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Jun 14, 2020
There are a lot of threads on ffa kill boosts / perks, and they all mention that old players will be able to get these perks and dominate the game. This would be true if they are bought, but if they are added as a default feature for every player that would make it much easier to get streaks. And i am telling you, when you get streaks in a small amount of time, the game instantly becomes MUCH more fun that ever. So yes, this is the basic idea. Add kill boosts that every player has by default so getting killstreaks will take less time and new players can get to a level where they can face decent shop players in about 2-3 days.

Another idea about kill boosts is that they could be separately exclusive. For an example, You can only chose one kill boost at a time so you are not able to get on insane streaks and be unbeatable after a few kills.

Some kill boost ideas are:

Speed 3 on kill for 7 seconds, allowing you to get away from a crowded place.
Resistance 1 for 8 seconds, allowing you to stay alive for a longer time if you be smart and maintain a good situation.
Strength 1 on kill for 3 seconds, your first 1 or 2 hits after a kill will become much more strong, allowing you to take out constantly approaching players.
Regenaration 3 on kill for 3 seconds, that heals about 3-4 hearts.

Another weird and probably unbalanced idea is to not allow shopping if you chose a kill boost, as you can pretty much gain more perks by using samurai or wizard which gets even crazier if you use shop armor.
For an example, using samurai, diamond leggings from shop, and any kill boost except for speed, you are pretty much using speed and any other kill boost at the same time as you already have perma speed 2 which is enough to get away from a crowded place already.

So yes, kill boosts so we can get higher killstreaks in a small amount of time. I play mainly 1.8 so some of my ideas might be unbalanced for 1.12 players.
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