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  1. skatingsnakr

    Open Fortune on iron equipment

    I got the problem that if im mining something with my iron equipment with fortune 5 it dont drop more then one But if im using my stone equipment with fortune 5 it works I asked in the skyblock lobby before if they got the same issues but they dont
  2. iVoley

    Bedrock Prefixes List

    Welcome, in this thread I will list every single prefix that has ever existed in the CubeCraft Games Bedrock Network. The order of this list is based on the release date of the prefixes, and organized in categories of cosmetics. - Give credits if somehow you're going to use this list for a video...
  3. X

    Bedrock Skyblock Gameversion

    Hey guys, do somebody of you know what minecraft Version we are playing on? I only know its not the latest one. So 1.?? an answer would be nice. Thx
  4. S

    Bedrock 2v2 + 3v3 LuckyIslands: BedRock

    Okay so team luckyislands was shutdown on Java edition: there is a bigger playerbase on bedrock, as of right now 11k playing, but there isn't option for 2v2v2v2 or 3v3v3v3 (there is duels but its literally 1v1 and 4's), but I usually have a 2-3 player team and there isn't an appropriate gamemode...
  5. Flip1482242

    Bedrock BlockWars Is Bridges 1v1s dead?

    Is blockwars bridges 1v1s dead?
  6. MinAbility.

    Bedrock Mob vote Buddies

    There should be a pack with all the mobs that featured in the mob vote you could get as buddies for ur Skyblock island and the lobby
  7. FoxFil_

    Models Plants Vs Zombies Pack

    hi I created 3 more models - plants from "Plants Vs Zombies" they are all animated, so if you want to see animations you should visit their sketchfab pages (I have no idea how to create normal gifs sorry) I hope you liked them :)
  8. ToesGaming9738

    Video All the upcoming Cubecraft updates

  9. ToesGaming9738

    Bedrock More game modes in duels

    I think adding games like pot PvP and others to duels would be great for the PvP community. Anyone else think so?
  10. Casualpoalrbear

    Don't mess with me in a snowball fight

    Honestly I'm really proud of myself for that and I wanted to share it. I'm living up to my username.
  11. Harriot

    Bedrock Please limit frost wand in Lucky islands

    Please nerf the frost wand because look at this (note this is about the want not the player): The best way to nerf the want is that it can be used for around 5,7,10,20 times before it breaks and is gone from a player inventory. I know people can stack up on frost wands, but still, it could be...
  12. logans100

    Bedrock Toxic players in the ffa community

    Hi! Im LoganS100 now i have seen a few toxic players in the ffa community, i beat them 3 times then they jump me and ask me to cry. i feel like this is really stupid because they are being toxic and there is no report function for that. I hope we can build a less toxic community in the future...
  13. Overixze

    BlockWars Bedrock CTF Team Recruitment

    Bedrock CTF Team Hey everyone, I was hoping to gather a few people who play CTF on bedrock. For obvious reasons you would have to entail a high level of skill with good statistics. If you are interested, let me know! I'd ask that you also have discord for communication purposes etc. My...
  14. ToesGaming9738

    Video 100 Subs Minecraft Montage

  15. RaguerMan

    Bedrock BAN

    Hello, I want to know if I can ask a question about my ban in CubeCraft. CC: I sent my appeal but my conversation was closed. I would like to know if there is any way of being unbanned, but if not, how long will my ban last? Please... Thanks. My ID is: DarkLands1247
  16. Rocks1

    Bedrock Re-do the Bedrock Bug Report Forum

    We need to re-do the Bedrock Bug Report Forum: For this thread I will go over every question and state how it should be changed: 1) What game has this bug affected? First we need to make a section called "Main Lobby" and "Game Lobbies", when reporting under the "Game Lobbies" a text box under...
  17. GewoonBrutus

    Bedrock Prefix

    Hi everyone, As most of you know CubeCraft released new Vip Levels, Every level has his own loot. A thing that i miss in this, is a own prefix as example: [Bronze], [Iron], [Gold], [Platinum] and [Diamond].
  18. jajachymspacek

    Bedrock Player Reporting Not Specific

    So I was recently playing an eggwars game when suddently a player started hitting me from 30 blocks away and I went to report him but I noticed that there wasn't a specific hack for reach hacks. If you could add more options to reporting or add an "other" option to reports.
  19. jajachymspacek

    Bedrock Game Statistics

    While looking at my eggwars statistics I noticed that there isn't an option to see my overall stats, but instead I had to add up all of my stats with a calculator.
  20. AsimoDonut

    Video The UNLUCKIEST Eggwars Game Ever!

    Thanks for Watching!
  21. GlowGamerKSA

    Bedrock EggWars items should be dropped when a player is killed

    so i wanted this feature for a while, in eggwars when killing a player their items should be dropped. including their armor, this will make life alot easier. like if you agree
  22. mawzx2703

    Bedrock Free for All Shallow Clan

    Shallow Clan A clan open to everyone! A friendly and growing community, there's just a few things before you can join; Be decent at PvP (no need to be the best of the best, just be decent) You can follow rules Be slightly active, at least Play in the AS (asia) region If you meet the...
  23. G3nt3lh3n

    Does anyone know the Lucky Islands Loot Table?

    I play a lot of lucky islands on bedrock, and I was just wondering if any of lucky islands developers have the loot table data for the lucky blocks?
  24. Spring5972

    All Networks Remove Full Diamond Armour Set Protection 4 from EggWars Shop in OP items and lower cost of ender pearls in OP items (normal is unchanged).

    The ender pearl’s cost is too expensive and aren’t too good to buy it. We want to lower cost of ender pearls from 48 to 28 in OP EggWars items. Normal EggWars items keeps at 48. Also remove diamond armour set in OP EggWars items because it’s too much powerful in fights and cannot get killed...
  25. zNiro21

    Builds (Progression thread) Bridges map building progress states.

    Hello there! We were thinking about which map themes could fit in our Bridges maps and decided to let the decision up to the people that voted!* * = Not official CubeCraft BlockWars Bridges maps. To make it easy and short: There were 7 map themes that have been voted for and we will start...
  26. SilicoFlare

    All Networks Chances of cross-teaming

    So I was playing CTF today, and I observed that whoever of my team took the flag was falling into the void even though i personally was at the only Parkour and ensures they crossed it safely. When I went back to base I saw that one of my teammates had dug out a moat around the flag into the...
  27. H

    SkyWars Crossbows in chest loot for skywars

    I love skywars and I think the loot available is awesome. However I think it would be very fun to add crossbows to the loot. It is more precise and you can preload which will add a new aspect to PVP and also it’s not too OP or gamebreaking either. I like using crossbows and it would be cool to...
  28. N

    Skyblock We Can Now Craft Fireworks in Skyblock (Bedrock)

    At least this is some great news! We can finally craft fireworks in Skyblock Bedrock! You have to craft them manually but at least we can complete the last Overworld quest now! 🥳 According to the changelog on Discord, this bug was fixed on 20th July.
  29. lolitzerin

    Lucky Islands lucky blocks not loading in

    so my bf has been experiencing this for months now - we try to play lucky blocks together but his game takes forever to load in (like all the blocks and surroundings, he also gets stuck in the cage at the start for way longer than everyone else, even once he drops from the cagesome of the map...
  30. Joaqie

    Models Cubecraft Clip Competition

    Cubecraft Clip Competition 2 It’s been a while! I’ve hosted one of these before, but now that I’ve got some minecoins, we’re gonna have another one. The winner will get a Cubecraft rank of their choice. Reply to this thread with your best clip, whether it’s a trap, a clutch, a combo. or a bow...
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