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  1. cryptofrogz

    Bedrock Experience for wins

    Experience for wins I have recently joined back to the server to play a couple games of each mode. After my games I wondered why was the amount experienced differed between each mode, Why is one game mode rewarding more XP than the others. For example I can go play a solo skywars game and be...
  2. Roxrock

    All Networks Lucky Islands Feedback #2: Normal lucky blocks

    Normal lucky blocks are the most basic and primary way of obtaining loot. It is also the most frequently updated and changed loot table. It was changed significantly in the 1.19 update, when not only were several new drops introduced, but old drops had drop rates changed, and in some cases...
  3. b16jays11

    All Networks Stats on cubecraft.net

    Just like in the social menu on your profile and then game stats i think players that have there accounts linked should be able to see there stats from their phone or other devices and maybe they can choose to set it so everyone else can see it on their profile so you can see your friends stats too
  4. Aratic

    All Networks Scheduled posts

    This is relating to the forums and can be beneficial to any creator out there, a scheduled post may give advertising opportunities for when a video goes out without having to wait for the video to be out then coming here. Scheduled posts can also help for than creators and also can help...
  5. Aratic

    Bedrock Seasonal game “rank”

    Forum user Komodo went through this before but I have my own twist to what he had to say, his original post said a rank for seasonal games would be good but I think it should be a reward for reaching a specific level (vip levels)(I’ll be calling it a “rank” for now on) How it helps A big turn...
  6. mlgfreshk

    All Networks we need trios

    we need trios because i'm pretty sure that most of us are tired of getting your teams streak getting ruined by a random
  7. L

    All Networks Java Bedrock Pets Suggestion

    Hello CubeCraft Community! I am here with a new suggestion, should cc add the feature to name your pets so that they can be more customizable, or even having skins that we can equip our pets with so that they can actually stand out from the rest? Let me know down below!
  8. L

    All Networks Java Bedrock Technoblade Commemoration Ways

    Hello CubeCraft Community, I am here with a new suggestion. As we all know, Technoblade has sadly passed away after battling cancer for over a year. I want there to be something that we can see or use to remember the Legend himself; Technoblade. It would be really helpful if you guys could post...
  9. SoloWarz

    Web Add followers & ppl following no. *in a direct way* in the about section

    Hey, CubeCrafters! A small suggestion time! Everyone knows that when clicking on any user's about section, it displays his followers and the ppl he's following, but it does not give us the number of followers/ppl following in a direct way, so I suggest you add the number beside...
  10. JqstQuinten

    Java Change blockwars spawn area to 3x3 instead of 5x5

    Hi everyone, I want to suggest a change to blockwars bridges. At the moment the spawn area is 5x5 blocks (I mean the area where you can't place blocks). But I hate it as you can't get to the pit after there is placed 1 row of blocks. Please change it to 3x3 because it's really annoying imo.
  11. Henrico681

    Java Lower the bottom limit on Lucky Islands map Tiger

    The new map "Tiger" is pretty good, but my main disliking of it is that the bottom of where you can place blocks is far to low. If you get knocked off in the very middle, the shield wand can't even make a floor below you. This means that players that play in a not-very-pvp-ish way can just run...
  12. SoloWarz

    Bedrock Change the message that appears after getting eliminated/ winning a game

    Hey, CubeCrafters! In this suggestion, I'll talk about a small change to the statistics message that appears after getting eliminated/ winning a game, like this: The suggestion I think all of you understood what I meant by above, basically, my suggestion is to change the font of those...
  13. ImLuctor

    All Networks Parkour Update Suggestion New Gamemode

    Do you want a new Parkour Gamemode? Well go ahead and suggest your ideas! I miss competition in the game. In almost all games we see leaderboards with wins and it would be nice if parkour also has a win leaderboard. Therefore im suggesting to add a gamemode where players are thrown into maps...
  14. |_xxshadowxx_|

    Java Ender Is Too Powerful

    Hey everyone, I hope the compass in the game can be only used as the ability with a cooldown such as 20 seconds, so humans can get a better shot at the papers. But I hope it's not a mandatory item since it makes the ender too overpowered and they can easily track you down. What do you guys...
  15. GrimstrrMCBE

    Bedrock Cubecraft should have a competative queue.

    I think that Cubecraft Bedrock should have a competitive queue. I get that there is already a challenge queue, but the challenge queue in Bedrock is different from what I'm talking about. What I want is a queue that puts you against players around your level and higher. For example, if I was...
  16. _tolkan_

    All Networks sugestion

    suggestion: maybe add statistics to magic in mayhem bc that would be fun to see like playtime and maybe how many mobs of a type you killed if this is possible I would really like this coming to the game. ( :
  17. I

    Bedrock Magic Mayhem

    I was exploring the labyrinth and I saw Quetzalcoatl so I clicked onto it and got this message
  18. M

    Bedrock Suggestion about arrow

    Hey guys and staffs i play bedrock skyblock and i have countless spawners and a massive storage room but i have a problem with the arrows I can’t sell them and I can’t fliter them since we don’t have electricity (redstones) can u guys put the arrow for sell in the shop it’s so exhausting and...

    Java Suggestion - The ability to choose the amount of players you want to play with (like doubles)

    It will be great to have the ability to choose the amount of players you want to play with in team mode, for example doubles or trios. Today I played with my friend CubeCraft, and we wanted to play EggWars doubles, but the thing is, we couldn't because every time we tried to enter team mode we...

    Java Suggestion - upgrade server version

    I think CubeCraft should be upgraded to a higher version of Minecraft (1.16 or 1.17) that way we can have a lot more things that we couldn't have previously, like crossbows, netherite tools and armor, tridents, more food items, more blocks, more kits/perks, more cool maps and the list goes on. I...
  21. DapDap371

    Bedrock /cosmetics and /ranks

    /cosmetics would be a feature that you can type in chat and it would show up your own active cosmetics that you are using (screenshot below) and it could also be done with /cosmetics @playername to see other peoples applied cosmetics. This would only show the cosmetic you are currently using...
  22. O

    Now that we have NA servers it’s time to capitalise on asia?

    I just want to play on this server without getting launched 6 km on the air.
  23. DarkStray

    Bedrock [REPOST] Ranked Playlist - Featured Mode

    Ranked Playlist Ideas •Point Systems •LTM Scoreboard(“Game Statistics”) with suggestions •Matchmaking •Gamemode “shuffle” or Playlist Reset Who Would this Effect? This would effect the competitive players! I want this Competitive gameplay to be A CHOICE meaning it’s NOT IN THE CORE MODES it...
  24. Senpai ♔

    Java Suggestions - game

    Suggestion: what if Cubecraft added a Minecraft manhunt game? only for Minecraft java edition, if you did not know what is manhunt game, its a Minecraft game Created by a Minecraft YouTuber called Dream, Minecraft Manhunt is essentially a game that sees one player attempt to defeat the Ender...
  25. ReMD0G

    Web Suggestion - Read Aloud Feature for Threads

    Read Aloud Feature for Threads Hello CubeCrafters! I have been thinking about this for a long time. So maybe I will suggest this today! ❔ What is the Thread Reader? The thread reader reads the thread and speaks it to you. So an AI would read aloud the whole thread to you. The location for the...
  26. Foxy011

    Bedrock Layer Spleef

    In Minerware we have TNT Run and Bow Spleef in Bedrock Edition and once upon a time Line Dash was added to Bedrock which is one of the arcade games. I think Layer Spleef would be a great game mode to add to the Bedrock server! Just a suggestion!
  27. Gemmmmie

    Java Duels Play Again Mode

    I know this has been suggested a few times before, but I think this should be discussed again. I personally don't play Duels that often, however when I do I find it time consuming to type "/leave" then find another Duel game once I enter the Lobby. Therefore this is my suggestion, instead of...
  28. W

    All Networks Some suggestions

    I think you should add health makers when you hit someone with a bow and mabey add spleen if you can because Consle players cant play it because of Microsoft
  29. A

    Bedrock 3rd Party Prevention in PvP

    Would it be at all possible to gain some sort of buff after killing an opponent (like strength or regen) for a short period of time for the purpose of preventing third partying? Several times I've won a battle only to be two shotted by someone who ran up after I finished the fight. I would...
  30. Argent

    Bedrock Levels

    I played the server for almost 2 years and i still level 6 . I think leveling up is so hard and that will make people want to levelup, but there is no point of leveling up cause you won't unlock any cosmetics on the server. Vip levels has a battle pass and i think the regular levels must have...
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