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Should Assassination return to Cubecraft Java?

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Jul 11, 2014
Hello everyone,

This suggestion is pretty short and simple: bring back Assassination.

For those who are newer to Cubecraft, Assassination was a gamemode very similar to FFA, but it included some added levels of complexity. The map was rather large (think FFA map Mayan size), and chests would spawn throughout the map containing items that would act as a form of currency. You could use this "currency" (coal, gold, and ghast tears if I remember correctly) to purchase items such as better armor, weapons, food, and potions from the physical shops located within the map. Killing other players would cause them to drop any of the "currency" that they had in their inventory. Also, the shops located in the map would have a hunger effect on players while inside them, preventing people from camping inside the pvp-disabled shop areas.

This gamemode really is essentially the same as the current FFA gamemode, but requires players to actually spend time playing the game to earn "currency" in order to shop for better gear rather than simply spending server-wide points on it. The added elements of this gamemode would also make the traditional FFA experience more interesting and unique.

The time required to set up and bring back this gamemode would be minimal, as the game already existed in the past and essentially uses the same gameplay as FFA. Only 1-2 maps would be needed for this, as there were previously only 2 maps.

Overall, I believe that the return of Assassination is a great and simple way to add a new variation of FFA back to the server. It is a somewhat unique gamemode, and I think players will enjoy it as a fun alternative to the current basic FFA.

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions about new elements that could be added into the Assassinations game if it were to return, please comment below!


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Jul 23, 2016
Chicago, Illinois
The game had a small but loyal fan base and I would love spending hours wandering the map collecting chests and getting good gear while listening to music or horror youtube videos (Feel free to call me weird) but the reason why it wasn't more popular was that in all of it's time it never got One. Single. Update. It wasn't fair to say the game was dead when it never got any updates. I would love to see this back on Java and added to Bedrock.


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Feb 25, 2017
I believe adding Assassination again would be a very nice idea. Originally, Assassination had a very small player base, but almost always had players on, and said players would play often and for hours. I don't recall ever truly seeing "no one" on Assassination. Additionally, adding Assassination could appeal to the nostalgia-factor players, and bring back some people who otherwise don't play anymore.

FFA is one of Cubecraft's most popular "games" (at least, from what I can see from playing right now). FFA, however, is a mixed group of people. You have players who wish to consistently pvp, and players who like to stand and chat with friends whilst occasionally dueling with others. Assassinations would allow those who like to consistently pvp have more room to do so, and perhaps would weed out the FFA lobbies that would otherwise be full.


Mar 22, 2023
Still no luck at bringing it back... what is cubecraft even doing man. If you look at the player distribution half of the players are playing ffa. BRING IT BACK
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