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Jul 2, 2015
Hello everyone!

We are excited to share with you all that the Quality Assurance team has been revamped! This has taken a few months in the works and we're super excited to share this with you all! Read on to see what the revamp entails! 👀

👷‍♂️ New Responsibilities!

One of the reasons for us revamping the Quality Assurance team was to combine responsibilities and add new responsibilities to the team! Before the revamp, the Quality Assurance team had to test Marketplace maps and games. With the revamp, we're adding the extra responsibilities:
  • Bugs - I'm sure you agree that finding bugs on the server is always a pain. They're always ruining your experience and it sucks! Now, the QA team will all be trained to report bugs internally as well as to our development team to ensure that these bugs are being made known to everyone.
  • Server QA - One of our major goals in 2022 is to provide our wonderful players with the best experience possible - and this can only be achieved if our updates take a bit longer to develop, and are QA'd a lot! This will be done by our new Quality Assurance team.
What this means is that the Quality Assurance team makes sure you, the player, are having the best experience possible on every platform. The Quality Assurance team will test out Marketplace maps and games, but they will also test out new games and updates on our networks, and they will forward reported bugs to our developers.

Our current Market QA team has done wonderfully with reporting bugs and forwarding them to our Behaviour and Redstone team for Marketplace, and their knowledge will be extremely useful for us as a server to utilise too!

80's_High_School Render Edit.png

As a part of the QA team, you will have the chance to play some awesome maps, like 80s High School!

To divide workload and knowledge, @Joëlle and @Marieke2001 have both been assigned to lead the Quality Assurance team. Joëlle will be responsible for the Marketplace side of Quality Assurance, while Marieke will lead the Bugs team together with Server Quality Assurance. If you have any questions about the role and what it entails, feel free to send either of them a conversation here on the forums!

🧪 Applications!

Due to these rather big changes to the Quality Assurance team, the application process had to be reviewed and adjusted where needed. Application threads have been updated to fit better into the new team. We have listed the changes that happened in the Quality Assurance application thread.

✨ Quality Assurance Rank!

While the Quality Assurance revamp was being discussed, the decision was made to create a rank for the team! Previously there was no way to recognize a Quality Assurance team member in-game, so the rank should give more clarity and visibility about this important role!

Quality: Assured ✅


✉️ Interested? Apply now!

Has this thread made you excited about the Quality Assurance team? Do you want to help out by testing and giving feedback on games and updates before they're released, before everyone else? Would you like to help out with bug reports and testing? Go ahead and apply HERE!
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