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Fix the terrible team balance in Blockwars

Change this?

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Dec 7, 2016
When there are tiny amounts of players in the teams, it can get very unbalanced, very fast. After removing the team swap a while ago, the resistance replacing it is still far too weak in small games. For example, in a 4 v 1 scenario the solo player gets resistance two, which decreases damage taken by 40%; which just isn't ever enough, no matter the situation and just leaves them frustrated by the 2 or 3 v 1s constantly and being helpless to do anything while constantly respawning.I propose a new and easy to implement system with some kinda simple maths. Instead of thinking of it like how many down a team is from the other, think of it like how many more times the players are from one team to the other, for example if one team has 6 and the other has 4 then its 1.5x

Say for each 1.2x one team has over the other decrease the respawn time of the second team by 2 with a minimum respawn being instantly to be able to get back to defend more quickly.
If one team has 2x over the other or more, remove the speed level decrease when taking a flag so you are able to actually capture without being hit by their entire team at once.

My thinking is that instead of making players into tanks, make it so they can get back into fights more quickly to balance out the game. Just an idea tho.
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Sep 2, 2016
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The logical part of me is saying yes
But the fun part of me is saying how fun it is to watch the players so helpless

Anyway Though this would potentially work I am not sure how
This would require reapawn timers to be changed which though seemingly not a big deal
It could potentially have huge ramifications
This is just due to the fact that currently respawn timers are inconsistent
Sometimes they are at 7 seconds and others 16
So to have them consistent
I am not sure if that would work


Dec 7, 2016
I don't know what's up with the respawn timers at the moment but just set them at a base of 15 seconds
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