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  1. A

    Bedrock Scrimming

    Hello! In this thread I would like to give feedback on the "war" between Cubecraft staff and scrimmers. Firstly I would like to explain to thise not familiar with scrimming what it is: Cubecraft scrimming is a competitive mode played on Cubecraft Bedrock edition where 2 teams fight to overpower...
  2. glo7776

    All Networks A FRIENDLY protest

    Maybe some of you have already known, I am a very huge fan of Block Wars Bridges and CTF. After watching wigged Wiggs youtube video(This is the Link to it:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xu6zGus4d4&t=14s) I realized they were gonna replace it. Here are some last minute ideas to the cubecraft...
  3. Wigaar

    Enough minecraft for today... *CTF*

  4. TBroz15

    Bedrock My Thoughts On Blockwars Giga And Its Flaws

    Hey everyone, these are my thoughts on a new game mode, Blockwars Giga. The way that the base game Blockwars was implemented into war-waging chaos of 50 vs 50 players, which I also like. But it has a few flaws in this game mode. For though it's a Beta Game and since it is unstable, it needs to...
  5. WiggedWigg

    Bedrock How to make BlockWars fun again

    Hi everyone. In my opinion and some other people i spoke to, BlockWars doesnt feels that good as it was. There are some changes made that i and others would like to change. Bridges and CTF duels Add new original maps: The problem: with all the respect to the cubecraft designer team, but it...
  6. Fudgeamellow

    All Networks Jump Pads in CTF should be removed.

    I've been playing CTF since it came out but religiously for the past year, and it's always had that simple sort of vibe that was nice to the game. The game would be so much nicer if they all seemed the same instead of these 2 slime pads in the Beach map that just doesn't seem to fit. It makes...
  7. JustinLRT1

    Bedrock Enemy team in BlockWars CTF using sand to trap my team into spawn point. Is that allowed?

    I accidentally died because I bounced into slime block because of insufficient distance and I fall into the void then after 8 seconds it respawn me at spawn point with sand trapping my team. And I chat multiple like "Why did you trap me into sand in spawn point", "Knockback is the best to way...
  8. mismut

    Bedrock Arrow trails not only on skywars

    Hi! With the new Skywars update Arrow Trails came to Cubecraft, but you can only use them in skywars... so I would like to use Arrow Trails in Eggwars, Survival Games, Lucky Blocks and Blockwars too. I know they were added today, but this would be really good addition to the game because bow is...
  9. Critomania

    Bedrock Blockwars "Sorting inventory with memory"

    I offer 2 ideas for the BlockWars CTF+Bridge minigame. I'll start with a simple first one: make the second slot next to the sword by default blocks, and move the rest of the tools that were in place of this slot, respectively, by 1 to the right. The second idea, the most important one: after...
  10. A

    Blockwars, map Sea

    Would you like to see this map added? Yes No As you can see, this map has a very large area to be able to do PVP in the center, and I tried not to get the decoration in the way to be able to do PVP calmly, all the holes are 1-2 blocks apart and some with a higher block , all jumps are...
  11. davimm02

    BlockWars changing inventory order

    I think cubecraft should do just a small change to blockwars in bedrock (both ctf and bridges), i think they should change the order your inventory spawns, i think they should let the blocks and the bow right next to the sword, so u can change them in a easeir way, and its not practical every...

    Java BlockWars: Changes in Kits, Powerups & Modifiers!

    Hi! I come with a suggestion for BlockWars, all the ideas that I am going to present were thought for BlockWars CTF. I see that BlockWars becomes more monotonous because it does not have such a large player base and because there is not much to vote, in addition to that people usually use the...
  13. O

    Blockwars CTF Text

    The text when you are playing blockwars CTF gets in the way because it in in the middle of the screen which blocks my view when i am running on bridges or blocks my crosshair which overall causes me to die a lot.
  14. TheGamerASD

    Java Replace Blockwars Bridges With Blockwars CTF

    Blockwars Bridges gets the lowest amount of players out of all the permanent games. I think Blockwars Bridges should be a featured game, and be replaced by Blockwars CTF. Blockwars Capture The Flag has more strategy involved due to the large playing field and the wide variety of kits. Blockwars...
  15. Osiris Usir

    [potential map submission] Blockwars CTF

    Map name: Athens built by: Osiris9559 this is a somewhat small to medium sized map this map was designed with the new cubecraft knockback in mind! in the image below is ideally where i feel the powerups should go as the locations are plenty spread out and easily accessible (power ups marked...
  16. SG_Jogik

    Video New BlockWars CTF Video

    Welcome To the video
  17. C

    Bedrock Blockwars Ctf new mode

    So I play blockwars ctf a lot, and I would like to suggest a new mode. This Ctf mode would be "Hardcore" or "Limited life". Basically what would happen is that you would get a limited amount of lives (3,5) and after you lose your lives, you are out of the game. So it basically goes like this...
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