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  1. Lyriie

    🔥 Bedrock Loot List! (All Items/Bundles)

    🔥 Bedrock Loot List (All Items/Bundles) Last updated: May 8, 2024 Hello, everyone! I have created this thread with the aim of listing all of the loot items and bundles that have been released on CubeCraft Bedrock. I am aware that similar threads have been made before, however, my intention with...
  2. Roxrock

    LI experiments #3: Diamond lucky block drops

    Diamond lucky blocks contain several generally positive item outcomes that each have an equal probability. The following is a list of every possible outcome of Diamond lucky blocks, according to brief trials and my common knowledge: Regular bow Tipped arrows bow Regular crossbow Quick...
  3. P

    Java No Duplicated loot in Uber Cubelets

    Basically do like the seasonal cubelets, so you do not obtain never duplicated loot also in Uber Cubelets, as theyre very hard to craft and are not worth as most of times you get duplicated items. thanks for reading
  4. cryptofrogz

    Bedrock New Profile Borders

    New Profile Borders I will keep this pretty short as it is not necessary to waffle about. But we haven’t seen any new profile borders in a long time ⏰ (Around 1 year, correct me if I am wrong) It would be nice to have some new ones added to enable more customisation. Even some more profile...
  5. Dualninja

    Bedrock Quests, Loot and more!

    Loot On Bedrock, there are hardly any ways to earn loot for free. The only ways are from finishing lobby parkours and from seasonal events. This is in stark contrast to the Java server, which has many ways to earn cosmetics. Loot on the Java server mostly comes from Cubelets, which are...
  6. SoloWarz

    Bedrock Add kill effects to Duels - Repost

    This is a repost of my old suggestion here: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/add-kill-effects-to-duels.302633/ Hey, CubeCrafters! I've recently bought the [Survival Games Rank] in order to unlock one of the coolest loot: kill effects! The kill effects are awesome and they work on every PVP...
  7. SoloWarz

    Bedrock Level-based loot and prestiging

    Hey there, cubecrafters! loot in cubecraft is a very amazing thing which you can get, by buying ranks, or even as an easter egg, but, you can't get loot by leveling up in cubecraft, so my suggestion is to add level-based loot, which can be cages, graves, egg skins, or even prefixes. Also, it's...
  8. Wqsknijper

    Java Loot preview

    Hey there, fellow CubeCraft community members! My idea (just found out there's an older thread out there: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/loot-previews.232292/) is to add the ability to preview some loot-items (Win Effects, Arrow Trails and Cages). Why? Because it's annoying to needing to...
  9. D

    Java Loot menu suggestions.

    Hi everyone, Today I joined out cubecraft and noticed that the loot menu it's quite simple to be honest and it could be better imo. Overall, the developers has done a really nice job, with everything. But I do think that a change would be really appreciated by community members. I'm quite sure...
  10. Hoshi

    Java Reviving Community Suggestions

    Whilst this is not much of a suggestion, I guess you could perhaps call it feedback, but it’s more of my opinion than true feedback... I still decided to post the following thread here since I don’t know where else to. A long while ago, @Story made a thread dedicated to community loot...
  11. visalderpface

    Bedrock Finding Ways To Make Leveling Up Worth Your Time

    I think that we should be able to receive items as we level up in the game and gain things for it. As most of us that plays a lot we level up and get nothing for it, so there isn't even a point to level up other then bragging rights? Meanwhile other people that pay for things can have things and...
  12. C

    Bedrock Bedrock Loot Machine, Loot Points, and Challenges

    Hello all! I want to introduce a new concept to earn loot on bedrock. Loot Machine In the main lobbies, there will be a loot machine. This contains several pieces of loot you can earn from loot points. Maybe 5-7 different items. There could be a rotation period swapping the loot items every...
  13. YahirplaysMC123

    Bedrock Enemys drop their currency

    Just to be sure, idk if this is a thing on java, probably not but ive never played it so maybe its different. so i dont really play eggwars for a bunch of reasons i wont get into, but i tried a few games and kinda found it annoying that people dont drop their resources when they die. Id go to...
  14. C

    Bedrock Daily Challenges

    The suggestion is as it says. Daily Challenges would be a fun way to get free loot. Right now the only way is to obtain loot is to buy them or through seasonal hub hunts. Java has a lot more ways to obtain loot that don’t require paying for them. Daily challenges can give loot points which in...
  15. ken2167

    About points and global chat. (help)

    Hey guys. I'm pretty new to this server (currently level 4) and at the moment i got about 1000 points. I would like to know where or what can i spend them on? Have tried everything, even kept on joining random lobbies and trying to get answers from other players, apparently they can't see my...
  16. YahirplaysMC123

    Bedrock Change chest items?

    BTW: im talking about the bedrock edition, i know nothing about the java editions loot table I feel as there could be new chest items, the chest items right now are allright, but maybe add new items to normal mode? Like ender pearls, tnt, flint and steel, or even cobwebs (this is great for...
  17. Stablish

    Java [Suggestion] - New Ideas

    Hey everyone! I'm happy you're reading my suggestion and hope it's creative enough for everyone to like it. Today, I'll be suggesting new things for everyone. So let's begin! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I will be suggesting: Premium Lobby. Game...
  18. AdamvriesssGG

    Java Difference in loot between normal and overpowered

    Dear cubecrafters, I think that the difference in loot between Normal and OP is not that great and that differences should be made. There are a few things I think should be changed. 1) The steaks for instance are way to expensive and slow down the game Just_miguelgg already talked about this...
  19. Oreo♥️

    Escalated FFA Cosmetics

    Hey! So I've been playing FFA recently, and I've noticed that it doesn't really have any cosmetics, eggwars, lucky islands and skywars have cages, but what does FFA have? Well, we could say it has arrow trails, but that's more of a general network thing. So here's where the suggestion (I don't...
  20. Astrqworld

    Java Trails!

    Being able to equip two trails, or more.
  21. P

    Java [LOOT] More Banner Ideas!

    Hey all, I have come up with some more awesome banner ideas! Banners are the new loot items which are classified as wearables :D Also, the winning loot items of THIS competition would get implemented in the next loot update. And, loot recently got updated ;) ~ Riley
  22. P

    Java Game Specific Banners / Seasonal Banners

    Recently the loot system got a small update, banners were added as a new wearable item and some other minor additions (such as balloons) I had some ideas for more banners! :D Even though I already suggested these in a reply to THIS thread, I feel like this suggestion would get more attention...
  23. P

    Java Loot items - Kill effects

    My suggestion is to add a new category to the loot: "Kill effects" I have come up with some ideas for them already, though way more are needed to make this an actual category "Blood" - Mythical "Explosion" - Legendary "Firework" - Rare "Fire" - Common "Dragonbreath" - Obsidian
  24. DragonLord

    Java Loot Suggestions

    I've been messing about with the loot items and some ideas popped into my head. - What about adding a barrier into the loot menu to disable all equipped loot items at once? - Have an randomizer option in the 'Cages', 'Shields' and 'Arrow Trails' menus which would choose a random cage,shield...
  25. P

    "Order by type"

    I was looking for my animated hats, but they were separated over 3 pages ._. Add this option to order by type, it'll just start with all the animated hats, followed by all the other normal hats I used a bone as item for this one, don't know what else would fit But you get the picture ^ Berre
  26. P

    "Unequip wardobe items"

    I was updating and adding items to this thread (link) When I noticed something that shouldn't be (for any staff locking this and telling me this is a bug, it's quite hard to report bugs if you are banned from reporting :>) "Unequip wardrobe items" should only unequip wardrobe items, excluding...
  27. Unipotatoo


    Many times in lobbys I have found stone ranks get super lucky with cosmetics and then never use them, for example https://imgur.com/a/XxAHY. Some times there are some cosmetics a person wants very bad but just can not get because cublets are so random. Introducing Trading Much like the pokemon...
  28. P

    Java & Bedrock Loot List

    Hello! This thread is an attempt to list all currently existing loot items from both the Java Edition server as Bedrock Edition server! This is a community-built thread: hundreds of submissions from community members have been reviewed and added to this list. I would never have been able to have...
  29. I_v_o

    Hidden Chest and Loot points suggestion.

    Hey, I have a few suggestions for the new Loot points and for the hidden chests. For loot points I thought a handy command would be /lootpoints (/lp) so you can check your loot points balance without having to go in the menu, also you would be able to check it in game. You also should get loot...
  30. Unipotatoo

    Miniature Suggestion!

    The miniature, an amazing part of the new update. Who saids we cant make it better? O.o Here is my suggestion, enjoy! UPDATE LOG ------------------------------------------------------ Miner - New miniature with mining pose + ore Image - https://imgur.com/a/mFaAN Time In Video - 2:57...
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