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  1. GlareSteve

    Video Cubecraft Skywars but Weapons are Banned!

    Thanks for Watching!
  2. Brulee

    Video Rematching People Until They Rage quit (Cubecraft Duels)

  3. Brulee

    Video Patsman Got Me the Food Bundle in Cubecraft! (990 Minecoins!)

    Patsman is cool :D
  4. pamparampam

    Coding Clan Tag - New Labymod Addon

    Hello Cubecrafters! I along with CCC team would love to present you our newest creation! Clan Tag is a Labymod addon that will help you connect with community! Features: Shows clan tag above player's head. Ability to colorize the clan tag. Detects relation to other clans and automatically...
  5. notsnap3llza

    Bedrock I got the max points in minerware

  6. SoloWarz3405

    Web Add followers & ppl following no. *in a direct way* in the about section

    Hey, CubeCrafters! A small suggestion time! Everyone knows that when clicking on any user's about section, it displays his followers and the ppl he's following, but it does not give us the number of followers/ppl following in a direct way, so I suggest you add the number beside...
  7. muby

    Video TNT Jump

    A cool TNT jump in Cubecraft Bedrock edition https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMLGNWugr/
  8. muby

    All Networks Cubecraft FFA Suggestion

    I think that the Cubecraft FFA for both bedrock and Java edition should have a feature that makes you gain your health back when you kill someone.
  9. BurntCrown8876 |🇺🇦🏳️🌈

    Resolved Is the Sky Wars pre-game lobby coming to Bedrock?

    Hiya! Small question: Is the Sky Wars pre-game lobby, currently in Java (And recently updated!) coming to Bedrock at any point? I understand that you might not be able to say, but thank you anyways! ~Burnt
  10. muby

    Video Cubecraft Bridges Overlay

    I used one of the best Brides overlay in this video
  11. FinnIsMyName

    Java One in the chamber (Quakecraft)

    I have been playing quakecraft for a while now. It has come to my attention that, when you choose the one in the chamber game mode for quakecraft each time you die it takes longer to respawn. Personally I find this to be quite irritating and kinda makes me never want to play quake on that...
  12. CaptainY2A

    Video Why CubeCraft has the highest players count of all servers...

    Made a video analysing why CubeCraft is getting the highest player count of all servers. This took alot of time to script, record and edit so a sub to the channel will be massively appreciated. ps: Cubecraft is simply the best
  13. sQuwy

    Video New yt video

    check it out like comment and sub
  14. aarongonzalesme

    Bedrock New maps

    Hello, it's Easter eggs day Please bring out new maps of all modalities And that those maps remain as food And others Thank you very much LONG LIVE CUBECRAFT By player aarongonzalesme
  15. LavaCraftBedrock

    Open Is This New Client Bedrock Edition Client Allowed?

    Hello, I was wondering if this new Minecraft Bedrock Edition client, called "EclipseClient" is allowed on Cubecraft?
  16. diego13500

    Java Renew Skywars pre-lobby

    Hello to all Cubecrafters. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I think it's too late but well the thought counts With the Cubecraft 1.12 update and the long-awaited SkyWars Update there should be some changes for the Team Sky Wars PreLobby, it's...
  17. The CubeCraft Times

    Some History - TCCT#58

    🏫 Some History I think it's time for a history lesson, at least we're going to learn something 👀 The name of the site has been around for a while, but for how long already?! Besides the fact that it has been around for quite a long time, it does not immediately mean that it has always been about...
  18. SoloWarz3405

    Video EggWars, but the sword is NOT allowed!

    Hey, CubeCrafters! I’ve recently uploaded a video on my YT channel. It’s about EggWars, but armor is banned! I hope you enjoy watching the vid!
  19. god_prjk


  20. JqstQuinten

    Nightmare is a Nightmare to play

    I think Nightmare is one of the most annoying maps of the server. The islands (+ mid) are way too big and there are 3 iron gens?! Every time I play the map there is someone camping and there are a lot of hiding spots. I don't understand why there are 3 iron gens. There are so many TEAM Eggwars...
  21. JqstQuinten

    Shortage of big maps

    I play a lot of team Eggwars, but if I'm in big party's I always have 1 problem. There are no big maps (open). I am not talking about distance wise or total player wise but the amount of players in a team. I think Aztec is a cool map but it's just ALWAYS open. And if you have a bigger party then...
  22. TheDuda

    Bedrock Cubecrafts food system needs fixing

    Currently, If you eat food like steak, cooked cod, cooked porkchop and etc, you're health will instantly regenerate (kinda like the Java 1.9+ regen system) This sometimes makes food nearly as OP as Golden Apples in eggwars and that's saying something. This happens a lot and kinda ridiculous...
  23. The CubeCraft Times

    😲Valentine's day | TCCT - #57

    Valentine's day Happy valentine's day!!! To play a little mini-game with you guys I did hide a few little 's in this newspaper. Can you find them all? Let me know how many you found! Sadly, this will be the last time we’re doing translations, because we doubt they’re read enough to justify...
  24. TheDuda

    Bedrock Cubecraft Needs A Duels Update! Here are some Suggestions.

    This thread is why I think Cubecraft desperately needs a duels update and this thread will be providing suggestions on what is needed, and the benefit of them getting added 1. Classic Duel Gamemodes: One of my, and I'm sure several others biggest problems with cubecraft duels is that it...
  25. SoloWarz3405

    Bedrock Add kill effects to Duels - Repost

    This is a repost of my old suggestion here: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/add-kill-effects-to-duels.302633/ Hey, CubeCrafters! I've recently bought the [Survival Games Rank] in order to unlock one of the coolest loot: kill effects! The kill effects are awesome and they work on every PVP...
  26. SonicTexas

    Video back with another sweet montage!

    been a while since i've posted a minecraft edit but yeah, i am back. thumbnail was kind of rushed since i don't have much time. hope you enjoy the video! have a nice day/night!
  27. TheDuda

    Bedrock These are some bugs to fix and suggestions to make cubecraft minigames more enjoyable!

    Cubecraft is an absolutely amazing server! Recently its also been overtaking the Hive in player counts and this is amazing to see as a person who's played cubecraft consistently since April of 2018! However, like any other server, it has its fair share of problems and a lot of room for...
  28. SoloWarz3405

    Video Destroying People In CubeCraft EggWars!

    Hey, CubeCrafters! A week ago, I finally uploaded my first real video on my YouTube channel! I wasn't able to post this thread when I first uploaded my video; because I was banned from the forums at that time :(( Anyways....Enjoy the video!!
  29. The CubeCraft Times

    📜January | TCCT - #55

    📜 January January is a boring month, holidays have just ended and there’s nothing to look forward to. That’s why we’re here to make your day a little more interesting! Oh and if you’re still bored, why don’t you join our writing competition. 😉 🫂 Taking Care We all have our moments. The moments...
  30. SoloWarz3405

    Bedrock Add "Randomize" button for EggWars generator skins

    Hey, CubeCrafters! Let's quickly dive into the suggestion: -I suggest u add a "randomize" button for EggWars generator skins so that the game would choose a random generator skin on every game of EggWars. Currently, there is no "randomize" button for generator skins, so this MUST be added...
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