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  1. WaxierTester568

    Video Cubecraft Bedrock FFA!

    Hi! This is an FFA Video!
  2. SoloWarz3405

    Web PFP Boarders

    Hey, Cubecrafters! It's very nice for the VIP, partners, and staff to have smth makes them stand out, so here in this suggestion, I have an idea which makes them stand out more! So, I suggest adding PFP boarders to the ranked, yt, or even staff members, it's simple and very cool. For example...
  3. The CubeCraft Times

    🌟 Getting bigger - TCCT #51

    Getting Bigger The year is ending but CubeCraft is not! I have seen some things about a new region, a new lobby and some other really exciting things! I won't hold you up too long but I do challenge you to read it all. With CubeCraft AND! TCCT getting bigger our newspapers will be fuller aswell...
  4. SoloWarz3405

    2 months on the forums!

    Hey, cubecrafters! (Forgot to write this 2 days ago) Two days ago, I got my two-month anniversary on the forums! I'm so glad that I chose this cubecraft forums as my main entertainment chatting and discussing place, two months on the cubecraft forums equals 1 day, and good days go by so fast...
  5. D

    Web Someone knows how to make a site like on cubecraft?

    I want to make a good minecraft server. But i need make a good site for it. Like on cubecraft.
  6. itscobie0

    Im live on twitch join up and play with me

    I'm a small twitch streamer and I want to start getting into Minecraft and stream cube craft with a few active followers that I can play with would mean a lot im 14 yo and I think of myself as pretty chill funny. I have ADHD don't mind me if I zone out or lose focus, stop by and drop a follow...
  7. SoloWarz3405

    Do you want this ..?

    Hello cubecrafters ! I’ve finally found a FANTASTIC shaders for minecraft bedrock, gimme your thoughts, if you want me to record my second yt video with this mod !
  8. LeaderKJ

    Video SkyWars Fist Only Cubecraft

    CubeCraft Skywars Fist Only
  9. The CubeCraft Times

    🎓 Finishing - TCCT #48

    🎓 Finishing We have had a lot of changes lately in our server and team. But! Good news, no matter how close we were by stopping, we decided to continue making newspapers, just for you. This will be our last newspaper in our old ways. Stay tuned for our new fresh re-start. Will be uploaded in...
  10. SoloWarz3405

    Video My first YT video - feedback

    Hello Cubecrafters !! im sooo glad that i've uploaded my first cubecraft video on YT, its a test so i uploaded it as a raw footage, when i record a video , it's always 720p to 1080p, however, if i upload it to yt , it becomes 480p !!! how do i fix this ?!??! please make sure to subscribe ...
  11. SoloWarz3405

    Builds show us your best build ever !

    What is your best build you've ever built in minecraft ? share it in the replies !
  12. SoloWarz3405

    So, what do you think would happen if ...

    So, what do you think would happen if RelatedNoobs commented on this thread ? That would be OMG
  13. ExoticBakery

    🍞💟 ExoticBakery's Magnificent Introduction 💟🍞

    Hi hi! Mini Introduction Nice to meet all of you! I'm ExoticBakery. It's a nickname I've given myself due to my love towards my local bakery here ʕ⊙ᴥ⊙ʔ. People often find that a very strange reason, I won't blame you if you do too, but it's just my inspiration for picking a unique name. Let's...
  14. SoloWarz3405

    So i bought a new PC with 10FPS

  15. SoloWarz3405

    Bedrock 700 wins !

    HELLO CUBECRAFTERS! I'm hitting 700 wins on eggwars solos, so let me know if you're amazed or not !
  16. V1ndicatør

    🎊 CubeCraft Forums - 1 Year Anniversary 🎉

    Wow the time went by quick! I went from a crapposter to a guy who posts decent stuff that sometimes is still crap lol. Well, may my journey on the CubeCraft Forums continue! :D
  17. Hoshi

    [JAVA] CubeCraft Resource Pack

    🎨 Cubecraft Resource Pack Hai fellow CubeCrafters! So, today I decided to chat a bit in the Discord and I saw someone mention resource packs. I then remembered that I once promised to start working on a CubeCraft resource pack... I was going to start working on this to contribute to the...
  18. L

    Bedrock Ideas for the Magic and Mayhem RPG.

    I would like to share my ideas with the rest of the community for the new Magic and Mayhem RPG in Cubecraft. First of all, The Conjurer. The Conjurer is very difficult to beat for many players and the only reason many of us beat it is by paying 250,000 spirits and hoping a teammate has the void...
  19. Enderㅤ

    CubeCraft Fandom

    CubeCraft Fandom Someone by the name of XPfirePlayz started a fandom for CubeCraft. But it has very few pages. I plan to make a new one. To find the wiki, click here.
  20. zBune

    All Networks Magic and Mayhem - Filter System

    Hello dear cubecrafters! Today i'm posting about Magic and Mayhem! With a new suggestion for the game! The Inventory Filter-System :minecoin:So what is the Inventory Filter-System?:minecoin: The inventory Filter-System is simply a command for any player to filter Specific Items that u...
  21. itscobie0

    Im a new small Twitch streamer Check me out

    Im a small twitch streamer and i want to start getting into Minecraft and stream cubecraft with a few active followers that i can play with would mean a lot pls dont mind my preview video's i have adhd and do alot of things without noticing im African American so if i do slip and say the n word...
  22. H

    Bedrock Which of these Kits do you think could be added into Eggwars

    Which two would you prefer? Maybe at some point one or more of these kits could be added
  23. Zed

    What's next? 👀

    Hello CubeCrafters, It's been 18 months since, back in January 2020, we announced our new Admin Team and our renewed commitment to CubeCraft players and community members. The devastating effects of the global pandemic defined 2020. As the world locked down and stayed home, hundreds of...
  24. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    Bedrock add /fmsg

    Hai im back so i make small suggestions so /fmsg dosent work on bedrock and /fmsg works on java also u can do /fmsg <friend> <messages> why we need /fmsg u can send messages to ur friend to playing games and party also plz vote agree unsure and disagreed i hope this thread getting forwarded...
  25. Zebddy

    Video I Actually Like Blockwars Bridge

  26. N

    Bedrock Add Free Map Selectors

    I think that map selectors should be added in skywars as for youtubers (who are broke gamers) can't show off new maps that good and have to queue and re-queue so i would like for people who have level 10 cubecraft should get access to free map selectors.
  27. FetaBass

    Video My best edited Cubecraft Eggwars Montage yet

    Decided to edit a montage with the clips that I had still laying around in my folders. Kinda lost motivation while editing, but I think it came out pretty good. The title & thumbnail says enough about the quality ig :monkeylook: Enjoy and feel free to leave feedback behind either on my YouTube...
  28. JGCreate

    All Networks Build battle

    Build battle to cubecraft?
  29. LLightningg

    FFA Wizard kit is too OP

    Hi, I want to talk about the wizard kit in 1.16. Of couse I highly appreciate all the things the cubecraft team does for the community. But I'm getting sick of the wizard kit in 1.16 FFA. I get attacked by wizard lots of time in a session. So I tried why this kit is practically unfeatable by...
  30. B

    I was banned for no reason

    This March 17, I was permanently banned unfairly. I had barely entered the server, I play in bedrock version 1.16.210, I went to BlockWars and in Capture the flag mode, I got the mushroom map, on the red team, the normal game started, my teammates made a wall of two blocks and I went for an...
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