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Jan 23, 2018
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Greetings, Skyblock CubeCrafters!

It is time for another Skyblock update. We've added a bunch of new features and a whole load of new Side Quests, and we've fixed a bunch of bugs!

A Bucket Load Of Quests!

We've added Side Quests for all of the remaining islands! There's over 40 new Side Quests, and a few hidden ones too!


Quests menu.

Sell One. Sell Many. Sell All!

You've asked for the ability to sell all items in your inventory, and we've listened! No longer will you have to right click on each individual item to sell everything; there's now a button that'll do it for you! Visit your nearest shop, and click on the Emerald item in the bottom-right corner of the Sell menu to sell everything. Simple, quick and easy! This feature is premium only and can be unlocked with Iron rank or higher OR with CubeCraft Plus!

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (3).gif

Preview of sell all feature.
We even added the price of all sellable items on the actual items themselves, so you know exactly how much you'll make on items without having to go to the shop!


Price tag on ink sac.

New Features, Changes & Fixes!

Here's a list of everything added added, changed and fixed in this update!

ADDED: 40+ Side Quests. All islands now have Side Quests.
ADDED: New Hidden Quests.
ADDED: A Sell All option in the Sell Items menu.
ADDED: All sellable items now show the sell price on the item tool-tip.
ADDED: Added Clay Balls to the shop (unlocked after a quest).
ADDED: Added Ink Sac to the shop (unlocked after a quest).
CHANGED: Progress bars inside quest lore looks nicer.
FIXED: Jack o’Lanterns did not emit light.
FIXED: Lag on islands with large volumes of crops.
FIXED: Breaking leaves with shears would not drop the correct leaves.
FIXED: Shields were invulnerable.
FIXED: Incorrect Water Bucket description.
FIXED: All items were shown in the shop regardless of unlocked status.
FIXED: Disabled entity and block explosion events in hub.
FIXED: Ore Generator and Spawner items are no longer destroyed by explosions.
FIXED: Some cost amounts did not show as red in colour when not having the amount at hand.
FIXED: Islands sometimes would not unlock after completing a quest.
FIXED: Killing entities with fire from fire arrows, or entities that were killed by other entities or the void, would not count towards Quest progress.
FIXED: Entities killed by arrows deflected by shields now count towards quest progress.

Thanks for reading! We hope that you enjoy this Skyblock update! Happy playing and stay safe! :D


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Jul 2, 2015
Great work!! Love it once again! :)


Apr 23, 2017
It might be possible that you're on a bungeecord where it hasnt been updated yet. (Devs correct me if i'm wrong pls)
Could be however the update is there for me becuase I do have the sell all option but no quests available.
My friend didn't have every side quest completed up to this update and I did have them all completed so maybe that's something that errors out the new quests from appearing?
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