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Jan 5, 2017
Maastricht, the Netherlands
Haihai all!

Quite a bit back I made an introduction, and looking back this one is rather short and outdated so I decided to make a new, more expanded (re-)introduction. I also posted a google form on my status with a Q&A so you could ask questions (And if you have any question, then feel free to reply to this thread/submit a new reply on the form https://forms.gle/X7R6Hx3QJkSyVRpV7 and hope I read it lol).

So hi, I’m (surprise, surprise) Keanu, also known as Peanut, Keanub, Kinu or whatever people call me. Am currently 16 years old and live in Maastricht which is somewhere in the southern part of the Netherlands (And no, that’s not in Belgium). I’m into airsoft (Or well, I watch a lot of videos though never been able to actually play due to age restrictions ~ tho it looks really awesomeeeeee, I will soon go to Belgium to play it as it’s 16+ there and aaaAA IM EXCITED), gaming (again, what a surprise! I normally play either Minecraft or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (Not Warzone (gosh I hate it) but the normal online version.)) and into the Dutch emergency services (dont ask me why lmao).

Time to go to the more personal side of me. I am currently in the 5th grade (Or well, will be going to the 5th grade after summer holidays) at high school, am doing havo (For the Dutchies, ik heb nu een E&M profiel met Wiskunde A en als keuzevakken bedrijfseconomie en aardrijkskunde.)

I live with my mom and cut ties with my dad. I live here with my little brother, my mom and our doggo (We used to have two, unfortunately the other one passed away a bit ago :c). I also have a little sister who doesn’t live here, though her mom is an ex with my dad and technically nothing from me (As in family) but we get along pretty well and often see her. yes, my family is complicated i know.

I work at a snackbar in town here as le food deliverer on a very cool moped, though I basically do anything there from delivering to helping people in the snackbar. The colleagues I have there really are amazing, enjoy the group pic (I’m the ugly nub on the absolute right) we made when we survived Carnaval (Which is literally the busiest period ever. I worked days from 4pm to 4:30am for 5 days straight (sometimes a bit longer, sometimes a bit shorter but you get the idea.)). Please note that a few new people got hired, others got fired/resigned.

My setup is ~ imo ~ rather lame. I have a decent PC, though my desk is rather small so I just yeeted 2 monitors on there and made it work. Specs and stuff will be in the spoiler, I’ll also add a picture of it so you get an idea of how it looks ~ enjoy this awesome cable management!

Main screen: MS! MAG241C
Second screen: ACER VQ220Q
Mouse: Logitech G502SE
Headset: Logitech G930
Keyboard: MSI DM4100 ~ I intend to buy a new one though.
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz
Motherboard: MSI X570-A Pro
RAM: 4x8GB Corsair Vengeance something something
SSD: Western Digital Blue SN550 500 GB
HDD: Toshiba X300 4TB
GPU: Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER
PSU: Corsair RM 750W

Time to talk about me and CubeCraft.
Back in mid 2014, a friend of mine invited me to his house. We played quite often (Gool old’ nerf days) and this basically was the first time I ever played a video game. We played Minecraft on CubeCraft, and I loved it. I personally didn’t have a laptop/pc, nor did my mum have one, so the only way for me to play on CCG was at my friends house.
A few months later, my mom switched internet contracts and got a free laptop which I basically claimed, lol. I bought my own minecraft account somewhere around my birthday in 2015 and started playing CubeCraft immediately. Laptop was pretty bad, got around 20 fps back then, but I was extremely happy I could play CCG after all.
I met a friend on CubeCraft and started talking with them quite a bit, and he then became a cheater. He convinced me to start cheating as well, and guess what ~ I got banned! I only had one account and basically realized my mistake. I appealed and, somehow, got unbanned. This also was the last time I ever cheated on CCG, I’ve been a good boio since.
Somewhere mid 2016 I met someone else. We played a lot (I doubt you’ll ever see this, but hi Fredjuhh). My name used to Keanubazz ~ I had to come up with something really quick and just chose Keanubazz ~ and she challenged me to change my name to Keanutjuhh (Her name ended with Tjuhh as well) so I did and I never changed it back as I loved the name, lol.

In 2017 I first joined the forums, and I honestly don’t remember why, though what I do remember is that I liked it since the absolute beginning. I’ve been around, met some great people, and it got to the point where I wanted to apply as I just loved the community and wanted to help out, though my English was wayyyyyyyyy too bad to become a member of staff so I was denied a lot of times. Somewhere in May 2019 I applied and got accepted for the Translation Team, and this is where my story as a volunteer started.
I started as a translator. A bit later, I got involved in the creation of Helpdesk articles after suggesting something. I also then took the role of Helpdesk Translation Manager on me. I then applied and got accepted as helper. When I was helper, I also took a spot in the Marketplace QA team upon me. In one of the questions asked in the form I’ll explain exactly what I do within the staffteam.

Q: Since when are you playing on Cubecraft and how did you get here?
I covered this in the thread, though just a tldr.
I started playing back in 2014 at a friends place, and since 2015 on my own device. I got here via a friend that introduced me.

Q: The actor John Gielgud believed that of all Shakespeare's characters Hamlet is probably the one most like Shakespeare himself–since, of all Shakespeare's characters, only Hamlet can be imagined to have written all the Shakespearean plays. How good an understanding of Hamlet's character does Gielgud's belief reflect? Also, what is your favourite colour?
Erghm, 6?

Q: Why aren't you an admin yet? Or atleast a Senior Moderator
Q: When admin?
Why would I be? I'm quite a new moderator plus don't have any administrative positions. Thanks for the support though, it's appreciated.

Q: away?
Whoever you are, I'm disappointed.

Q: How did you come up with the name Keanu xx <censored name> ps I hope it's not your irl name, I don't think it is but if it is sorry
I am shooked, it is my irl name according to my id-card.

Q: Why did you apply for Helper? :p -censoredddd
Q: Why did you wanted to become a part of the staff team?
Q: Why/when did you applied for helper?
Like I said, it's mainly due to me wanting to help CubeCraft to a bigger extent. I applied multiple times, though the application that did it was submitted begin September (I believe) and I got the interview message in the beginning of January, though note that this was the old application system.

Q: Hello there! Does trains fly?
Yes train goes brrr

Q: What is your tip for people wants to be staff?
It might be the most basic answer, but be yourself!! There really isn't a point in making up a personality purely to get accepted as you'll find your true self along the way. Being a helper isn't only fun and about helping people, there are quite a few things you need to do and if you just make up someone you're not then you're just playing yourself.

Q: What is the most enjoyable part of working in one of the biggest minecraft servers around the world as a staff member?
That honestly would just be the staff team. It really is an amazing and fun team, and we really get along well. I'm also very happy we don't always have to be super duper serious, you really don't know how much we mess around backstage. Here's a video from me testing bugs with @Camezonda ~ but stuff like this just makes it fun to work and spend time.

Q: What are your other hobby's besides minecraft?
That would be Airsoft, watching youtube and playing soccer (I'm a goalkeeper for a team).

Q: Who are you? Reinvent the answer, not the typical “I’m keanu etc etc”, I want an original, never seen before answer.
Thank you for your service
It's 2:30am and you're making me does this? 'Ight, fine.
Hi! I'm a human creature from some weird Dutch city. I'm into cars that go taatuutaatuu, into guns that go piew piew. One of my hobbies is making sure a ball doesn't touch a net.

Q: What kind of work do you do when you are not moderating, (Like, not handling reports, etc but about being a Helper Mentor or Translation Manager or Quality Assurance) and what is it exactly? It's about CubeCraft.
Oooh, fun question. As you probably have seen, I have the moderator rank and my core task is moderation, but I do have a few side tasks.
I'm a Translation Manager (Helpdesk Translations Manager) which basically means I make sure Helpdesk articles get translated. Until recently I was full management of the site, though due to the new customer support members that responsibillity has shifted to them as I'm a volunteer with enough side tasks ~ right now my only job with Helpdesk is to make sure articles get translated.
I also do Marketplace QA. While I, unfortunately, am not as active in this team like I wish to be, I do it when I have time. What we do is basically test any marketplace items for bugs before they're submitted to Minecraft.
I also slightly assist Lili with Partner Management, though I don't think this really qualifies as a seperate sidetask. I basically make sure any applicant who meet basic requirements get reviewed.
I have other internal responsibillities though am not sure if I can comment on these. :c

Q: Do you have a gf hottie?
Q: Can I be your Minecraft gf?
Q: Are you in a relationship?
lol why y'all so interested in this. Tldr: I've never had a gf/bf and I'm not in a relation. No, you cannot be my Minecraft bf, sorry

Q: What is your favorite color? :D
Pfff, I honestly don't know. I guess I'd go for some dark blue~ish or something, idk.

Q: Who are you exactly?
I hope I covered this in the thread, if you have any other questions please reply!

Q: Hai
Heyyy! How ya doin'?

Q: whos the best staff member? (dont u dare say urself)
I wouldn't say there's such a thing of the best staff member. We're all here to help CubeCraft in some way, one staff member more than an other due to whatever reason (Mainly more available time) though that shouldn't matter. The thing that matters is that we're all here to help CCG and the fact that some have more available time to do so doesn't neccerastily make them a better staff member.

Q: Het is patat jij monster
Zeg friet of zeg het gewoon niet.

Q: Have you changed your mind yet, do you like frikandelbroodjes now?
I still didn't eat any kskskksks

Q: Hi do you like ananas on pizza
I don't like pizza in general.

Q: Would you have known that it was a kluisje without the sticker "voor de domme mensen dit is een kluisje" (of zo?) :)
yes i would

Q: Why you are spammer pvp?

Q: What's a big dream you have?
Gosh, no idea. I don't think I really have any dreams, though if I was given the option to choose something right now I really want to do that would be going along on a shift with a police officer.

Q: Are you a hacker?

So yeah, I guess that’s it. Here’s a tldr: a boring dude who likes to ban people. :3
Hope you enjoyed it, and if ya have any questions then please reply to the thread and I'll do my best to answer!


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Aug 29, 2019
Q: The actor John Gielgud believed that of all Shakespeare's characters Hamlet is probably the one most like Shakespeare himself–since, of all Shakespeare's characters, only Hamlet can be imagined to have written all the Shakespearean plays. How good an understanding of Hamlet's character does Gielgud's belief reflect? Also, what is your favourite colour?
Erghm, 6?
Thank you for taking the time to answer this question!
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Jan 5, 2017
Maastricht, the Netherlands
Will visit your snackbar to eat some patatjes.
its friet shUSH

Thank you for taking the time to answer this question!
No problem apricot!

Wow welcome to the forums! Have you considered ever applying for staff? You'd be a good fit (Ik I'm hilarious)
henlo yez me applie 66 times me no accepterino :<

Why are you spammer pvp?
shush, I still don't understand that question as I just play normally in 1.9.

nice to meet you again keanu! :3
\o o/ \o/
Jul 14, 2018
A Skywars Island
It was really nice to watch your re-introduction and thought it was funny, apparently there were a lot of questions that were not serious but I just think it's funny. Like, "You like frikandelbroodjes now?"

That to keep aside, it's nice to get to know several people! It is also nice to know what you are doing for CubeCraft and also in real life.
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May 12, 2017
Ook al vind ik het zelf echt ranzig >.< (neem aan dat je t over pic van werk hebt)
Ja daar heb ik het zeker over, Vind dat spul echt vergiftiging maarja... Ik kom wel is ff langs. Wat is de beste snack?
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