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Enjoy the new Bedrock maps

Some of these are from the Java map rotation, and some are new. k thx bye

⚓ Shipwreck - EggWars


🌈 Neon - EggWars [2]


🌹 Garden - EggWars [4]


☁️ Sky - EggWars [10]

Hello CubeCrafters!

Today, we've released a new EggWars Update, and it's also CubeCraft's 11th Birthday; some classic maps are back - Read below to learn more!

🛒 EggWars - Perks Shop

In a previous EggWars update, we introduced more uses for Emeralds. We've now replaced the enchantment shop at the centre of all maps with a brand-new Perk Shop! - These allow you to purchase Player, Team or Game perks.

Player Perks (For yourself):
  • Death protection - Keep an item after you die (Max 3 items)
  • Auto repair - Put auto repair on an item
  • Totem Of Undying (Only 1 per player)
Team Perks (For your team):
  • Overclock Generators - Double your team's Generator speeds and capacity for 30 seconds.
  • Sabotage Other Generators - Halt another team's Generators for 30 seconds.
  • Second Chance - Your Egg will teleport on its first hit. It'll return after 2 minutes.
Game Perks (For the whole game):
  • Double Centre Emeralds - Double the Emeralds which spawn in the middle.
  • No Regen - No natural health regeneration for all players for 20 seconds.
  • Slow Falling - Gives every player Slow Falling for 30 seconds.

Team Perk - Second Chance in action
Hello CubeCrafters!

Today, we're here for some news about Battle Arena, our winter competition and new cosmetics. Read below to learn more!

🛡️ Battle Arena - Rank Refresh!

Production on our Battle Arena update is still underway; in the meantime, we've pushed the cosmetic updates to our Battle Arena rank. Adding 2 Cages, 1 Win Effect, 1 Gravestone, 2 Arrow Trails & 5 Prefixes! - Check them out.

New Battle Arena Key Art - Get on our Bedrock server store!
Hello CubeCrafters!

This Winter event, we've got a lot of content for you to play and see. Read below to learn more!

☃️ Snowman Survival is back!

One of our most highly demanded games is back on both Java & Bedrock! - Snowman Survival!

Snowman Survival gameplay
Hey Bedrock CubeCrafters!

Survival Games has been given an update with a new map, supply drops, new chest items, rank refresh & more. Read below to learn more!

☄️ New Map - Space


One giant heap for SG kind...

🪂 Supply Drops!

Need a little support when playing? We've got you! - Introducing Supply Drops for SG. They will spawn every 45 seconds within the arena, located using gold markers. Follow the marker, then loot the supply crate!

Supply Drop

🛍️ Rank Refresh!

The Survival Games rank has been given a polish. With all gravestones redesigned and retextured, and the biggest change, the kill effects have been revamped with the addition of a new one! - Check them out.


Survival Games Rank

Revamp Explosion Kill Effect

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