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  1. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Video Cubecraft Moderator Plays With the New Epic Kill Effect

    Hello everyone I hope you all are doing well today!:D New video out if you want to check it out. All feedback are welcomed and highly appreciated so I can improve from thumbnails/editing such as clips/music and more. Description/tags so I can improve my content even further:D
  2. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Should I work on a Season 2 Of Sapphire Interviews?

    Hey everyone! I have been working on this series for a good while. We started with @SugaaKat then now the last video will be soon done of season 1. In this series are the goal of Sapphire Interviews to Interview: Cubecraft Staff/Partners/Youtubers and Twitch Streamers/ Notable people and lastly...
  3. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Video An Interview With Cubecraft Forums Expert Casualpoalrbear On Cubecraft

    Here is the new Sapphire Interview with my friend @Casualpoalrbear thank you so much for the interview. If you liked it and have feedback let me know. You can commentate/message me on discord/message me on discord or join a stream and tell em about it:D I hope you all have a good day today ^-^
  4. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Video An Exclusive Interview With CCG Statistics Founder Dreamer On Cubecraft

    Hello everyone here is the new episode of the Interview series (Sapphire Interviews) Thank you @Dreamer for being in this video and all the feedback!:D What do you think about it? What are your feedback on this video? Let me know so I can improve my videos even more. Have a good rest of your day! ^^
  5. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Video Happy Birthday - Happy Birthday Cubecraft Bedrock for 6 Years

    Heya new video out! In this video are we playing a lucky islands map called Birthday:
  6. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Video An Exclusive Interview With Twitch Streamer FluffySnowFox On Cubecraft

    Heya here is the new interview from Sapphire Interview if you want to check it out! All feedback are welcomed so I can improve my content. Thanks to @FluffySnowFox for being in this interview! Have a good rest of your day/night:D
  7. I

    All Networks Age Of Empire

    Nom du Mini Jeux : Age Of Empire Nombre de Joueur dans Age Of Empire : 40 Joueurs Couleur des Teams : Jeune Bleue Rouge Vert Nombre de joueur par team : 10 Joueurs par Team But du jeux : Construire sont villages avec plusieurs Bâtiment Voici tout les bâtiment qui sont dans le jeux qui sont a...
  8. W

    Bedrock Free for All Getting Cactus in FFA

    is it a glitch
  9. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Video Interview With Twitch Partner Frostbite (Ffroztbite) On Cubecraft

    I interviewed Frostbite ( @ffroztbite ) a Twitch Partner and Partner With Cubecraft. I loved this interview and I learned a lot about what Cubecraft means for different people. This is the second episode of Sapphire Interviews (video). But you do not need to watch any of the videos in order:D...
  10. Casualpoalrbear

    🧊Cubecraft Community Iceberg Tier Two Submissions🧊

    Hello welcome to the Cubecraft Community Iceberg. We are now doing Layer two of the Iceberg. What qualifies in tier one is if someone would know about said fact if they joined the community today My example here is that people with a forum account would know how to report someone and they...
  11. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Video An Exclusive Interview With Youtuber Sugaakat On Cubecraft

    A new series named Sapphire Interviews (Cubecraft) In Sapphire Interviews is our goal to interview Cubecraft Staff, Cubecraft Youtubers, Cubecraft Partners, Cubecraft Notible People and people who have meant a lot to Cubecraft. (Some people I myself think would be interesting to hear from.) In...
  12. vS7lya

    Bedrock New Game Idea

    Hi , in May 11, 2023 MinePlex Server had shut down permanently which is a really unfortunate for mineplex’s staff and players , It had alot of good gamemodes , Speed Builders was probably the best one in my opinion Java Edition Minecraft Servers has a lot of games to serve the java players ...
  13. Quantumshawn

    Bedrock EggWars Cubecraft Bedrock Scrims

    Hi! I want to join a scrim, does anyone have a opening; or know where I can find one? Thanks! have a good day!
  14. TheOrderOfSapphire

    New Giveaway (Bundle/Rank) ends April 1th (4pm UTC+1)

    Heya everyone I hope everyone is doing great!:D Through this link is a community post where you can enter a giveaway (One winner) but if you would want to can you write the things here!:D https://www.youtube.com/post/UgkxmhOOwNJDv8cdZwqtPXmQ0Xvn39u4cwN5 (Write your ign and what you would want...
  15. R

    SkyWars Cubecraft getting invaded by PC aliens.

    I don't know what happened to Cubecraft Skywars lately, but ever since this new 1.19 update, the PC players just have been pouring into the server. I would often join a Skywars solo game on maps that have small islands that are close to each other and get absolutely rekt early in the game (when...
  16. zhqyl

    Help me find this specific Cubecraft kill effect name!

    It's a kill effect in Cubecraft Bedrock server. I bought the SG Games VIP rank but it doesn't contain this specific kill effect
  17. cryptofrogz

    Bedrock Experience for wins

    Experience for wins I have recently joined back to the server to play a couple games of each mode. After my games I wondered why was the amount experienced differed between each mode, Why is one game mode rewarding more XP than the others. For example I can go play a solo skywars game and be...
  18. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Video I played Free For All Pt 1

    I played almost 30 min FFA just chilling:D Here is if you want to check it out:
  19. TheOrderOfSapphire

    My 300 Message 💙

    Well, this is my 300 message. I didn't think that this Friday would begin so good:D This community is so much to so many people. I am happy to serve as a Moderator at Cubecraft Games (When I write this.) I hope that everyone has a great day today:D
  20. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Bedrock Thoughts on the New - Lethal Entities Bundle!

    What's your thoughts on the new bundle available?:D
  21. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Video Cubecraft Moderator Plays Survival Games...

    New video out all feedback is very appreciated so I can improve my content:D
  22. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Video Cubecraft Moderator Plays For The First Time With The New Stealth Kit On Free For All...

    New video is out all feedback is welcomed
  23. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Video Cubecraft Moderator Plays Bridges...

    All feedback is welcomed so I can improve my content:D I hope you have a great day today ^^
  24. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Video Cubecraft Moderator Plays Sky Wars Solos...

    Heya new video where I played Sky Wars Solos:D If you want to check it out:
  25. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Video I Played Only The New Blind Luck Kit on Cubecraft Free For All....

    Heya here is a new video if you want to look at it:D All feedback is welcomed so I can improve my content:))
  26. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Video Cubecraft Moderator Plays CubeCraft Free For All Update For The First Time...

    Heya I hope everyone is doing great:D Here is my first reaction to the FFA Update: All feedback is always welcomed so I can improve. Stay cool and I see ya soon:D
  27. profpie2000

    Bedrock 'Devil - Opening Pack': An in depth analysis.

    After recent controversy, I would like to give a full analysis on Cubecraft cosmetic pack: 'Devil - Opening Pack'. Please note this analysis may include things you don't want to hear as I will argue for both sides here in order to get the best understanding. Also note this comes from a (mostly)...
  28. wolfking253822

    Denied Bedrock All Networks Devil bundle should be removed and the cubecraft team needs to get it together, respectfully

    I don't know who at cubecraft thought it would be a good idea to add a bundle with literal pentagrams and exorcism?? Nor do I know how it managed to make it past Microsoft and get into the marketplace... This bundle should be removed as it is highly offensive to people who are religious. that's...
  29. TBroz15

    Lucky Islands The Ultimate Guide to Lucky Islands

    Hello, Cubecrafters! This is my take on guiding you on how to play Lucky Islands! I have been an enthusiast in this game mode since I started playing Cubecraft for around 5 years. Now I have mastered the art of Lucky Islands and am sharing the strategies on how to win for you. Take note, that...
  30. I like boing

    Let’s Wrap Up 2023!

    Wrapping Up 2023! I was bored so I thought this would be a great idea, especially since 2024 is approaching fast! Don’t you notice? 2024 is approaching fast! That means I have an event to announce… Wrapping Up 2023! I will upload a montage video of the best moments of the year. But I need you...
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