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  1. N

    All Networks FFA suggestion-random class

    I believe there should be an option to randomly choose one's class in FFA. It would allow players who cannot choose an option to have the game choose for them. that is all, have a nice day!
  2. EnderPlays2135

    What is the best map in Battle Arena FFA?

    Which one is your favourite? I don't know the names as I don't have Battle Arena rank.
  3. beanz

    All Networks FFA Bouncepads / slime

    Hi! I've had this idea in my head to implement bouncepads to FFA. How would it work and why? I think the coolest way possible to implement this is to have bounce pads sending you up, and some sort of slime to protect you from falling down and die down. Why do you ask? Well in FFA there are a...
  4. RitualMC


    Hi I made a montage where I kill people in FFA hope you enjoy!
  5. Osiris9559

    Bedrock hidden levers on new battle arena

    so the new hub for the duels and ffa came out and i found a few levers after exploring for 10 mins here is what i found (i found only 6 levers there might be more) edit: i found 2 more levers so 8 total
  6. beanz

    FFA Secret Pub!

    Hello! Today I'm going to be sharing a secret that I found during a game of FFA! The Bar So if you spawn in the acacia map in FFA and climb the big mountain you'll find a cool, and safe pub/bar in the mountain. Here are some screenshots of it:
  7. LLightningg

    FFA Wizard kit is too OP

    Hi, I want to talk about the wizard kit in 1.16. Of couse I highly appreciate all the things the cubecraft team does for the community. But I'm getting sick of the wizard kit in 1.16 FFA. I get attacked by wizard lots of time in a session. So I tried why this kit is practically unfeatable by...

    Bedrock Ideas for a PvP Games Rank!

    Welcome to my second suggestion! Hello! I'm here to suggest something else, it's not really as long a suggestion as last one. As we know, it is a matter of time that FFA and Duels receive their own lobby soon and maybe they also receive their own rank, I suppose it can be called PvP Games Rank...
  9. ParkourCanadian

    All Networks FFA map choosing

    So, I'm not 100% sure if the main point I am making in this thread has been posted about in the past. But if it has, sorry in advance. So I used to be a REALLY competitive player in FFA, and still am. Since about a few months ago, I've been having some troubles that I'd like to make apparent on...
  10. Puppyfied

    Bedrock Sniper Kit is op

    Problem: The Sniper Kit. The reason I dont really like it, is because of how easy it is to bow spam. With the sniper kit, people can just bow spam and each hit does 1 heart halfway charged. I think the idea of it is smart, but the bow does too much damage. I also havent seen many people with...
  11. PinguinDev

    Kit Suggestion FFA

    I would love to see a Fisherman Kit on the 1.8 FFA. This is something i miss in FFA and it would be very cool to see! What would you guys think of this?
  12. a_cool_nick

    FFA Shop is rigged

    Remove the shop its so rigged. People can be invincible if they are a wizard and bought strongest weapon. The only way to kill them will be throwing them out of void at mirage map. So for gods sake remove the god awful shop. And also many people wants shop to be removed.
  13. D

    Java FFA: changes in the shop

    Since the pvp update, someone came up with the great idea to make weapons, bows and armor unbreakable, making "shopers" even more OP, to compensate, they implemented not being able to access /shop if you are in combat, however, you can buy everything you need before going to fight ._. Previously...
  14. S

    Java FFA Suggestion

    First of all , all the kids with so many points to spend will dislike this one. They should remove the ability too buy armor and sword, gaps are ok but these both are Over powered , there are people who but full prot 3 with sharpness 3 and speed 2, they are unstoppable unless everyone tries to...
  15. InsaneOrbitzz

    Bedrock Ideas for FFA and Duels

    Right so FFA and Duels, its amazing. But I've got a few suggestions that I would like to be implemented! I'm not sure if some of these points have been discussed I haven't read through but I'm gonna put them all in one place. - I'm gonna start with FFA (Free For All): - - FFA is amazing, I...
  16. BiggestNoob7

    Video Cubecraft Duels All Kits Gamplay With Best Particals Pack

    First of all thank you so much Cubecraft for adding this it was well requested gamemode Im The first one to uploald Pog I played with sharpness particals packs one of the best pack I have ever seen Also going to upload FFA Gamplay tommorow so stay tuned plz watch it once and comment what you...
  17. M

    FFA PVP on bedrock

    So we just got ffa on bedrock which is an awesome thing, thanks for giving us a good and active kitpvp server. Now since we got this new game on bedrock, let's not add the bad things that java ffa has... The most hated java ffa feature is the shop, and yes, it brings more bad than good to the...
  18. M

    Java FFA kill boosts

    There are a lot of threads on ffa kill boosts / perks, and they all mention that old players will be able to get these perks and dominate the game. This would be true if they are bought, but if they are added as a default feature for every player that would make it much easier to get streaks...
  19. BubbleF1sh

    Java Remove shop from FFA

    Hello, dear cubecraft teams and other members! I would like to suggest the idea of removing a store from FFA (ability to buy armor, weapons). And I would like to write why: 1. Imbalance Every kit in FFA was created with a soul and a balance of all abilities and equipment. The ability to buy...
  20. SG_Jogik

    Bedrock FFA in Bedrock

    Hey, I would like FFA so Free for All in the Bedrock Edition.
  21. ShIXTank

    All Networks FFA - Bug abusing

    Hello. As I've always stated in almost every thread I made on the forums, FFA is my main game. I've recently rejoined and noticed that the amount of hackers drastically decreased, alongside this, people who enjoy try-harding with wizard, still abuse the bug stated in the title. Why am I...
  22. xNeks

    [PVP FFA] Arrows do not harm the same user who shoots them

    Why in FFA pvp mode when I shoot an arrow at myself it goes right through me and doesn't hurt me?, Couldn't that be changed so that the arrows hurt the user who shoots them?
  23. CRISED

    Duels update idea

    I've been thinking about this lately, and I'm sure someone has suggested this before, but my idea is to add a 2v2 duels mode. So, basically normal duels but 2v2 instead of 1v1 which you can play with party members or random people. Its a step in the direction of hosting private games in skywars...
  24. jpts

    Bedrock (Bedrock Edition) Duels

    There aren't many good duels servers out there on MCPE, and I know there are Duels on the Java server. Maybe in the future they could add Duels??
  25. T

    FFA Plugin.

    This is more of a question to cubecraft staff team, I know that your FFA plugin is half public but I don't really want to spend couple of hours trying to find it myself, it would be pretty nice of you just telling me which plugin you are using for FFA gamemode. I will be decompilling it and...
  26. Voortvluchtig

    Java FFA XP

    Hello Cubecrafters! As we know it is 'cool' to have a high level, you are often seen as better. In short, having a high level is quite nice. Of course you get xp in gamemodes if you win, only this is not everywhere so unfortunately. For example, someone who does pvp (ffa and assassanation) is...
  27. maflenoo

    Java Increasing FFA players amount in the map

    Hello Cubecrafters :) I hope you are good and safe :D Today I have a small suggestion that to increase the number of the players in one FFA map to 50 or to make new maps in the future any increase it to even 100 players ! Thanks for reading <3 Stay safe and happy ! maflenoo
  28. maflenoo

    Java Healing after killing someone in FFA

    Hello Cubecrafters :) I hope you are good and safe :D Today I have a small suggestion that you get full heal when you kill someone in FFA. What If someone stole the kill ? The kill will go to the player who hit more hits. What if someone hit the enemy about 5 times then let him heal then...
  29. Thunder/Volla

    Mods and admins allow this...

    My mc name was Tensaih and I had recently changed it to Volla. I report someone because I thought they were hacking, apprently they were not, so they got unbanned and she asked her friends to say all this stuff and target me to this day, this was during end of Feb lol. The mods and admins allow...
  30. Simply

    Java Oil Rig map tweak (FFA)

    Hello! This is the first suggestion I'm making in quite some time, so I'm gonna keep it nice and short. Why am I making this suggestion? In the FFA map Oil Rig, there is a tactic used that can be rather irritating. People using the archer kit will run away as they are about to be killed and...
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