity towards the new/upcoming 1.19 update, due...
  6. Spaceblaze10

    Java Eggwars solo

    Hey I haven't played MC in like a year or so and now I've kinda returned and I wanted to play some minigames (EggWars more specifically). When I logged in the server I found out that EggWars solo is gone. Does anyone know why and when it will return... IF it will return?
  7. starnheim8330

    Bedrock More content?

    I want to buy new stuff but everything there is I either already have or don’t see an interest in. Just wish there other customisable things. Like maybe buyable skins for blocks on egg wars or having the iron, diamonds, gold and emerald have a different look to them at your base, similar to the...
  8. starnheim8330

    Bedrock Enchanted apples

    I always seen to wanna buy multiple enchanted apples in egg wars but it takes so long. I think it would be so much easier to be able to buy multiple in one go. It’s got me killed in a game before.
  9. starnheim8330

    Bedrock Egg wars party duels

    In my opinion I believe there should be a solos for groups of friends. All my friends want to be able to do a game against eachother not just duels but all of us in one game opposing. Like the solo games.
  10. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Video Egg Wars challenge xD

    Feedback is highly appreciated!😁
  11. agatecarrot517

    All Networks Before game starts time change

    When starting a match in multiplayer (like egg wars, sky wars, block wars…) and you are in a glass cube waiting for everyone to join in there is this timer which starts in a high number and if it is fair then the game start My problem is when waiting for that one person who still needs to...
  12. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Video My friend RustyPacheco begged me to clip him so I did so 😂 (quality because it's from one of my streams)

  13. K

    EggWars add tools

    I suggest that you make a new season of egg wars, add flying tools, this will be very interesting
  14. CeruleanPrism81


  15. SoloWarz

    I need your vote

    How many Eggwars solos wins do you have ?
  16. Not_Red_Fox

    What's the smartest play you have seen or done in egg wars?

    What's the smartest play you have seen or done in egg wars? :)))))))))
  17. SLK Krrimz

    Bedrock Emeralds are useless??...

    Idk if this has been discussed before and I am sure I am not the only on this I feel like the emeralds are very unbalanced. Let me explain, to open the emerald generator you need and ton of diamonds, AND you also need a ton of time. In egg wars however you probably won’t have anytime to just...

    Bedrock Add new map egg wars

    Hi every one: I have a suggestion📢 : My suggestion is to add new maps to the Egg wars and that is a bit of a change, especially if the maps are large, fun and interesting to play. What is the benefit of the suggestion? Is that it is a kind of change and to be other maps as in java in order to...
  19. D

    The new map picker

    What's everyone's thoughts on the map picker? I think its just a ad to get a rank
  20. T

    Team Chat in More Games (Especially Eggwars)

    Hello, I would just like to suggest a simple feature that has been implemented in most team games except eggwars: team chat. I don't know why it hasn't been implemented yet but please can it be added, I find it so useful in other servers because teamwork can be the difference between winning and...
  21. Dillon65452242

    Bedrock egg wars trios Idea

    egg wars trios Idea, me and my 2 friends want to play egg wars but there is egg wars Duos, mega, Squad, and solo. but there is no trios for us three and on top of that i look at the numbers and solos and mega game modes have the lowest number count in the egg wars modes the top is duos and squad..
  22. Traincar100

    Bedrock Sky wars/Egg wars- fights

    I think that if you have a sword in your hand you can’t open up chests or shops because it is annoying when it happens in Sky wars/Egg wars because it interrupts your fight.
  23. JustCallMeGigi

    Kits Missing on Eggwars?

    All my friends and a few people on various Egg Wars games have noticed that after respawning past the 2 minute mark our kits haven't been given back to us. I'm not sure if this is a glitch because it does say the whole "the timer is over blah blah your kit is renewed" but it's not there. It only...
  24. drxmagod2000

    Bedrock Better factories in egg wars for better fps

    The factories in egg war make a lot of iron,gold and diamonds (especially in the end of the match) which make a lot of entities, that cause the frames to drop and make the game unplayable for the bedrock players (like me) who are playing on weak devices (like mobile phones)...
  25. iTBD

    Video Who needs iron anyways? What could go wron- (Eggwars)

    Sooo I made Eggwars harder by not using iron. It went horribly wRoNg but I got some cool moments too. Mayyyyyyyyybe someone will like this (or maybe not) but I tried. Enjoy!
  26. C

    Bedrock Overpowered should be its own game-mode

    Half the time I want to play Egg Wars, someone votes for overpowered yet I always prefer to play normal. In my opinion, overpowered is just too slow. It doesn't make me feel 'overpowered'. Many people seem to leave the moment overpowered gets voted for. Some people like it, so it should still be...
  27. TheBubbyBee

    Bedrock My Suggestions for Eggwars

    In Eggwars, I think that if possible there should be fireballs but I understand if they're hard to add, maybe a second iron generator on the forest map. Me and my friend like the forest map except that there is only one gen so only one of us can rush at the start. Also maybe some perks for if...
  28. A

    Bedrock Slider For Amount Of Items You’d Like To Buy

    For bedrock edition Egg wars I think you guys should implement a slider for the amount of items you’d like to buy in the shop so mobile players do not have to continuously keep buying an item such as golden apples and buy them in one purchase. Also, another thing that mobile players have to...
  29. Noahdecoole

    Bedrock Shields in egg wars bedrock

    In cubecraft java you can buy a shield in egg wars for 30 diamonds, but in bedrock you can't buy a shield. When do shields come for egg wars bedrock?
  30. E

    Beta I found a bug.

    I found a bug and i took it's video but the video is 337 mb so i couldn't attach it here but i put the mediafire link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/h6dzlqsxicqphid/Minecraft_1.12.2_2020-06-16_18-42-31.mp4/file
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