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  1. Quantumshawn

    Bedrock EggWars Cubecraft Bedrock Scrims

    Hi! I want to join a scrim, does anyone have a opening; or know where I can find one? Thanks! have a good day!
  2. A

    Cubecraft Scrimming Newspaper 1

    The Cubecraft Scrimming Newspaper PREVIEW: Welcome to the first edition of the Cubecraft scrimming newpaper. This newspaper will be done weekly if I have time for that. SEARCHING FOR STAFF: I need people to help me with this huge project so any scrimmer that could help please do not hesitate to...
  3. A

    Bedrock Scrimming

    Hello! In this thread I would like to give feedback on the "war" between Cubecraft staff and scrimmers. Firstly I would like to explain to thise not familiar with scrimming what it is: Cubecraft scrimming is a competitive mode played on Cubecraft Bedrock edition where 2 teams fight to overpower...
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