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Nov 14, 2020
:cube_dark: About /sr... :cube_dark:

More than a month since the /sr report was added and I'm pretty disappointed tbh. I have reported around 10-20 people and only 1 got banned. Not because they weren't hacking, but because the report expired cause not enough people actually report. 90% of the player base probably doesn't even know that the command actually exists. Anyways my suggestion is to decrease the amount of reports needed for sentinel to start inspecting the player because there are blatant fly hackers and auto-clickers that dont get banned because the report expires. This system actually has a ton of potential but the reports needed is way too high right now.

If you agree react with :agree:, If you are unsure react with :unsure: and if you disagree react with :disagree: . 25 agrees and this will get forwarded 🌟 .
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Jan 18, 2021
I don't usually rely on /sr reports while being in game and finding someone with an illegal modification, I record it all the time and report through forums. Before I report people who used an illegal modification, I check their mco, (like a few hours after they hack and I recorded them), in 70% of the cases, they do actually get banned by staff with reason 'Staff witnessed you use an illegal modification'.
Believe it or not, /sr is actually effective, they probably get banned by staff a few minutes later you report, probably not in the same game but maybe in the next game they play...
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Apr 10, 2020
The Land Of Pigs
/sr is sentinel not staff...

What happens when I create a Sentinel report?

A report is created against the player, but staff may not be immediately notified of the report. Once enough players have reported that player, then a single report is sent for staff to view. Our current intention of this command is to be able to more easily highlight problematic cheaters on the network to staff. We would still encourage players to report on the forums if you believe the player is closet cheating.
We will not disclose the number of reports needed for our staff to be notified - this threshold will be constantly changing to balance our volunteer staffs time while keeping its accuracy and effectiveness.
it is staff...


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May 19, 2020
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As mentioned in the original thread, "this threshold will be constantly changing to balance our volunteer staffs time while keeping its accuracy and effectiveness". I would also like to mention that even if a player is reported enough times, a staff member may not be online to handle the report and the player may log off before a staff is able to spectate the player. Even if it says your report expired, the players username will still be saved and will be forwarded to staff the next time the player logs on.

Since we have released Sentinel reports, there have been several back-end changes to improve the efficiency of the system. We are continuing to learn from the current state of reports and feedback from staff that handle reports to better improve the system. We are currently working on more improvements to the system based on what we have learned. Unfortunately these changes will not be reflected in game, although I would expect to see improvements over the next week.

As we learned from Sentinel reports, AutoClicker is the most common selected reason when players create a Sentinel report. Since then we have increased our focus on preventing AutoClickers and in the past two days, over 2,200 cheaters have been banned for using AutoClicker alone. Continue to report the cheaters you encounter as it helps us learn about the status of cheating on the network and make further improvements to Sentinel.
Jun 7, 2021
What i hate the most was i reported a player who had a impropriate gamertag mommy milkers. sentinel said "staff will look into it but nothing happened
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