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SCB wither problems

is this lag? is it good? is it bad?

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Jan 11, 2014
hello, i think i put this in the right area....
well anyway, i was playing SCB today, and I chose the wither kit, which i had never tried before. With it comes a bow and arrow that supposedly explodes, but you can shoot it right at people and it doesn't deal them any damage... i dont know if this is purposeful, but basically the only thing i could do with the wither kit was punch people off when they were kind enough to stand on the edge. feel free to move this to suggestions, because i am suggesting something also... maybe you could up the explosion on the wither kit a little. It might of just been lag, but the server was not very laggy at that time. So has anyone else had this problem, and does anyone know if this is just lag or what the kit was designed to be?
And i don't know if i should tag coders or not, that might be helpful in a little while.
And please dont just check all the poles for fun just because i allowed multiple votes. xD


Jan 21, 2014
Yeah, i've noticed this, its an emerald kit for SCB (i think) but sometimes if you hit them direct it deals no damage..
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