Blockades (Revival)

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    So I suggested this a LONG time ago, and still there isn't a game on Cubecraft with any resemblance to this. There used to be a server that hosted this, but got shut down :(. I'm hoping CC can bring it back and make it great again.
    GOAL OF THE GAME (for both Hunters and Runners)
    At the end of the map, there is a little "core" like this one:
    The core has 5000 HP, and when the Runners punch ONLY EITHER THE TOP OR BOTTOM, it loses around 10-15 health. This is located at the end of a LONG map. Only the top and bottom you can hit.
    For the Hunters, just kill the Runners. ALL OF THE RUNNERS MUST BE DEAD FOR THE HUNTERS TO WIN.
    Now of course, there are a few miscellaneous rules I'll go over real quick.
    • There is a timer, in case some clever scheming Runners make a skybase and camp. When it reaches zero, Hunters win.
    • The Runners cannot just block off (cover the spawn with wool and suffocate) the Hunters spawn and kill them. This area (similar to BW) is OFF LIMITS. Hunters are all given Regeneration I.
    • The Hunters cannot die. If they fall into the void on a map where you can fall in, they get teleported back to the spawn.
    Guidelines of the Game
    Twelve people maximum in a lobby, with ten of the twelve being the runners, and the two remainders being the hunters. If there are less than eight players in the lobby, there will be only one hunter.
    Runners in a Nutshell
    Each starts out in an outfit of a certain color (hat is a color of wool, the rest is a dyed leather getup). All START with half a stack of that color of wool. They get 10 wool every 20-25 seconds, and are placed in the map as soon as the game starts.
    Hunters in a Nutshell
    On the Core, there were various kits that could be purchased, so I'm not sure how that would work. Each gets a weapon, and some sort of utility, such as a TNT (special to the kit), a compass (to track down those pesky few), and other abilities. The Runners get a 30 second headstart, and then the Hunters are spawned into the same place the Runners were spawned in (see Misc. Rule 2 above).
    Functionality of the Game
    The Hunters' job isn't as simple as killing the Runners in 3 seconds, the wool serves a purpose. The idea behind the name "Blockades" is that all of the Runners have wool they can place down to prevent the Hunters from catching up. Ideally, there should be many hallways and/or narrow pathways in a map so that the Runners stand somewhat of a chance. An example could be something like this:
    That's the idea. Those two people are running from me, the Hunter. Of course, if there were no obstructions for the Runners, that would be too easy.

    Before I get into those, I want to explain the wood. Each shade of wood has a different "durability" (up to the developers to decide). It may take up to 4-5 hits to break one block of wood, so make sure you divide and conquer. This makes it pretty difficult to traverse the map quickly.
    Runner Obstacles
    Simple Wall

    A wall of wood that the Runners can simply pillar over, but the Hunters must break through (or make stairs out of the wool). Can be various sizes of thickness.
    Complex Wall
    FORCES Runners to break through, but can be covered up with wool after breaking the wall. The design is up to the builder's discretion.

    Doesn't need to be mind-blowingly difficult. In fact, making it easier is probably optimal.
    There are more things, like ladders and waterfalls, but these are the most common ones I see.

    So yeah. I feel like I missed something, but this is the basic premise of the game. If you guys have any suggestions (i.e. kits, twists, etc.) feel free to post, and I'll start stockpiling them here in the main post! I hope you guys can (if it is remade) enjoy it as much as I did! :)
    Here is a video if you want to see the actual game in action!

    I was thinking of giving each Runner an exclusive ability; feel free to suggest something! (And Hunter kits too.)

    Runner Abilities
    Has a Fire Charge, when activated, can destroy one wood block. Cooldown of 1.5 minutes, maximum of 2 at a time.
    White: Has a Snow Block, when activated, creates a rink of ice speeding up all Runners on the ice (maybe like a 12-15 block strip, which remains there for the whole game). Cooldown of 1.5 minutes, maximum of 1 at a time.
    Grey: Has a Tinted Glass, when used, is able to walk through walls for 3 seconds, NOT ABLE TO BE SUFFOCATED. If the time is up, he is teleported back to where he was when he used the ability. Only given 2 at the beginning of the game.
    Pink: Has a horse spawn egg, and spawns a "pink pony" he/she can ride for 15-20 seconds. Only given one at the beginning of the game. (Use it on long stretches of hallway!)
    Light Blue: Has an Elytra in inventory, and when right clicked, boosts the user "x" blocks high, useful for getting over walls quickly. Cooldown of 1.5 minutes, maximum of 2.
    Green: Given a leaf block, when right clicked creates a wall of leaves behind the user. Cooldown of 1.5 minutes, maximum of 2.
    Yellow: Given a dandelion in inventory, allows fast growth of wool production; recieves 10 wool every second for 10 seconds. Only given 2 at the beginning of the game.
    Black: Given a Firework Charge, when right clicked, sets off a smoke bomb that gives hunters in the radius nausea and slowness. Smoke lasts for 20 seconds. Given 2 at the beginning of the game.
    Cyan: Has Guardian spawn eggs, which will freeze the first Hunter it locks on to for 6 seconds. Given 2 at the beginning of the game.

    Purple: Has End Crystal, when clicked, either gives the user Regeneration, Speed, or on rare occasion, Invisibility. Cooldown of 1 minute, maximum of 1.
    If you buy a color with points, you can guarantee yourself the color you pick. However, the rest of the players without choosing a color will be assigned one randomly.
    PREMIUM PERKS: Vote for a map, guarantee a Hunter or Runner position (I don't think it's against the EULA. If so, oh well.)
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    Woah this is a really detailed suggestion :D I like the idea it's probably a game I would play every now and then but you might want to fix your images :p
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    The images were just being annoying, so I just gave links.
    Soz in advance
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    +100000 I think this would be my second favourite game
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    *casual bump*