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  1. C

    Bedrock New game Idea (RPG)

    You should make a new RPG Game for the server like how you did for the 2021 Summer Event Magic & Mayhem. I really enjoyed it and I think that it could make a great addition to Cubecraft by having a more permanent RPG and could get updates after release as well. I would be happy to help make...
  2. SoloWarz

    Java Bedrock EggWars Season 1 - Add Redstone TNT & Trapped Chests

    Hey CubeCrafters! I had an idea today for the new EggWars season 1 update which is related to redstone. It's to add redstone TNT. Redstone TNT can be put in the redstone category in the eggwars shop. The reason I suggest to add it because the normal TNT explodes right away after you place it ...
  3. La J

    Bedrock match replays

    hi , so i have this idea in mind for a while now and in my opinion is pretty useful for everyone, i think we should have an option to save a match replay cause let’s be real how many times it happened u got an insane combo , u hit a record , u saw an cheater and u couldn’t do anything about it...
  4. La J


    1v1 sumo pvp or similar hi, i wanted to get some attention from y’all for a thing i think it’s worth adding to bedrock cubecraft , so as a bedrock player i’ve seen that 6-7 servers we have only 1-2 got ‘1v1 pvp’ and it’s pretty annoying since some of us wanna get better at pvp to get more...
  5. La J

    Bedrock Add 2v2 bridge

    hi guys, in my opinion with duel bridge cubecraft should add 2v2 bridge too cause it’s fun to play with a friend if u can’t get a 4 people party
  6. Brackern

    Java New fish loot

    Hello Cubecraft! Recently, while doing the fishing quests on my Skyblock island, I noticed that the only things that are catchable are the average fish in Minecraft ( puffer, cod, salmon, and Nemo. ). I thought it might be cool if a change were introduced for fishing. Maybe, when fishing, it...
  7. Dreamer

    Java 📢| General (much needed) Changes

    Hello forums community! This thread is a summary of 5 smaller issues I found lately, hope you :agree: to them! ❗ Issue #1 (Player info in chat) When hovering over a name in chat you used to be able to see the player's rank and level. This isn't possible anymore after the huge update and I'm not...
  8. kyviu

    Bedrock Auto Mode for Duels?

    Hey, just suggesting that auto mode can be added for duels, as far as I know this doesnt exist unless there is a command I do not know, if so please let me know :)
  9. Chocolate_Orange

    Java Skywars Update - My thoughts

    Before I start this rant I want to say that there are many things in the skywars update that have significantly improved the game. However, in my opinion the issues have far outweighed these. To examine them I will split this into 3 parts - Item Balance, New Maps, and Featured Items. - Item...
  10. SoloWarz

    Bedrock [REPOST] Suggestion regarding /f list command

    This is a repost of my old suggestion here: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/suggestion-regarding-f-list-cmd.306091/ Hey, CubeCrafters! I have a small suggestion about the /f list command in chat. When you type /f list and one of your friends is playing EggWars teams (Duos/ quads/ mega) -for...
  11. xNoFalling05

    All Networks Java suggestion minerware make teaming bannable

    this is the link to the video should this be bannable agree or disagree?
  12. SoloWarz

    All Networks Add the ability to delete/reset skyblock profiles

    Hey, CubeCrafters! Currently, you can't reset or delete your skyblock profiles, so I suggest to add this ability to CubeCraft skyblock! Feedback -Please react with agree if you agree! -If you react with disagree or unsure, please lemme know why in your reply! All love to staff, members, and...
  13. SoloWarz

    Bedrock Commands shortcuts on CubeCraft SkyBlock

    Hey, CubeCrafters! I've got a pretty simple suggestion. In the latest QOL update, CubeCraft added new commands shortcuts for SkyBlock, like /sb overworld, and /sb nether. /sb overworld command has a shortcut: /sb ow, which makes it easier to write in chat instead of typing "/sb overworld", but...
  14. mismut

    Bedrock Vote for kick player from party

    Hellow! I dont like that only Party leader can kick players from party, heres why: Someone can be toxic and everyone wants to kick him, but he's party leader's friend so he won't kick him...
  15. BurntCrown8876

    Bedrock Small Bridges improvement

    Hello there! This is just a very small and quick, yet useful and important, improvement I think should be made to Block Wars Bridges. Currently, say you pick up an arrow/TNT power up, when you score a point you will respawn immediately... but without the arrows/TNT (As my example goes.) I...
  16. iThunder

    Are rollbacks possible?

    so we’ve all seen our fair share of skyblock bugs today. but let’s just say hypothetically a players island is completely corrupted and no longer can get in is it possible to rollback to a point when it wasn’t like that? similar to the way realms are with backups? if not i feel like this is...
  17. S

    Bedrock Ranked Eggwars/Skywars (Competitive)

    Heyo, i have a suggestion which I've seen very many people be interested in. I believe that the bedrock version of Eggwars/Skywars should have a Competitive / Ranked Gamemode This gamemode would ofc be up to people to decide if they want to play but this is to cater to people that want a...
  18. IDKhan

    Bedrock change the new UI a little

    dont get me wrong, the new UI looks amazing and the people who made it did a great job but i think it should change a little, the bundle and map selection should be changed, its just way to small and the bundle is too big the main focus of what your looking at will be quick play and maps, so...
  19. SoloWarz

    Bedrock Suggestion regarding /f list cmd

    Hey, CubeCrafters! ~This will be my last suggestion for a while... I have a small suggestion about the /f list command in chat. When you type /f list and one of your friends is playing EggWars teams (Duos/ quads/ mega) -for example-, it displays that they are playing EggWars teams instead of...
  20. D

    Skyblock idea

    Dear admins and developers When i play skyblock on my coop island it is sometimes difficult to manage things. For example, buying expensive things. My friend and me have enough money together, but you cant buy it together. So maybe it is an idea to make a "share" command. Also it is maybe an...
  21. drummerboy_928

    All Networks FFA Map Suggestion

    Hello Everyone! Ive heard about this a little bit ago and thought I'd make a suggestion. Since Assassin's is being removed soon I personally think the two maps Desert and Trees should be reused in FFA since they are classic maps that would work well for this game mode. They would probably only...
  22. IDKhan

    Bedrock VIP levels

    i think VIP levels should be changed add more levels with better rewards, cause after the 1st one its all the same really also a lot of people cant afford to buy things like rank so i think that everytime you level up or something, maybe even every 5-10 levels you gain some VIP exp for the...
  23. IDKhan

    All Networks spectating

    adding spectating would be a great idea imo SPECTATING FRIENDS- so you can go on your friends list and watch a friend play a game. LOBBY- idk if this would be possible but adding a way to go into spectate mod in the lobby so the player can look around easier and also you could get some good...
  24. IDKhan

    All Networks server events

    it would be really cool if the server did planned events like a tournament or something they never really do that and i think it would be amazing im pretty sure events happen sometimes like that squid game one but that was java only and wasnt really announced but a server event would be...
  25. IDKhan

    Bedrock looking at solo island SB

    not sure if anyone has said this yet but i think there should be a thing so you see peoples solo islands like you cant do anything except fly around and look at things so basicly spectating i think that would be cool and its always annoying when you cant show someone else a solo profile
  26. Blom

    Implemented Suggestion regarding 3.14 Rule Update

    Hi there! Not one of my usual big threads, but definitely an important one. I'm here to talk about the recent rule change of rule 3.14, which makes 'bumping' threads against the rules. I know why this decision is made, and I understand it completely, but it also brings a big, big problem with...
  27. D

    Bedrock Minerware Rank

    Ive heard about adding the Minerware rank to bedrock so I thought i would throw in an idea of what I'd be like and some suggestions. Easy Cooks request: More stock of the food needed Drop to the ground: everything is a hay bale. One in the chamber: start with 2 shots Tnt tag: more speed or...
  28. Magikey

    Bedrock EggWars Update - Bring back old generators!

    Maps are great, the favourite items thing is a good thing, emeralds are cool but might be improved (I would consider them as a key resource to "unstuck" games at a later stage when people start camping, even though widening bridges and developing some building skills is way more entertaining...
  29. GamingforGod

    The Main Hub Could Use More Content

    CubeCraft's main hub looks really cool now, but it's so huge! I think it would be cool if there was a bunch of parkour courses hidden around the map with secret hubtitles that you could unlock. I had this other cool thought, imagine if there was like a quest system set up in the hub, sort of...
  30. SoloWarz

    Denied Web A helpful addition to the page that shows all of the trophies.

    Hey, CubeCrafters! At this time, when we open the ”all of the available trophies“ page, it shows the available trophies like this: But, there’s one problem: it doesn't show which trophies you claimed, so my suggestion is to add "claimed" beside the trophies you've been awarded, like this...
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