Nerfing/buffing classes in Super Craft Bros

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by SFN01_LP, Nov 3, 2016.

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    Hey There !

    As you can see in the title of the thread , it`s about nerfing & buffing some classes in Super Craft Bros!

    So let`s start with the discussion shall we ?

    Classes which have to get nerfed (YES THEY JUST HAVE TO) :


    It`s basicly just the Classes which are based on ranged attacks (exsept Wither because he has already a decent cooldown)
    Why should they get a cooldown ?
    They should get a cooldown with their draw time of the bows like they always have one and after 0.5 - 1 sec. they get a new one after they shot their arrow.The cooldown should be added because it`s too op if the Skeletons can spam their Punch bows so melee classes are complettly useless or the Blaze with their fire bows which are annoying aswell when they can spam it and you burn.
    And the Specialability of the Skeleton should get a longer cooldown because this is the most op thing and you can like finish off everything with it.

    You might say or think : "Why dont you just use the classes , too ?"
    Well , I do sometimes and I win everyround with them it`s insane ! And also where is the fun if you always play the same classes ? It`s getting boring after a while .

    So and if they dont get nerfed then the following classes should be buffed :

    -(and maybe the Creeper aswell)

    So they should only be buffed when the Skleton & Blaze is not going to get nerfed.
    The Zombie`s Specialability should last 0.25-0.75 sec. longer because of the Arrowstorm of the Skeleton or the fire damage of the Blaze.
    The Cactus` Specialabilitys cooldown should be a bit shorter , because it does not make sence that the Arrowstorm of the Skeleton takes like 3 sec. and the Spikes of the Cactus years to activate .
    The Spider should get more Spiderlings when he activates his ability or atleast the spiderlings should stay a bit longer.
    And the Enderman is like on my opinion just .... wow ... just no. When i play him I am like :" How in the World is that an Enderman?" The Enderman does not make a lot of damage his item should have sharpness 5 instead of 3, if it does not get a higher sharpness level then he should get atleast more Hearts . Why ? Because it`s and Enderman ! He has 40 hp and a player has like 20, so how about giving the enderman class like 22,5 - 27 hp ( 11,5 Hearts - 13,5 Hearts )
    The Creeper could maybe get 1 - 2 more Potions.

    And that`s it ! Thanks for reading through my first Forum post on this Forum !
    I am free for criticism and suggestions for improvements of my idea !
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    I agree with this thread 100%, or SCB should be 1.8 only.