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  1. A

    Bedrock Scrimming

    Hello! In this thread I would like to give feedback on the "war" between Cubecraft staff and scrimmers. Firstly I would like to explain to thise not familiar with scrimming what it is: Cubecraft scrimming is a competitive mode played on Cubecraft Bedrock edition where 2 teams fight to overpower...
  2. khaostica

    EggWars Ignoring the Competitive CubeCraft Community

    For those that are unaware, CubeCraft has two types of players, nons and sweats. Nons are the people who join the server for a fun time every now and again. They play for fun, and hope to get a few wins while playing. Sweats are those who devote quite a bit of time to the server. Sweats are also...
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