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  1. JellyFish01

    Bedrock EggWars EggWars rank - Bedrock

    I'm considering buying rank on EggWars on Bedrock. How does the rank system work on Bedrcok? I'm mostly Java player, but I also play on Bedrock too! So I am familiar with the rank system on Java. Are ranked EggWars players able to choose maps? What are the other perks? Choosing maps is really...
  2. JellyFish01

    Java EggWars I'm speechless..

    10 am and we can't even play EggWars..
  3. JellyFish01

    Java EggWars What a nice enemy, he made us a house

    Our enemy made us a house of debris. Love to be trapped on spawn point🥰😍
  4. JellyFish01

    Java EggWars Average EggWars game💀

  5. JellyFish01

    EggWars players

    It's really sad to see EggWars is puling only 10 - 30 players in the morning on Java. It scares me that it may die in the future.. :(
  6. JellyFish01

    Artwork Egg that is ready for WW3

    They took it too seriously. What an Egg
  7. Reesle

    Bedrock New Eggwars Duels Map!

    After reading @WorriedSkate940 ’s most recent suggestion, I had an idea! I think it would be really cool if the map “toys” from Eggwars Duos could be made into a duels map! I have 2 ideas for this : 1. Make it a new, permanent map. 2. Make it a limited time map for the holidays (for it to go...
  8. pollystation


    El día de hoy estaba en una partida de eggwars, moviendome y en mi pantalla me aparecia que estaba AFK y que me iban a sacar del juego, fue bastante molesto pues la partida ya estaba terminando y me sacaron cuando yo claramente me estaba moviendo.
  9. E

    Bedrock The new update and old version - let’s create a new server

    The new update has changed a lot in all of the games. Some of the players like these changes, but there are a lot of people who don’t. Especially the eggwars players, since the update totally changed the EVERYTHING. To satisfy both of these groups, maybe you could create another server, for...
  10. T

    Inactive Im Not showing on Leaderboard for eggwars season

    Im not showing on the LB, im highly certain that my wins right now should make me positioned in the leaderboard. Is this a bug/glitch? And can you fix it so i show up? Thanks My ign is Tekcraft7621 Bedrock edition
  11. B

    EggWars Eggwars

  12. Reesle

    Bedrock Extra VIP level 10 reward (eggwars favorites)

    I think that there should be another reward once you reach VIP level 10. In my opinion, once you reach VIP lvl 30, you should get an extra 4 favorite slots in eggwars favorite mode. I think this because my 6 slots are filled and I have to go in the shop to buy the other 1-3 things I’d like to...
  13. NotNitrouss

    Bedrock Item Shop changes for EggWars

    I spent about an hour designing this design that would work for the item shop and would make buying a lot faster. The second row of items are the menu, which offer all the menus in the current shop. I think this would help out in intense games and would just make the gameplay mores smooth...
  14. mastrf

    Bedrock Trois

    Hello cube craft sttaf I know you're working hard to meet all the needs of the players on the server, but there's something all the players agree on. And its a trios Not just in the egg War. But in all of the games mods that cube craft have even in the future when another game came to light we...
  15. Shmee1501655

    Java What I did with my extra iron

    I had extra iron so here is what I did:
  16. O

    New shop layout sucks

    I personally don't like the new shop because I'm used to the old layout where I could buy things fast but now since it all moved to one place it's annoying and I keep buying the wrong items, it would be cool to be able to move the favorite items down so the layout is fixed again.
  17. A

    chat problem

    Hi! My chat has been banned for a couple of months. People/My friends cannot see my chat on any servers ex- hive, cubecraft, galaxite, etc. I have tried the methods for ghost/shadowban and they do not work. I also tried to submit an appeal for a ban but they told me i wasn't. If you could please...
  18. W

    Positive news ;)

    finally I am not stopping cubecraft I thought about it and I do not intend to stop a server as well just for cheaters do not worry you on the other hand this player is a cheater or a moderator? watch this video to better understand : https://www.mediafire.com/file/odsvd4j0e949rmz/IMG_7165.MP4/file
  19. Adxm

    Bedrock EggWars Chaos

    If you have been looking round the skywars lobby, you’d have probably noticed SkyWars Chaos... What‘s my suggestion? my suggestion is to add a Choas gamemode to Egg Wars, personally, I play a lot of duos and I think this gamemode should be a duo gamemode, my other reason for this to be a duo...
  20. Adxm

    Bedrock Bridge builders in Eggwars

    Hey, my last suggestion for today! If you have VIP RANK 1 you might be familiar with the exclusive Skywars game mode; Skywars Chaos and the chaotic but fun items. So my suggestion is to add the dye items that create bridges (Here’s a video of the item in action if you haven’t seen it before)...
  21. Adxm

    Bedrock Emerald Generators - EggWars

    I’ve been playing on eggwars I’d say about a month now and in the month I’ve played I can safely say I’ve never seen the emerald generator working, and I used to play eggwars normally on a daily basis and getting 40+ minutes games. I think the items in the emerald shop should be moved to...
  22. Adxm

    Bedrock Speedrun (3:22)

    Hey, jus recently beat my time of 3:38 with 3:36 and today I beat it again with a time of 3:22. If you could check out my YouTube video that would mean the world, if you have any recommendations that I should start doing just comment. Thank you - Adam vid here ❤️
  23. Adxm

    Bedrock Sky Wars And Egg Wars Loot Drop

    I’ve had this idea which is not so much my idea because it’s from multiple different servers, so I was thinking why don’t you implement the feature of when you knock somebody off the edge in skywars/bedwars it automatically puts it in your inventory instead of the loot going to waste? - Adam
  24. Nxrn

    Bedrock Custom shop in eggwars

    So something I have been thinking about is adding a custom shop to eggwars. The post is under “Bedrock” but it still applies for java. I think that it would be cool to be able to customize the shop and be able to have a quick buy menu where you can have the essentials of what you normally get...
  25. fletcherpe

    Please fix it

    I have a minor problem from server sometimes I playing CubeCraft on Android I will play EggWars after I teleport to the EggWars lobby I will disconnected and this is result My connection is fast why it is problem to me
  26. K

    Java Egg Wars Game Change Request

    I've seen that egg wars only has solo and teams mode they should add that you can do duos and trios because I know that some people like my self sometimes doesn't have that fourth person to play with or just wanna play duos with a single friend.
  27. Zathelas

    Java Wood it too overpowerd in EggWars

    Hi CubeCrafters! I think wood is too OP in EggWars, for a few iron you can buy a wood block. Nobody really uses an axe, it's too expensive for people to buy an axe to break 1 wood block. It's still a nice feature to have wood in my opinion but it's to cheap to defend your egg, nobody can't go...
  28. Vqlah

    All Networks Bring the gOOd EGGWARS back..

    Why has beta egg been added? there were like no players that like it? Why is a major update needed for eggwars at all? only new maps would be much better, the population of eggwars was good and wasn't really needed to get bigger. New games are much more appreciated by the community than they...
  29. Zathelas

    Beta Make it possible to buy several things at once.

    Hello there! I'll keep it simple, in Beta EggWars you can't buy like no more blocks like shift clicking or like spamming or you mouse or 12 steaks at once. Examples (Normal EggWars): So what you've seen here in Normal EggWars, you can buy 24 blocks, 12 steaks or 60 arrows, you have to...
  30. Zathelas

    Java The Weakness and Slowness kit is to powerful

    So, Hello everybody! :) When you play EggWars you sometimes have people with the potion kit (don't know which name) but it's so powerful, if I get that potions on me I can't deliver damage for 1 minute en 30 seconds and that's annoying. I think it's too powerful for the game, we can't deliver...
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