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Jul 10, 2021
1st Kit idea (Revamped Builder Kit): 8 Blocks and A leather chestplate on Hardcore, 16 Blocks and a leather chestplate on normal, and 24 Blocks and A prot 4 Chestplate in OP (9 Iron)

2nd Kit idea: (Revamped Miner Kit) A wooden pickaxe and 4 Carrots on hardcore, A stone pickaxe and 12 Carrots on normal, and an Efficiency 2 Stone pick and 20 Carrots in OP (14 Iron?)

3rd Kit idea: Remove the Baker Kit an replace it with the Chef kit Chef kit gives you 1 steak and 4 carrots in Hardcore, 2 Steak and 1 Gapple in Normal, and 5 Steak and 2 Gapples in OP
(~ 5 Iron + 5 Gold)

4th Kit idea: Warrior, A wooden sword in Hardcore, A wooden sword and 2 Steak in Normal, and A Sharp 2 Wooden sword and 5 Steak in OP (10 to 11 Iron)

5th Kit idea: Tank, Leather chestplate in Hardcore, Full leather armor and 3 Steak I Normal, and Full Prot 4 Leather armor and 4 Golden Carrots in OP (12 to 20 Iron)

6th Kit idea: Moneybags (Already in Java) 15 Iron in each mode (HMMMMM)

7th Kit idea: Egg protection, Clay Blocks surrounding your egg in Hardcore, Stone surrounding your egg in Normal, and A layer of stone and on top a layer of Hay bales in OP
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