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Do you like the idea of large maps with 15-25 players on each team?

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    Okay so I've been playing eggwars for a decent amount of time. After playing a few games on rome (A map that used to be my least favorite until now) I figured out that large maps like these are some kind of amazing. Which got me to thinking. Aside from lag issues why aren't there some huge maps with 2-4 teams that have high player numbers? (I'm talking instead of like 8-10 like 15-25 people) and so here is two large map ideas I have.

    Map idea number 1: this one is similar to space in which I dubbed it "Mothership" and basically the teams would be teams of 15-20 and there would be anywhere from 2-3 teams (Would be more fun with 3) so after starting off you would be in one mothership and the other team(s) would be in the other mothership(s) and then there would be a star in the middle or even a huge space station that would be the middle area. These motherships that our teams would be in would have about 4-8 iron gens already to level 2 that are placed in little space ships we crawl into. There would be 2 diamodn gens on the pilot and co-pilot seats and then there would be gold gens at the control panels nearby. The pilot seats would be right below the egg but there would be ladders leading up to the pilot seat but also seperately leading up to the egg (Or you could use water elevators instead) and then finally at mid there would be 5 diamond gens all level 2 waiting to be harvested. This map would be about twice the size of rome which means it would take quite awhile to build but overall I thin kthis would be a cool map.

    Map number 2: This one would be a larger version of that one map where it has a ring around mid and then a seperate island inside of mid where the diamond gens are (I forgot the name because i don't play on that one often) so basically this one would have 3 rings around it and all of them would be covered in a bunch of trees so it would be like exploring a jungle. The islands we'd spawn on would also be thick jungles but they would have pathways going up and down them. All the generator numbers and such would be similar if not the same to "Mothership" and this one is one I called "Rainforest"

    So tell me what you guys think! I'd love to see if the community would like this idea. Perhaps this form of eggwars could have a different name. (Like mega eggwars or something) rather than just being a new set of maps. Alot of people might say this sounds like money wars but really it's not because money wars is designed like the walls while eggwars is designed like skyblock. Think of this kind of like those servers that make massive maps where there's like 15 teams of 3 in skywars.