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  1. 404Owl

    All Networks Removing the shadow block from the chat filter

    Title says it all. Admin team: people have been complaining about this for years. The players are the people who play the server, so please listen to us. We do not want a shadow block.
  2. Snersus

    FFA Mixed kits

    Yesterday I was playing BattleArena in Bedrock and noticed a lot of players having a mix of Magican, Samurai, Sniper and Warrior Kit. I´ve seen something like this before but didn´t thought much about it. Is this a bug or secret to unlock?
  3. omgamnothere

    Resolved New System?

    What Is My Question? Well I Got This Question Since The New For Free All Update Is There New Point System Will Be Added Because When I Get A Kill It Says +1 Point +3 Point If Yes Can I Know More About It ;)
  4. muby

    What is the longest SkyWars Winstreak?

    Does anyone know what the longest SkyWars Winstreak is on Bedrock and Java (Cubecraft)?
  5. rockslevel1

    Bedrock Make more ways to get cosmetics.

    Maybe add more cosmetics, for example if you reach a certain XP level (from playing games), you can get a specific gravestone, trail, etc. As the current main way to get cosmetics (on Bedrock) is to buy them from the store, or complete seasonal events. Doing this would give more incentive for...
  6. notsnap3llza

    Bedrock I got the max points in minerware

  7. kyviu

    Bedrock Auto Mode for Duels?

    Hey, just suggesting that auto mode can be added for duels, as far as I know this doesnt exist unless there is a command I do not know, if so please let me know :)
  8. JustinLRT1

    Open I do BlockWars bridges with low fps too many times. There have chance to ban me?

    I just called paulit-ulit because I used this option too many times whenever I play BlockWars bridges with maximum framerate slider. Whenever I want to climb I changed it to 10, and if I want to fight or capture a pit I changed it to higher like 70 or above. But the question: They have chance...
  9. I

    Bedrock Unable to start onix client

    Hi I'm Japanese I'm doing Minecraft on my PC but I'm playing with a client called "onix client" I couldn't start it from the onix client injecter yesterday Is it because minecraft has been updated? ?? I've been trying to find a solution, but I can't find anything at all. Can anyone please help me?😭😭
  10. muby

    All Networks Cubecraft FFA Suggestion

    I think that the Cubecraft FFA for both bedrock and Java edition should have a feature that makes you gain your health back when you kill someone.
  11. O

    Video My first bedrock video!

    Hello veryone, I posted my first combomontage on cubecraft bedrock. Take a look at it if you want to support me. I would appreciate it very much. Thanks in advance for the support!
  12. lolitzerin

    Bedrock one thing i would really like to see changed about lucky blocks...

    tbh at this point, countless games are ruined by teammates who steal all my stuff or troll/kill me for no reason, and i think there is a simple enough solution to stopping teammates from stealing: whoever opens the lucky block should get the item it drops, meaning it is a lot more fair! i feel...
  13. BurntCrown8876

    Resolved Is the Sky Wars pre-game lobby coming to Bedrock?

    Hiya! Small question: Is the Sky Wars pre-game lobby, currently in Java (And recently updated!) coming to Bedrock at any point? I understand that you might not be able to say, but thank you anyways! ~Burnt
  14. C

    Bedrock Add End Crystal kit to duels

    End crystal PvP is a more unknown kind of PvP, but it is very effective and intense. Having a potential End Crystal PvP kit in duels would be incredible, not just to the people who already like crystal PvP, but to those who want to get into it. The kit would consist of: Diamond sword...
  15. mqtthxwYT

    Duels Gamemode

    Its been a while since cubecraft duels have been updated. I think that there should be some new maps added and/or making some new kits. I've grinded a grand total of 4500 duel wins and it got boring overtime, so I would really like a duels update.
  16. Awabbatt

    Bedrock Choose a custom price for the shop in the favorites menu.

    So the eggwars shop right now, in overpowered mode, can be a little bit annoying in my opinion. This is what I mean: To buy blocks in overpowered mode, you can either choose to buy 3 at a time (1 iron),12 at a time (4 iron) or 63 (21 iron). The rate is the same, with 1 iron giving 3 blocks...
  17. BahozK

    Which game of Cubecraft do you like the most?

  18. notbetapvp

    Duels is to Ez lol (bedrock)

  19. lolitzerin

    Any Lucky Blocks players wanna be friends?

    yo :) i havent been on cubecraft in a whileee but i started playing again recently and it is fun but can get quite boring when playing alone :c i have an almost full friends list but no one really plays anymore, nobody on there is ever online which sucks i only play lucky blocks mostly and...
  20. BurntCrown8876

    Bedrock Small Bridges improvement

    Hello there! This is just a very small and quick, yet useful and important, improvement I think should be made to Block Wars Bridges. Currently, say you pick up an arrow/TNT power up, when you score a point you will respawn immediately... but without the arrows/TNT (As my example goes.) I...
  21. bambiwasstolen

    Bedrock Bedrock Edition: Capture the Flag: Tips and Tricks

    Hey Everyone! I am here to discuss some tips and tricks to maximize time, productivity and chance of winning when playing capture the flag, to ensure victory! Let's begin: (A TL;DR is at the bottom :D) Tip 1: It is entirely possible to acquire both an iron sword and an iron chestplate (11...
  22. S

    Bedrock Ranked Eggwars/Skywars (Competitive)

    Heyo, i have a suggestion which I've seen very many people be interested in. I believe that the bedrock version of Eggwars/Skywars should have a Competitive / Ranked Gamemode This gamemode would ofc be up to people to decide if they want to play but this is to cater to people that want a...
  23. LavaCraftBedrock

    Open Is This New Client Bedrock Edition Client Allowed?

    Hello, I was wondering if this new Minecraft Bedrock Edition client, called "EclipseClient" is allowed on Cubecraft?
  24. BurntCrown8876

    Bedrock Fixed! :) Bedrock UI Glitch

    Hello, I'm just making a quick thread to ask a question. When I'm on CubeCraft, it doesn't let me see any of the images, for example the pictures of the products in the shop in Egg Wars Solo Beta, or in the loot, it doesn't allow me to see the preview of the, for example, kill effect. It was...
  25. J

    Bedrock Custom Lobbies

    They should add a custom Lobby Feature into the server so you can play with the people you want to play with and no one else can join, this would be a BIG help for streamers and youtubers to connect with their fans in your server and get more people to join Cubecraft as well. Obviously, you...
  26. D

    Bedrock Revert UI changes

    Can't leave shop no X
  27. Joaqie

    Joaqie’s Introduction

    Hello! I’ve been a member of the forums for a while, but have just recently started posting on the forums! My IGN is Joaqie, and I play primarily on MCBE. My name comes from the name that I chose in spanish class of 7th grade, Joaquin (picked one randomly LOL). My PFP is my dog, Gatsby. He’s a...
  28. notbetapvp

    Bedrock Ey New upload for my channel (also I'm kidding there is more people on cubecraft that are sweats)

  29. EagleOguzhan

    All Networks Better Enchanting SKYBLOCK

    it should be like the real enchanting table tbh example: u need 30 levels to enchant it but it only gets ur 3 levels when u do it but example it wants 75 xp but it will take my 40 xp cus like the higher level enchants are so expensive that players afford it hard
  30. itsnotbenja

    Generators changed again?

    ok so why did cubecraft nerf the maximum capacity for diamond generators on bedrock Diamond level 1 - max is 3/4 previously Diamond level 2 max is 7/8 previously Diamond level 3 max is 12/16 previously whyy also some emerald generators on some maps got nerfed
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