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Apr 9, 2020
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Heya fellow CubeCraft enjoyers!

The suggestion on it's own is pretty straightforward and I'll try to describe and explain everything in the best detail. CubeCraft is, as many other servers, mostly a PVP based server. And with PVP, there comes many different playstyles that every single player on the server uses. Playstyles can vary from a player to player, but majority of players uses same part of their playstyle, and that's placement of items in the hotbar usually for better access to them(although there are players that don't sort items in their hotbar, there are also players that do so - and the most common reason why they do so is that they then always know where a particular item lays in their hotbar when needed to quickly access it).

Where I find this suggestion the most useful are categories Battle Arena and Blockwars. In many gamemodes within these categories, you get bunch of items in your inventory everytime you respawn. And here comes the point. Many players are used to their items order in their hotbar, and everytime they respawn in these gamemodes, they have to sort items into each slot to get the order of items they are used to. This would be really helpful especially in Duels, where, in many cases, your hotbar is on start of each game just crowded with items that you have to sort if you are used to your own order of items in your hotbar.

Pros & Cons
• The best thing about this is that it's pretty much on everyone whether to use this feature or not. It's on each player's taste whether they use custom order of hotbar items placement in selected gamemode or rather use the default order.
• The most obvious advantage of this feature is a quicker customization of hotbar. Thanks to this fact, players wont have to sort items in their hotbar each time they respawn, because they'll already have set the order of those items.
• Especially console players have often hard times switching between items in their hotbar. This feature is going to help these players, so they can fight with others more effectively.

• Developers will have to work on this project for some time, which will eventually result in lower progress in updates and fixes they are currently working on, so I presume they will give more attention to those projects and leave this one with low priority(if this suggestion even manages to get to them - you are the one who decide this). I understand this, it's completely reasonable. However, it will be awesome to see this implemented in future.
• I can't think of any other cons, as in case of someone dislike this for some personal reason(for instance; if player is already used to default hotbar items order and don't want to change this order), they will be able to easily ignore this, and continue to enjoy playing on server as if there was no feature like this. If you find any cons, let me know!

a.k.a. TLDR
This Quality Of Life feature will bring system that will let players customize in chosen gamemodes the order of items that they spawn with in their hotbar. Everyone will have option to choose if they want to enable this function for themselves and in what gamemodes they want this function to work.

Please, I know I already took a big amount of your time if you read through all of this, but if you could take a little bit more time to leave a feedback under this thread so I know your opinion on this topic, I will be grateful. I don't want to be suggesting something that community don't want to have on their own server and not know about it! As usual, react with one from the holy trinity of CubeCraft's Feedback & Suggestions subforum - the :agree:, :unsure: and :disagree:

If you managed to read through all of this, you truly deserve a cookie! 🍪


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Mar 6, 2023
I admit, while this would be nice it would likely be too challenging to implement. However, I think it would be a good Idea to let players in battle arena customize their hot bar before the begging of a match, while they are in their cage, this seems much easier to implement.
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