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Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters!

Our Bedrock network now has a Gift system! As it's the season of giving, it's a perfect time for this release. Which means you can give your friends one of our game ranks or our exclusive Winter Bundle 2020! ❄️

If you want to surprise a friend, simply join our Bedrock network and visit the Gift NPC to the right in the main lobby or in our game lobbies, or just type "/gift". You will be presented with a menu where you can purchase gifts, which would be one of our game ranks or another seasonal item, such as the Winter Bundle 2020. 🎉


Gift NPC (To the right in the main lobby).

When purchasing it, you'll get a gift added into your gift inventory, ready for you to assign it. To assign a gift, click the item you want to give from your inventory and then enter in the username of the player you want to give it to. After assigning it, the player that will receive the...
Hey CubeCrafters!

Hope you've enjoyed our Winter event so far - it's been awesome to see such a positive reaction from you all!

As we mentioned in our release thread, we're going to be releasing three new permanent maps on our Java and Bedrock platforms! Hope you're excited!

Keep an eye on our socials such as Twitter and Instagram for upcoming updates and giveaways! ✨

👑 Java & Bedrock - Team of 4 EggWars - Royalty


Treat your egg like a king!
🚒 Java - Team Lucky Islands - Firehouse


This was an awesome map submission made by...
Hey CubeCrafters!

Today we're excited to be announcing an update for our newest game Colony Control! We're glad that people are enjoying this game - it has been great to see all your feedback, and know that we're reading all of it!

🏹 Walls Revamp, Gates & Archer Towers!

After reading feedback and playing public games, we noticed a problem that people didn't really play defensively - everyone would be on the offence after buying all of their armour and weapons, and after dying, would be at a massive disadvantage. To balance this, we've made a few changes!

Now, walls are no longer required to be placed entirely in line with each other, and can be placed diagonally, as long as it is within a 25 block distance.

This means that walls can be more seamlessly placed around your buildings to provide a stronger defence - we've also drastically decreased the price of walls to 15 gold per post, so you can really border off your buildings!

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Hello CubeCrafters!

Today we're informing you about a cool QoL feature that have been added to both our Java & Bedrock networks. You've just added profiles! Read below to learn more about it as well as our exclusive Black Friday sale!

🖥️ Player profiles!

This has been something that we've wanted for a while and now it's become a reality. You can now look at player profiles on our Java and Bedrock network. All you need to do is simply right click the player in our lobbies for the menu to appear. The profile menu will allow you to do the following: View their statistics, add them as a friend, add them into a party, ignore them or duel them. Adding players as a friend or into a party will easier than ever!


Java profile menu.


Bedrock profile...

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