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  1. Herausgefunden

    All Networks Disallowing Teaming in Assassiantion

    Hi dear CubeCrafters! In this little suggestion I'd would speak to the current and also old mode Assassination, I started playing Assassination 3 months ago now, and I personally felt bad for all the new players who don't even know the game, and mabye camping in shops if they are attacked in...
  2. R

    All Networks Skyblock boosts in scoreboard

    I think i would be nice qol change to have boost duration in scoreboard. Scoreboard would be same as now if you don't have any boost active and expand if boost is active. Look at the screenshots for better explanation.
  3. Orientalz

    Slow Down kitty...

    Can we maybe suggest slowing down the cat pets just a tad in the Lucky Islands game? I feel they are just a little too fast to the point it's almost impossible to outrun them. This can be a little disheartening ending the game so easily with little chance to try pvping the actual people instead...
  4. LittleMilkyWay

    All Networks Miniatures in the shop!

    Hello Yesterday, the cubelets were removed from the Cubecraft store because of the rules (law) in Belgium and The Netherlands, soon in the UK. This is ofcourse sad, but I understand that Cubecraft had to make this change to keep up with the law. The law tells us that we can't buy boxes (loot...
  5. Herausgefunden

    Java Information for no perms to /report

    Hi dear readers, in this little thread I want to suggest a little thing for the /report syntax for players that have no permission to execute this command. So now the screen looks as followed Now my idea is that we tell the players that they can also use reports.cubecraft.net to report players...
  6. J0R1AN

    Magic & Mayhem feature requests

    Hey all, I've been playing the new Magic & Mayhem game a lot, and just wanted to share some features I'm missing that could be added in future updates. First of all: More storage space With all the different types of armor and items, it's hard to keep a lot of cool things. I have had to sell...
  7. LazyJacob55

    All Networks Hide and seek

    i think this should be part of the beta games and i think the cubecraft devs will do a good job at making this game as its a classic and alot of fans will love it and it will keep users coming back for more of it
  8. JanS.2004

    Bedrock The gamemode we want, sumo

    Ok, so sumo is a very fun mode and I think that it would be an awesome addition to the battle arena kits. I believe that most people will enjoy this (much more than archer kit). E.j.

    Java Suggestion - The ability to choose the amount of players you want to play with (like doubles)

    It will be great to have the ability to choose the amount of players you want to play with in team mode, for example doubles or trios. Today I played with my friend CubeCraft, and we wanted to play EggWars doubles, but the thing is, we couldn't because every time we tried to enter team mode we...
  10. O

    Discord Muting system

    Anyone else thinks banning someone for 3 days because they let out a "sH!t" and a "f*Ck3d" is a bit too much ? Well I suggest that a muting based punishment tree would be a lot more fitting than a ban based punishment tree. If there is anyone else out there who thinks the same way, agree to my...
  11. colinverp

    Java Battlezone Bugs and Suggestions

    🚌 Battlezone Bugs As almost everyone knows battle zone has a lot of bugs. Battlezone doesn’t get many players because of it. So I had a few suggestions to get around the bugs(without fixing the bug, so it takes less time). you probably don't play Battlezone so this thread won't get a lot of...
  12. Chango

    Web Update Stats

    Hello everyone! This suggestion will be short but necessary in my opinion. I was watching the stats in https://stats.cubecraft.net/ and I noticed that in the Java Edition category it shows: 1.9 Java, instead 1.12 Java or just Java. As you may know, CC was updated to version 1.12 a few weeks...
  13. gamergangsta545

    Bedrock Adding buckets of lava and water and put swiftness potion in chests

    Remember when I was talking about adding lava buckets and water buckets in skywars in chest and potions in chests Why don't we just add them ? That would be intense pvp and a real banger for skywars I personally find that really awesome to be added
  14. Mats3209

    Java Daily Challenges Suggestions

    Hi everyone! In this suggestion I'll be listing some ideas if come up with, and seen on the forums. Note: if you agree with any one of these ideas, please vote Agree:agree:. That way this thread gets forwarded to the staff. They will decide which ones will get implemented. I added a poll so you...
  15. TheNetherlanderwastaken

    Java /report Entire Network

    Hey guys, as of right now people with a rank can only /report people they are in a lobby with. But if the game is finished and you are not fast enough you cannot report the cheater. My suggestion is to edit the /report in a way that players can be reported regardless of the lobby you and the...
  16. ElectroGames

    Bedrock Bring Parkour Gamemode To Bedrock

    Hey! Yesterday I decided to check out CubeCraft on Java Edition. Honestly, I like the Bedrock Edition version more but I fell in love with the Parkour Gamemode on Java Edition. This gamemode should definitely be brought over to the Bedrock Edition Server, im sure people will love it as well! 😁
  17. ShunnedKnight75

    All Networks All Commands command

    There should be a command as /commands, where all the commands would show up either in the discord or in game. Because I feel like there are a lot of commands but very few are known! That's it, Thanks!
  18. iThunder

    Skyblock Sellwand

    This item would be a Donor only item that is included with the skyblock rank there would be 3 Tiers of this item Tier 1 Sell Wand Gives You 10 Chest Sells Per Hour (probably costing $1.99USD ) and it’ll come with the skyblock rank. Tier 2 Sell Wand Gives You 15 Chest Sells Per Hour (probably...
  19. toonber

    Java Help command per rank

    Suggestion: Help command per rank I thought it might be a good idea to create a help command per rank so that you can quickly see the functions of your rank. For example, as an obsidian rank you can see fly,... commands and as iron or higher the report and color command. Some people with a rank...
  20. ryanissleepy154

    Minerware rank

    Hey, I realised there was no Minerware rank. So I thought about what privileges could come with buying this rank so here is a list. - They could pick the upcoming micro game. - When they fail/win the micro games they don’t go in the ‘Winners’ or ‘Losers’ box there could be a Rank Buyers/VIP box...
  21. ryanissleepy154

    Bedrock Private lobbies

    Hey, Me and my friends recently wanted to all vs each over on skywars but then we found out there was no way we could (on the console edition anyway). The closest thing we could do on duels. I think this would attract more people to the server if you implemented this server for now players and...
  22. pamparampam

    Java Among slimes dead

    I'm sure you've seen a big drop in Among Slimes's player base lately. This is partly because Among us is not so popular anymore, but Among us still survived on top almost 6 months, meanwhile Among Slimes didn't even survive 2 months. I think the reason why it died so quickly is in the rules...
  23. O

    A cool parkour minigame

    you guys were the first featured server to add duels and ffa which attracted a lot of players including me. And I think you guys should someting no featured will probably do. Add a parkour minigame likr super lava run or parkour warrior as your new beta game. It will gather the attention of the...
  24. SirWytze

    Java Rank feature: Choosing island to start from

    This suggestion is only applicable to gamemodes such as (Team) Skywars, (Team) Eggwars (and Lucky Islands(?)) As an Emerald-ranker, I'm used to the features I unlocked with my rank such as voting for time, projectiles and chest types. Players with Emerald+ can fly in lobbies, can make bigger...
  25. YeaUhm

    Planned PvP duels - /hub spawn location.

    ⚔️ Improve duel /hub spawn location ⚔️ Hi, fellow Cubecrafters! Today I have another small suggestion, something that sometimes annoys me a little bit. Today, It's related to PvP duels [Java]. Everything you need to know is explained below, so take your time to read it. ❓- What is it about...
  26. Wqsknijper

    Java Toggleable Scoreboard

    Hello fellow CubeCraft players! My idea is to add an option to toggle the scoreboard of PvP gamemodes. (Assassins, FFA and Duels) What it does: - If you have scoreboards disabled you won't see a scoreboard on your right and you'll have a full screen of just gameplay, nice to have when you're...
  27. Awabbatt

    Bedrock Duels wait time should be decreased

    So with the new Battle Arena Update, Duels and FFA came out of beta! Which is cool, but CC made a change to the duels waiting time when you are in your cage, It went from 5 seconds to 10 seconds which is way too much in my opinion. If this could be reversed back to 5 seconds then it would be...
  28. S1ard

    Java Trading

    In Skyblock you cannot trade. I understand that, since the entire gamemode is based around unlocking and THEN being able to get stuff. But how about you can only receive stuff you've already unlocked? That would be very helpful! :D Thanks for reading my proposal, and as always, have an epic day!
  29. C

    All Networks Delay automode

    Add a option to set an delay for auto mode. Because sometimes i have in skywars that i got killed by an hacker but dont have enough time to look up the username
  30. ReMD0G

    Web Suggestion - Read Aloud Feature for Threads — Repost

    Read Aloud Feature for Threads Hello CubeCrafters! I have been thinking about this for a long time. So I will suggest this today again. ❔ What is the Thread Reader? The thread reader reads the thread and speaks it to you. So an AI would read aloud the whole thread to you. The location for the...
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