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  1. R

    Bedrock Glitch in joining duels

    So the other day I joined (well by the other day, I mean like at least twice everyday) the battle arena lobby, queued for a 1v1 match normal random, cuz I can't afford rank (I'm poor don't judge me), ANYHOW when I joined they tp me twice to 2 different maps (I could see it btw, like a split...
  2. IDKhan

    pink glitch problem is back

    i just wanted to know if pink glitch is back for everyone? and is pink glitch something that cc is able to fix or is it a mojang problem? cause im having to restart my cc every few minutes now its mad annoying lol
  3. Ferbook3000

    Bedrock Emerald castles - Ladders glitch

    So, I've seen this happening a few times already. There seems to be a few players abbusing this glitch to entirely lag the game. This needs to be adressed soon.
  4. jwjw11

    Resolved Glitch in Egg Wars where players are stuck in their starting cage

  5. Stennos

    MinerWare floor is lava glitch

    Hi, i sometimes have that in the floor is lava minigame, no lava appears. It just stays yellow.
  6. Stennos

    Lucky Islands Texture pack glitch

    Hello, i am having trouble with the lucky islands texture pack. I always download it but sometimes it glitches out and i can't see the textures, sometimes this happens mid-game. Does anyone know how i solve this? (BTW it sometimes just switches back to the texture pack)
  7. Stennos

    Grappling Hook bow glitch(es)

    Hi, i wanted to say that the grappling hook bow has a lot of bugs/glitches. I can understand cause it's a hard mechanic, but still. It often happens that it fails mid-air and you fall down (mostly above the void and then you die), the glitch that nothing happens when you pull the hook. Also when...
  8. Stennos

    Lucky Islands Infinite life glitch

    I got killed and respawned in mid, just wanted to point this out cause that's a problem.
  9. S

    Slime time glitch

    Me and my friends have levelled up all the magma cubes to level 31 and we have not completed the challenge. Not to mention that a spawner costs 80M. Is there anyway we can skip the main quest? because till we can we are softlocked in this skyblock.
  10. iThunder

    Every chest in a chunk cleared

    Hours-Days of work gone and none of it can be replaced without tons of time. half of my chest room is fine though. Pro tip to anyone who sees this spread your valuables out in different chests till this is fixed just so you don’t have to go through this. no it wasn’t my island member before you...
  11. BurntCrown8876

    Bedrock Fixed! :) Bedrock UI Glitch

    Hello, I'm just making a quick thread to ask a question. When I'm on CubeCraft, it doesn't let me see any of the images, for example the pictures of the products in the shop in Egg Wars Solo Beta, or in the loot, it doesn't allow me to see the preview of the, for example, kill effect. It was...
  12. I

    Skyblock Cobblestone Wall Stuck In Inventory (SOLVED - SELL THEM IN THE SHOP)

    Ok so I was just minning the jungle island or something and I shift clicked these walls into a chest full of random blocks teared apart from the island and since then I got this 3 stupid cobblestone walls stuck in my inventory Things I've tried so far: - /hub and rejoin - save and quit and...
  13. T

    Java Battle zone needs an URGENT fix.

    Cubecraft... It's have already been 3 years since battle zone released. It isn't the most popular game and there has been a bug around for a very long time that you wouldn't be able to land properly if you were in a newer version of minecraft, but you didn't do anything to fix this. Since today...
  14. KLsz

    Throughout Guide to networking problems connecting from East Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania [Part 2: Network latency]

    First, as a disclaimer, I'm not a specialist on computer networking. I'm not a member of CubeCraft's Development Team or Admin Team either. But in this thread, I want to try to explain a little bit about the reason why you will get a high ping, and tell you about that what you can do about it...
  15. KLsz

    Throughout Guide to networking problems connecting from East Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania [Part 1: Network routing]

    First, as a disclaimer, I'm not a specialist on network routing. I'm not a member of CubeCraft's Development Team or Admin Team either. But I want to try to explain a little bit about how internet works and give you some suggestions to the thing. Please notice that this is part 1 of a two-part...
  16. Orientalz

    Strange lobby glitch?

    This has happened twice now. I joined the lobby and randomly got teleported or glitched into the water thats like wayyyyy out at the spawn build. Strange? Anyone else experienced this? It happened when I tried to join a different lobby as well. HMMM
  17. T

    Void staff glitch

    Hi I was playing Magic and mayhem and After I killed the final boss I got the void staff right, so then I moved it to my hotbar but as I was dragging it I got teleported into the cubecraft hub and it simply disappeared. I killed the boss again but still got nothing. What do I do!
  18. J0R1AN

    Magic & Mayhem get back to Tutorial Area Glitch

    While messing around with the elytra and void wand, I found a glitch where you can go through the floor to get back into the tutorial area at the start of the game. This might need to be fixed because people can use things like the void aura to kill all enemies before new players can. Here's me...
  19. coughyyee

    Bedrock hacker or glitch?

    So umm, just watch the clip because i have no words... Clip: https://streamable.com/cgqh0f
  20. J0R1AN

    I think I'm the poorest player in Magic Mayhem

    Hey everyone, I just logged back on to Magic Mayhem to find my spirit at -249664, which should be impossible. No idea how this actually happened, but it might have to do with me buying the frost wand right before I logged off. Here's my spirit level in game: I now also have two frost wands...
  21. OwenDawg

    Lure fishing glitch ?

    Is this glitch still a thing ? I’m trying to enchant my iron sword to lvl 8 looting and need a bunch of xp and so far fishing is the best. I read that there was a glitch after enchanting to lvl 6 lure bc technically it was “0 seconds”. Is this still happening or was it fixed ?
  22. OwenDawg

    Ocelots not killing chickens

    I have a chicken farm using ocelots to kill the chickens that suddenly stopped working. I’ve been using it for about 3-4 days without fail. Nothing is wrong with them spawning they just won’t kill the chickens anymore. I have went to the skyblock hub, cubecraft hub, left and rejoined, restarted...
  23. GraveMC

    Bedrock Mineware problem

    Hello, I would like to report a glitch for me and probably some of the other players in the community. The game mode where you have to find a specific item in a chest every time I get pushed through the spawn block so the minigame is immediate death for me. I dont know if its lag or just my...
  24. MrThorian

    Java Among Slimes broken

    I wanted to play some Among Slimes today, so I went on the server as per usual and started a game, I quickly realized something was up with the game though. Textures didn't align properly, people who left stayed in the game, found bodies stayed where they were and most annoying of them all, if...
  25. that1asianfurry

    Invis glitch on lucky islands

    This is a massive problem! Today, I played cubecraft lucky block for about 3 hours in one sitting now and have seen roughly 6 or 8 invis skins. I can’t see them nor do any damage to them. This has been happening for a matter of months. Can y’all please fix this ASAP?
  26. mooseman

    Bedrock Parkour Superjump Glitch

    I love the new lobby parkour. It's a great addition. I've been very excited to play the new levels but I keep encountering this issues on the supperjump section. It seems like the server or my client lags at just the wrong time and it sends me down the pit, then back to the lobby. This has...
  27. Pescadoso

    Java bug on minerware

    (my english sucks) I found a bug in minerware, its caused by this minigame about cooking and delivering, there are some cauldrons with water and you can use a bucket to pick the water and place it anywhere, when the minigame ends the water doesnt dissapear and brokes almost all the minigames...
  28. M

    Rank glitch

    BUG FIXED Im having issues with my rank. I bought skyblock rank but i didnt unlock everything. I didnt recieve my 10% boost and discount but i did unlock the furniture Please help me Edit And what i just noticed is that i do have the boost on my singleplayer island.but thats not what i want! I...
  29. I

    Shield Bug

    I was in the process of completing a quest to enchant a shield to level 3 and i equipped the shield to my second hand slot and am now unable to take the shield out of that slot so it is stuck on the left side of my screen. Im posting this in hope i can get it removed and the bug can be found and...
  30. ee76ee

    Fire/Lava Glitch (my first post)

    After "Mini Survival Games", if someone placed lava it will appear for the whole game. It wont damage you but any visual glitch is annoying. -EE76EE
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