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  1. _EliteDavy

    Java Switf Sneak enchantment

    Remove swift sneak from skywars. I think I'm not the only one who experienced this: It's a bit painful when you want to rush (on maps where the middle is a bit far like: elements, explosive) in normal or overpowered mode and you start speed bridging (shift bridging/ shift jump bridging) to...
  2. Roxrock

    All Networks Lucky Islands feedback #8: Spider

    Spider is a seasonal Halloween map in lucky islands solos that has been a part of cubecraft’s Halloween events for several years. In my opinion, this map has just about reached its expiration date and is of lower quality compared to the other lucky islands solos maps. Here are some pictures of...
  3. Roxrock

    All Networks Lucky Islands feedback #6: Food and Blocks lucky blocks

    Food lucky blocks and blocks lucky blocks are lucky blocks that each player starts out with at the beginning of the game, and their mechanics are rather self explanatory. Because they are so simmular, I find it necessary to address them both in one thread. This also focuses on the solos mode of...
  4. Roxrock

    All Networks Lucky Islands Feedback #3: Diamond lucky blocks

    Diamond lucky blocks are like normal lucky blocks, except with certain drops removed. Generally, the quality of loot is significantly better than it is for normal lucky blocks. I took a small sample of the loot table here, but this will mostly be based on my subjective and personal experience...
  5. Roxrock

    Bedrock Lucky islands feedback #1: Kits

    Lucky Islands recently received two major content updates, the 1.19 update and the August update. Both of these updates failed to update kits, which have been overdue for an update for months now, in my opinion. Not only are lucky islands kits old and stale, but they are bland, underpowered, and...
  6. nexnc

    Have cheaters increased a lot after the new update?

    I have logged in after a week or so and I have noticed a lot of cheaters in Skywars (I mostly play solos but i can't talk about other game modes). For comparison before the update I used to get 1-2 cheaters out of 10 games but now it feels like the numbers are reversed. I kid you not, I get...
  7. BSCB

    All Networks Make a Discord Appeal System

    My suggestion is that they make an appeal system or contact with the staff in case of bans on the CubeCraft Discord Server, because, if you are muted, you can still communicate with the staff through the Discord server, but if you are banned, there is no way to appeal or have any means of...
  8. QuaintFlyer5203

    All Networks New map? ("When pigs Fly" or Flying Pigs")

    Should there be an eggwars map called "When pigs fly" or "Flying pigs" in honor of Technoblade? -There can be pig sties with a pig with wings statue as the bases -A Bastion and a piglin statue as the "In-between" -A statue of Technoblade and His sword at the Center of the map.
  9. Rocks1

    All Networks Java Bedrock Arcade games in Lobbies

    Put Arcade Games: TNT Run, Spleef, Paintball, Pufferfish Slap and Wing Rush In Lobbies. So, the idea is to put all those old games into lobbies for people to play on. Why Should We Add These Games? We should put these games in lobbies so players can play them when they get bored of all the...
  10. Rocks1

    Bedrock Re-do the Bedrock Bug Report Forum

    We need to re-do the Bedrock Bug Report Forum: For this thread I will go over every question and state how it should be changed: 1) What game has this bug affected? First we need to make a section called "Main Lobby" and "Game Lobbies", when reporting under the "Game Lobbies" a text box under...
  11. Rocks1

    Java Make Among Slimes happen twice in the Featured Games Cycle

    Welcome to more mediocre ideas. Today's idea is to make Among Slimes Happen twice in the featured games cycle. Currently Among slimes happens only once in the cycle. But due it having (usually) double the player count of any other featured game I think it should happen twice in the cycle. For...
  12. Nightmare

    Bedrock Survival Games improvements

    Hey everyone, I have been playing on the java Cubecraft network for a long time in the past and i have been playing on the Bedrock Version of Cubecraft for a while now. My main game i like to play is survivalgames and now after reaching the leaderboards, i`d like to share an updated list of my...
  13. Rocks1

    Bedrock Java Hub Games & Treasure Finder

    Are you ever bored on The Cube Bedrock & want to hand around the hub? So why don't you add the treasure finding & fishing hub games from Java onto Bedrock. The code is pre existing (I think) from Java so it would be easy to implement. Something else I would like to see in parity with the Java...
  14. SoloWarz

    Bedrock Suggestion regarding /f list cmd

    Hey, CubeCrafters! ~This will be my last suggestion for a while... I have a small suggestion about the /f list command in chat. When you type /f list and one of your friends is playing EggWars teams (Duos/ quads/ mega) -for example-, it displays that they are playing EggWars teams instead of...
  15. IDKhan

    All Networks sg barrier thingy

    imo the sg storm thing should be slowed down just a tiny bit lol cause once your in you cant get out idk if its just cause of my internet or if its like that and also it makes it more annoying from you cant even see it till its like 3 blocks away so its kinda hard
  16. SoloWarz

    Bedrock Add kill effects to Duels - Repost

    This is a repost of my old suggestion here: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/add-kill-effects-to-duels.302633/ Hey, CubeCrafters! I've recently bought the [Survival Games Rank] in order to unlock one of the coolest loot: kill effects! The kill effects are awesome and they work on every PVP...
  17. SoloWarz

    Denied Add Text Colour Picker

    Hey, cubecrafters! The Minecraft 1.12 update made it possible to make worlds more colourful, by adding more colours to the game; because everyone likes colours, especially, coloured text! But, on the forums, the available colours for the texts are sooo limited, and the way to add more colours is...
  18. SoloWarz

    Bedrock More Gamemodes

    Hey there! So, a while ago, @CagriCann has suggested adding more gamemodes to the java version of cubecraft, such as no void eggwars, speed eggwars, and double egg eggwars, link to the suggestion if you wanna check it out: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/more-game-modes.299250/ The suggestion...
  19. Matriox

    All Networks The Suggestion System - Feedback

    I believe there are some problems with the suggestion system that should be addressed, I've been sharing my suggestions that I feel would make Cubecraft better for a while and have noticed lots of flaws in my time suggesting. Here are my opinions on two areas relating to the Feedback and...
  20. kajiwaranoritada

    Java Be able to pick duels without having a rank.

    Honestly, these lasts few weeks have been fun in pvp and all, but man not being able to choose kits hurts, as a non rank I just wanna enjoy and play the server and not pay to actually be able to enjoy it, I'm kind of sick of getting wolf and alchemist over and over again. I just wanna have the...
  21. SoloWarz

    Bedrock Add Health Vote For Minecraft Bedrock

    Hello Everyone ! So I suggest you to put health voting on Minecraft bedrock edition, so that it becomes more funny and similar to java ! I also suggest that players with VIP lvl 1+ are only able to health vote but they must have the rank of the game first ! for example : You are VIP lvl 1 so you...
  22. C

    Bedrock Magic and mayhem needs some changes

    Me and my friend have been playing this game on the ps4 for awhile now and have constantly talking about things that should be changed or added. It's way too easy to get gear in the game since you could just lvl up your luck and get an inventory full of gear in no time and the rare gear seem to...
  23. _EliteDanny

    Java Leaderboards to Lobby

    Note: This is my first thread so bare with me here 😅 So I had a not very original idea to put leaderboards more visibly into the game, so ppl have more motivation to compete for those slots, and I obviously am not the first one to suggest this many ppl already have and i’m guessing the...
  24. H

    Bedrock New Kit Ideas for Eggwars

    1st Kit idea (Revamped Builder Kit): 8 Blocks and A leather chestplate on Hardcore, 16 Blocks and a leather chestplate on normal, and 24 Blocks and A prot 4 Chestplate in OP (9 Iron) 2nd Kit idea: (Revamped Miner Kit) A wooden pickaxe and 4 Carrots on hardcore, A stone pickaxe and 12 Carrots on...
  25. T

    Bedrock EggWars New Gamemode Suggestion : Versus

    EggWars has many different gamemodes. We have Solos, Duos, Squads, and Mega. I was think of a new gamemode idea when I thought of Versus. I have always wanted to Vs a friend of mine, however that is not possible at the moment, unless we queue up in a Solos match together (which is against the...
  26. D

    Java Among slimes dead

    I'm sure you've seen a big drop in Among Slimes's player base lately. This is partly because Among us is not so popular anymore, but Among us still survived on top almost 6 months, meanwhile Among Slimes didn't even survive 2 months. I think the reason why it died so quickly is in the rules...
  27. Dualninja

    Bedrock /sr should show no rank instead of :Stone:

    Introduction Sentinel reporting was recently added and it's 🎉. But on Bedrock if someone doesn't have a rank, it shows :Stone:! This would make sense on Java where Stone rank exists, but on Bedrock it should just show nothing. Incase anyone is wondering what it looks like currently, here it...
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