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Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters!

We've just released a new cosmetic bundle, and some new maps - Read below for learn more!

❤️‍🔥 NEW - Fire Bundle!

This new bundle is so hot! - Packed with 7+ flame-filled cosmetics. Now available on our Bedrock network store, or can be found in the centre of all of our hubs!

Fire Bundle

🗺️ New Maps!

Along with our new Fire Bundle, we've decided to add some fire-themed maps, enjoy!

Solo SkyWars - Coal


Put this one in the hall of flame!

BedWars Teams of 4 - Flames


I lava good fire pun.

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoy this smoking new bundle, as well as the new maps!
Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters!

Today is the 6th Birthday of our Bedrock network! To celebrate, we've enabled some birthday-themed Bedrock game maps and added a new Birthday cosmetic bundle!

🍰 NEW - Birthday Bundle!

We've created and released a Bedrock Birthday Bundle for the first time ever! - For only 660 minecoins, you'll unlock some epic blue-themed cosmetics. This bundle will be re-released and updated every Bedrock birthday, so it'll be packed with even more content in a couple of years!

Birthday Bundle

🎉 Bedrock Birthday Maps!

We've also enabled some of our community-loved Birthday maps, including our Birthday EggWars map!

Birthday - EggWars Teams of 4

eggwars teams of 4 - birthday.jpg
Hey CubeCrafters!

The flowers are blooming, which means that Spring has arrived at CubeCraft! - We've added new maps, a new bundle and more; read below to learn more.

🥳 NEW - Cottagecore Bundle!

For this Spring event, we've decided to make a new Bedrock seasonal bundle. Introducing the Cottagecore Bundle, packed with over 10 cosy and cute cosmetics! - Only available during this event!

Bedrock Cottagecore Bundle

🗺️ Spring Maps!

During this Spring event, we have so many maps for different gamemodes for you to try! - Including lots of new ones and many returning for both Java & Bedrock.

Windmill - EggWars Solo (Bedrock only)

EggWars - Windmill.png

You spin me right round baby right round.
Hello inhabitants of planet Earth!

Today is a great day! It's Monday! 🙌

Also, we are very excited to announce the release of our new game, BedWars!

Now, I know what a lot of you are thinking; BedWars is the same as EggWars. However, this is not the case, as we have redesigned the game from the ground up. This means that BedWars will bring a whole new experience to the table. BedWars was listed on our public notion board at the start of February, as Secret Project #2.

So, without further ado, let's show off some of the wicked features of BedWars:

🛏️ Beds

Beds are the most important part of the game. You must protect your bed at all costs. If your bed is broken, you'll no longer respawn! However, destroying your enemies' beds will deny them the ability to respawn.

If you are the only team left alive, you win the game!

Minecraft 25_03_2024 10_53_57.png

Team Bed.

🛒 Shop

The shopkeepers are your friends. BedWars has two types of shopkeepers, one which sells items and the other which sells upgrades for your whole team. The shops require you to gather money from generators located around the map.
From the item shop, you can buy a variety of items that will help you in your quest to protect your bed or attack your enemies!
From the upgrade shop, you can buy upgrades for your whole team. Here is a list of the upgrades:
- Diamond Generators: The generator located on your island will now produce diamonds.
- Faster Generators: The generators on your island will produce twice as fast.
- Regen Boost: After 5 seconds of taking no damage, you will start to regain health. This upgrade doubles the speed of this regeneration.
- Health Boost: Gives you, and your team, a permanent two extra hearts.
- Sword of Sharpness: All your team's swords gain sharpness I.
- Armour of Armouring: All your team's armour gains protection I.
- Iron Age: Permanently upgrade your teams' stone axes and pickaxes to iron tier.
- Terrifying Turrets: Your turrets gain extra protection and do increased damage.

Minecraft 25_03_2024 10_54_51.png

Team Shops

🤖 Helpers

In BedWars, there are three types of helpers.

👷‍♂️ Enderman Builder

Contrary to what Endermen normally do, these helpful guys will build a bridge for you (as opposed to stealing your blocks).

Enderman Builder

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