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  1. E

    PvP Chat Death Messages

    Is there any way to disable the chat death messages in FFA? It’s really annoying, and I can’t see where I’m running or who I’m fighting, half my screen is unusable. Thanks.
  2. GrimstrrMCBE

    What are the worst skywars solo map(s)?

    I've seen a lot of threads talking about the best skywars solo map, so why not switch it up? What are, in your opinion, the worst skywars solo map(s) in the game? I'll start with my 4 least favorite maps. Those maps are Party, Canyon, Savannah, and Trees (Savannah and Trees are almost tied...
  3. UncoiledBanjo54

    Bedrock Improvements for Lucky Blocks on Bedrock

    In reference to the thread "Official Lucky Islands Guide", and to the multiple requests made in the thread "Lucky Islands Feedback/Suggestions": I would like to require the following updates to the game mode "Lucky Blocks" (Lucky Islands) on the Bedrock version of the server: Introduce the...
  4. GrimstrrMCBE

    Bedrock Cubecraft should have a competative queue.

    I think that Cubecraft Bedrock should have a competitive queue. I get that there is already a challenge queue, but the challenge queue in Bedrock is different from what I'm talking about. What I want is a queue that puts you against players around your level and higher. For example, if I was...
  5. sajanator3

    Bedrock A weekly leaderboard

    As well as the current leaderboards, I think that a weekly ones should be added. The reason why I think so is because it'd be much more motivating to try get to the top of those instead of the current ones. Yes, the current ones are good, but its been so long that any new player has no...
  6. sajanator3

    Video A cubecraft FFA video :)

    I've not seen much FFA content on YouTube, so I've made some myself :)
  7. G

    Bedrock Platform Icons

    Display a little icon before the player's name representing the controls/platform the player is on
  8. B

    Need help connecting my account into the discord

    I don’t know what link I needa click to connect my account I’ve just made an account to connect and I don’t know where to connect it I pressed the reaction and it didn’t seem to do anything someone please help
  9. Enderㅤ

    Endermen clan launching soon!

    This clan is on Bedrock and will play EggWars, FFA and Bridges. Go here for more information. Go here for the countdown.
  10. S

    Group sell/Trash items- Magic and Mayem

    I have lvl40 luck so mobs usually drop a lot of armors, is there a way to sell things faster? The current method is quite slow when you have a full inventory of different things (Sorry for bad english, not my first language)
  11. vaporpunked

    Bedrock edition Magic and Mayhem FrostSpark Wand Bug

    I was playing on (xbox one) bedrock edition CubeCraft and I was able to buy the FrostSpark wand but I did not obtain the wand and I did not lose my money after purchasing the wand. I would like information if anyone knows how to get the wand. I have provided screenshots for proof. My username is...
  12. DoomRaider38

    Bedrock Command Ideas for Magic and Mayhem

    Magic and Mayhem are probably one of the best games on cube craft bedrock at the moment but there are just some things that I wish were added/changed. List of what I believe should be added/changed: * Add a /trash command - my inventory keeps filling up with crap from having a high luck level...
  13. coughyyee

    Bedrock hacker or glitch?

    So umm, just watch the clip because i have no words... Clip: https://streamable.com/cgqh0f
  14. N

    Anyone Else Experienced Microsoft Issue with Skins?

    I was just wondering if any other Bedrock players have come across this problem where skins and NPCs don't load properly. It doesn't matter so much for games like Lucky Islands or Skyblock, but for others games it does make things more difficult. For example in Block Wars Bridges, the end...
  15. mobfox

    Bedrock Pioneer Rank Perks?

    So when Pioneer Rank came out I thought that it said all Pioneer ranks would get early access or something towards that but it’s been 3 years and we haven’t go nothing from it so I’m suggesting giving Pioneers early access to new gamemodes..
  16. LazyJacob55

    All Networks Hide and seek

    i think this should be part of the beta games and i think the cubecraft devs will do a good job at making this game as its a classic and alot of fans will love it and it will keep users coming back for more of it
  17. cnmranger

    Bedrock Cubecraft Factions

    Honestly none of the Minecraft bedrock servers have introduced any sort of factions or clan like games. I think it would be a nice addition to the server and probably even increase the player count. You can play with friends, it’s competitive, and overall a lot of fun.
  18. weekcraft

    Bedrock Wing rush "mini game" to Cubecraft Bedrock (Suggestion)

    Wing rush is really fun game mode that I really enjoyed on the Java server, so why not add it to the Bedrock server, am sure many would enjoy playing it since it also reminds people of the Glide mini-game from Legacy console edition. On top of that you can take advantage of the Custom Models and...
  19. awesomeepiccxxx

    Bedrock FFA Spawn Protection

    I value Battle Arena especially Free for All but it must be brought to attention that spawn camping is a big thing. As soon as I hit spawn selector and select a place to spawn, on almost all of my games I've had people battering me without me even getting the chance to even do anything and the...
  20. Dualninja

    Bedrock Add "Hardcore" Parkour

    :cube_light:Introduction:cube_light: When Parkour was launched on Bedrock, it only launched with 2 difficulties. These was Easy and Normal, and they were both welcomed by the community. But there was one difficulty that was missing, Hard. Hard mode had existed on Java, yet was never added to...
  21. Tireyy

    Does any one have lag to since Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.17.0?

    Hey everyone, I have a good computer with a GTX 1660 OC and a R5 3600. But since minecraft bedrock edition 1.17.0 came out, i have a lot of lag. When particles showing in my screen it is lagging and when i am in main lobbies like Cubecraft my screen is stuttering. My question is does any one of...
  22. lol7425 is not here

    can you buy quartz gens?

    so, when i had a griefer on my island, he gave half of my quartz gens back, and i thought "hmm, maybe i can just grind back my quartz gens", but when i checked the shop, there was no quartz gen option, is this a glitch or am i doing something wrong?
  23. OwenDawg

    Lure fishing glitch ?

    Is this glitch still a thing ? I’m trying to enchant my iron sword to lvl 8 looting and need a bunch of xp and so far fishing is the best. I read that there was a glitch after enchanting to lvl 6 lure bc technically it was “0 seconds”. Is this still happening or was it fixed ?
  24. gamergangsta545

    Bedrock Adding buckets of lava and water and put swiftness potion in chests

    Remember when I was talking about adding lava buckets and water buckets in skywars in chest and potions in chests Why don't we just add them ? That would be intense pvp and a real banger for skywars I personally find that really awesome to be added
  25. dimthor

    Competitive parkour leaderboards [bedrock]

    I would love to see timed leaderboards on competitive parkour because I don't know how good my times are
  26. OwenDawg

    Looting 3+

    I was wondering how looting effects drops past the vanilla limit of 3, and if it was worth enchanting. I saw other threads related to it but I didn’t understand it much so if someone could explain that would be great!
  27. LordArbiter05

    Bedrock A fun game of skywars, how did i do?

    Heres a game of skywars, it would be great if you guys could tell me how i did and how i could improve. Thanks :D
  28. OwenDawg

    Does fortune 3 work on leaves ?

    I have a large tree farm that is using more saplings than its producing, for oak this isn’t a problem since they are cheap to buy, but for birch and acacia they are extremely expensive. Is it possible to use fortune on leaves to get more saplings? If not what are my options to get more?
  29. PancakeBoi283

    Bedrock Bedrock Tournament for eggwars on July 31

    Hello I will be hosting another eggwars duos tournament at 3:00 pm EST on July 31. Please let me know if you are interested and able to join. A rank may be on the line which I am working on now. Here are the rules: 1. There will be a points system which will be used to decide which team will...
  30. OwenDawg

    Ocelots not killing chickens

    I have a chicken farm using ocelots to kill the chickens that suddenly stopped working. I’ve been using it for about 3-4 days without fail. Nothing is wrong with them spawning they just won’t kill the chickens anymore. I have went to the skyblock hub, cubecraft hub, left and rejoined, restarted...
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