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May 19, 2020
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Hey Java and Bedrock CubeCrafters!

We are excited to announce we are introducing a new report command that will be available for all users!

Players can now use a new feature in Sentinel to report cheaters on the network which we call Sentinel reports. In the past, we have been hesitant to adding a report command which all players have access to with fears that staff would not be able to keep up with the increased amount of reports. By limiting the command to ranked players, it limits the amount of spam reports and prevents staff from being overwhelmed by the amount of reports.

This new command works differently from the current report command which we hope to combat the overwhelming number of reports.

🔨 How it works!

How the command works - Java

To overcome our fears described above, we've implemented a report system that works differently than how our current report system works. Instead of a report being sent for staff to view every time a player is reported, Sentinel reports function on the number of reports created against a player. Once a player has been reported enough times, a single report will be sent to be reviewed by staff.

By creating a report system focused on the number of reports, it will increase the accuracy of reports that are sent to staff and allow them to more efficiently remove cheaters from our network - one report may be a troll, but 5-10 reports on a player made by different members will be far more accurate!

We've taken the current reports system and improved it to fix some of the common problems staff experienced while handling reports. We've made it a priority that players with the most reports are handled first, and that reports sent are not missed by staff. This will make it as easy as possible for staff to be able to remove cheaters from our network.

💡 Our goal!

By introducing this command we hope that it will decrease the amount of time cheaters will be able to play on the network if they are not banned by Sentinel. Sentinel reports will allow staff to quickly be made aware if a player is causing harm on our network if a significant amount of players have reported them.

We're also putting this command to good use to improve the development of Sentinel. We will be keeping extensive statistics of reports to determine which kind of cheats are the most problematic on the network and understand the most common cheats in different game modes. This will allow us to effectively plan out which cheats we should prioritize detecting and help us determine which areas of the network need the most attention by staff.


What will happen to the current /report command?

Currently, we do not have any plans of removing the command for ranked players. If they so choose, they can create two reports, a Sentinel report and a normal report. Over time we will measure the effectiveness of Sentinel reports compared to normal reports to determine if /report should be removed entirely and replaced with Sentinel reports. We'll let you know of this decision if it happens.

What happens when I create a Sentinel report?

A report is created against the player, but staff may not be immediately notified of the report. Once enough players have reported that player, then a single report is sent for staff to view. Our current intention of this command is to be able to more easily highlight problematic cheaters on the network to staff. We would still encourage players to report on the forums if you believe the player is closet cheating.
We will not disclose the number of reports needed for our staff to be notified - this threshold will be constantly changing to balance our volunteer staffs time while keeping its accuracy and effectiveness.

Is there a limit to the amount of reports I can create?

No! Unlike our current reports system there is no limit to the amount of reports you can create. Sentinel reports are also resilient from any abuse by players to prevent players from submitting spam reports.

How will I know the status of my report?

Currently there is no way of checking previous Sentinel report history. If you are online at the time the report is closed, a message will be sent with the status of your report to let you know if the user has been punished or not. As we make more improvements to the system, we will look to include more features such as viewing your Sentinel report history.

Will I be punished if I mistakenly report an innocent player?

No! Incorrect reports will not affect you. However, we plan to soon introduce a system that will weigh a Sentinel report based on the users previous reports. This means that the system will reward players who accurately report players by allowing their future reports to be highlighted more quickly to staff.

How do I create a Sentinel Report?

You can create a Sentinel report using the /sr or /sentinelreport command. Upon sending the command, you can select which player you would like to report through the GUI. Once you've selected a player, you can select for which reasons you would like to report the player and submit your report. It's that easy!
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