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Escalated Kingdom Wars

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Apr 21, 2020
This is the best suggestion that has been on the Suggestions thread, I have no clue why this isn't Escalated. They have a team of people working on it and I think this game would be a fun addition to Cubecraft.


May 1, 2020
This is the best suggestion that has been on the Suggestions thread, I have no clue why this isn't Escalated. They have a team of people working on it and I think this game would be a fun addition to Cubecraft.
yep we are working on it :D


Apr 3, 2020
United Kingdom
This is the best suggestion that has been on the Suggestions thread, I have no clue why this isn't Escalated. They have a team of people working on it and I think this game would be a fun addition to Cubecraft.
We are working hard on this. Our testing map is now finished and full gameplay testing will start tomorrow :)


Sep 15, 2015



Sep 15, 2015
Some information regarding game design choices (as well as simple tl;dr explaining how the game works). I also invite the 13 people who voted ‘no’ (and anyone interested tbf) to try the playable demo version (pm me).
  • Disasters occur every 10 minutes, meaning a disaster will happen after the fog disappears. That prevents early-game rushers. And campers.
  • Disasters’ spawn are calculated using player positions, so the more players together, the more mobs/explosions/lighting will spawn. Helps to reduce “bullying” (aka 5v1s) and discourages camping.
  • Barricades placement is weird. I’ll try to make my own system so it works better and displays my idea better.
  • Bedrock barricade is really hard to get. I only managed to buy one after ~15 minutes without having placed any other barricades.
  • Mining and getting is balanced and encourages strategy. You get food by killing animals, that spawn when breaking grass. But, that food is uncooked, need coal or wood to be cooked. When breaking iron or diamond, a random mob will appear. Diamonds have a chance of spawning a wither skeleton, the early gear is kinda bad, to get the cool stuff efficiently someone needs to get food and cook it, while others mine and place down defences.
  • I’m a bug smasher.
And here’s a totally unbiased from @Fesa

Pm if you’re interested in playing the demo version *cough* admins *cough*
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Aug 26, 2019
I really liked @Fesa's & @Mirriya’s suggestion, so I went ahead and made a fully working, playable version to re-suggest it with some improvements. Why? Because I have fun making this kind of stuff.

Also, don't take numbers too seriously. I haven't spent too much time balancing stuff.

I spent a lot of free time making this. If you are going to vote no, please, leave a comment stating why.

View attachment 164116
Similar to minigames like MoneyWalls, the map is divided in four equal parts (4 teams of 10, alternatively 4 teams of 5). Unlike in MW, the separator isn't a solid wall, instead it's a Minecraft world border, local to each team, meaning you can see what other teams are doing. There's a "No Mans Land" of separation between borders. You have 10 minutes to craft gear, place defenses and make the strategy. After those 10 minutes, the fog gets removed, and PVP starts. Similar to EggWars, the goal is to destroy the enemy generator (wool) to prevent them from respawning, and the kill them all.
Omg nice
View attachment 164117
Every kingdom has a castle with the team's core inside. Maps should be like a vanilla Minecraft world, as players need to craft everything (opposed to MoneyWalls), with a mine (so all four kingdoms have the same crafting materials).

View attachment 164118 Almost copy paste from @Fesa 's thread:

View attachment 164119
  • Full leather gear
  • Stone Sword
  • Stone picaxe
    is that a blaze rod?!?!?
View attachment 164120
  • Full leather gear w/ chainmail chestplate
  • Wooden Sword
  • Stone picaxe with efficiency I and unbreaking II
View attachment 164121
  • Full leather gear w/ chainmail chestplate
  • Wooden Sword
  • Wood picaxe with efficiency II
  • Jumping pots
View attachment 164123
  • Chainmail helmet & boots, iron chestplate, leather leggings
  • Stone Sword
  • Stone picaxe
View attachment 164122
That's pretty cool, but what makes its unique? There are a some features we added that makes it 300% [citation needed]. cooler:
  • Mining is boring. After breaking an ore, a mob will spawn. There are two ore groups:
    • Iron, Emerald, Redstone -> Spawn a Zombie
    • Diamond, Lapis -> 80% probability of spawning a Villager Zombie, 20% probability of spawning a Wither Skeleton
    • This makes it harder to get diamond gear or get a lot of enchantments
  • Building aka the blaze rod. Place barricades/walls for a sum of money. Currently, I have 3 barricades (though I'd like to add some sort of TNT cannons or different structures):
    • "Small" - $500
      4x8 Iron bars WallView attachment 164125
    • "Medium" - $1500
      4x4 Obsidian WallView attachment 164126
    • Advanced - $10.000
      2x2 Bedrock Wall View attachment 164128Pretty hard to get
    • So, how do you get money? You get $10 every 1,5 seconds until the fog is removed. After that, you get $500 when killing someone - So yes, it's pretty hard to get the 2x2 bedrock wall
    • I made a, in my totally unbiased opinion, cool effect
      updated it and made it 200% better
  • Disasters or random world events. A combination of the events I have thought of are:
    • Alien Invasion: Slimes fall from the sky
    • Blizzard/hailstorm: Ice falls from the sky
    • Ingravity: Players are launched itno the sky (for my mathematician dudes, (0, [random between 0 and 2], 0)) and the gravity is removed for 2 seconds
    • Meteor Shower: Netherrack falls from the sky and generates a small explosion, which, if unlucky, will hurt the player
    • Thunder Storm: Like the Minerware microgame, ligthing will spawn.
    • Rise of the Undead: Random mobs will spawn

    Where all that stuff spawns is calculated getting the player location and adding a random number (so they'll never spawn on the player). Every 5 minutes, there's a chance of 30% of a dice getting thrown. Then, based on the number, a disaster is picked

    All the current disasters combined:
    (the combinaton is impossible to survive)

    View attachment 164129

We (I) believe the game is pretty different from what's currently available on CubeCraft. It combines some of the most liked stuff of current games (eg EggWars-like death mechanics, pre-planning phase like BlockWars) with diffrent features found on other servers (no void, The Walls-like crafting) with some never-seen features (like the building thing, or the walls being WorldBorders.

Team Selector:View attachment 164141
kit selector (looks ugly ik)
:View attachment 164142Entering build mode messageView attachment 164143The famous cross teaming message message (and a reminder of the trolling offense). Why? Because it makes the minigame look professional & makes me feel a pro
View attachment 164144Core has been destroyed mesage - each team has a colour assigned, so the message will be pink when the pink core gets destroyed, etcView attachment 164145

Edit: all blocks are breakable, unlike BlockWars

  • Although it should be fully working, I haven't tested it thoroughly. So it might. and will, have bugs
  • imo it'd be really nice to get 40 people play the game. If you're interested, PM me *cough* @Younisco community games *cough*


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Dec 25, 2017
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So I'm a bit skeptical, mainly because the main premise of the gameplay itself doesn't really seem that original/promising for it to be worth becoming its own game. But after seeing all of these unique mechanics that you came up with to make the game feel different this could potentially fit into CubeCraft’s current pool of games, since the server is mostly characterized for its special games in an otherwise stereotypical MineCraft server market. Together with the astounding amount of effort that was put on this thread, the multiple demonstrations of the mechanics you’ve invented, and seeing how popular this thread has become I really want to congratulate you more than anything. We’re in moments where our forums (at least in my opinion) are lacking well-sized, creative and good content like this. Your proposal is most definitely interesting and I think it deserves to be contemplated for the future. Obviously there are a few minor details that I would personally like to see modified but its the concept of the game that matters. I hope that summed up well how much I love the effort put into suggestion and how I hope more people are encouraged to write down threads like these. So while I personally might not be the greatest fan of the idea, I think the community speaks for itself, and I will go ahead and Escalate this thread.
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