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Jul 10, 2021
1st Kit idea (Revamped Builder Kit): 8 Blocks and A leather chestplate on Hardcore, 16 Blocks and a leather chestplate on normal, and 24 Blocks and A prot 4 Chestplate in OP (9 Iron)

2nd Kit idea: (Revamped Miner Kit) A wooden pickaxe and 4 Carrots on hardcore, A stone pickaxe and 12 Carrots on normal, and an Efficiency 2 Stone pick and 20 Carrots in OP (14 Iron?)

3rd Kit idea: Remove the Baker Kit an replace it with the Chef kit Chef kit gives you 1 steak and 4 carrots in Hardcore, 2 Steak and 1 Gapple in Normal, and 5 Steak and 2 Gapples in OP
(~ 5 Iron + 5 Gold)

4th Kit idea: Warrior, A wooden sword in Hardcore, A wooden sword and 2 Steak in Normal, and A Sharp 2 Wooden sword and 5 Steak in OP (10 to 11 Iron)

5th Kit idea: Tank, Leather chestplate in Hardcore, Full leather armor and 3 Steak I Normal, and Full Prot 4 Leather armor and 4 Golden Carrots in OP (12 to 20 Iron)

6th Kit idea: Moneybags (Already in Java) 15 Iron in each mode (HMMMMM)

7th Kit idea: Egg protection, Clay Blocks surrounding your egg in Hardcore, Stone surrounding your egg in Normal, and A layer of stone and on top a layer of Hay bales in OP
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Feb 25, 2021
It's kinda hard to do that but even though the iron amounts are different they are still close and each kit has around the same usefulness
Also didn't say but 30 blocks and chest plate is really op, instant rush on most maps if someone chooses the iron pick.
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