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  1. SoloWarz3405

    Video Destroying People In CubeCraft EggWars!

    Hey, CubeCrafters! A week ago, I finally uploaded my first real video on my YouTube channel! I wasn't able to post this thread when I first uploaded my video; because I was banned from the forums at that time :(( Anyways....Enjoy the video!!
  2. SoloWarz3405


    Hey, CubeCrafters! I've finally finished my first YT video!!! *The video is recorded on my iPad, not my laptop :) Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE & LIKE the video!! MY GOAL IS TO BECOME A YT!!! The video will start premiering AFTER LESS THAN 30 MINUTES!!!
  3. MojangABSteve

    Video Minecraft Bedrock Livestream (Join)

    To Join, Like The Stream, Subscribe, and type your username in live chat. and I will invite you!
  4. Westsi

    Video Bridges against the WR holder?!

  5. T

    Video owningnewbs.exe

    I've been streaming/playing egg wars and sky block. here is one of my most recent videos. check it out!
  6. its_Marto03

    Video MY REAL PVP LEVEL (1.8)

    Hi CubeCrafters!! First of all I want to say, days ago I made a pvp video (Parody) and today I tried to make a funny and professional video (with my skills and fails xD) I know I'm not the best but I think that this video will show my real pvp level =) This is the reason why I prefer 1.8 ;/...
  7. WypsotorTVN

    Bedrock Bedrock SG Chest Route: Greek

    Since there's no way to tell directions on Bedrock, I'll denote directions by stating a landmark that is "North". On Greek, "North" will be in the direction from Spawn towards the tomb structure. This means the coliseum is South and the small village is West. Spawn has 12 total chests. As...
  8. WypsotorTVN

    Bedrock 5 Small Tips to Get Better at Bedrock SG

    Sometimes it's the small things that you do that can help you out in the long run. 1. Conserve Food You shouldn't eat every time you lose a bit of hunger. If you're playing right, you should have some steak and porkchops in your hotbar. If your hunger goes down, only eat if you're a.) near...
  9. I0dana0I

    How to win a round of eggwars![EASY PEASY]

    Hi guys. So you see a lot of pros in eggwars everyday,and they eliminate you in the first 5 minutes.well,you got a chance! 1) Getting armor and Weapons So you should buy the cheapest armor and weapon and don't buy food,because its a waste of time.also,get a packof blocks. 2) Eliminating...
  10. F

    For YouTubers

    ENGLISH If you´re YouTuber i can help you ;), i change this for a DIAMOND RANK: Profile Photo, Banner, Intro (if you need) and TWO WEEKS OF MINIATURE SERVICE!! RECOMENDATION: ¡USE THE VALENTINES OFFERS! ESPAÑOL Si eres YouTuber puedo ayudarte ;), cambio esto por un RANGO DIAMANTE: Foto de...
  11. ArianCra

    Player of the match

    i suggest to add the category of "Player of the match" in the minigames, for example, player who had the most kills: (username) or in eggwars, player who most egg broke: (username)
  12. ArianCra

    Weekly/Monthly top

    I propose that, (apart from the global top) add a new top that is monthly or weekly, for example, games won, kills, but just in that month or week. and the first places get like "rewards" for get in the top. It's boring that they are always the same guys in the top, please read us!!!
  13. XflameSwordX

    New Pro Leaderboard Please

    Hey Cubecraft, I love the Pro Board to show off your wins, but what about kills? HYPIXEL lets you see your kill stats compared to everyone elses. For example, lets say the Number 1 Killer has 1000 kills, and I have 200. I cant see my ranking compared to the top 10. Also why is there only a win...
  14. Sebbikull

    Pro tip

    Pro tip: Never throw an enderpearl on a ladder If you do this will happen:
  15. damt983


    Hello my name is Damt983 and im looking for a teammate for TeamSkyWars or EggWars. SAY A DESCRIPTION OF HOW YOU ARE LIKE A PERSON. This is only to know you a little bit better. YOU MUST HAVE: - Good lvl of pvp. - Have expirience at playing SkyWars and EggWars. - Have a good micro. - Have...
  16. B

    Eggwars Pro Tournament?

    How would everyone feel towards an Eggwars Pro Tournament? Many possibilities on how it could work: - invitational where certain players get picked to join - An open tournament for everyone to play - Players with a certain amount of wins/play time can join I think it would be cool like the...
  17. Avocado Pie

    Eggwars Tournaments?

    Anyone else think that tournaments would be cool? With preliminary rounds where the top 20 teams/players move on to semi finals and finals? Could bring in more players from hypixel, as well as encouraging more people to play in order to get better. The prizes could be points or maybe a rank...
  18. DaveyDa

    Awesome Pro PVP tips!!!

    Well some of you might clicked on this because you think: I suck at PVP could you help me? WELLLLL HERE ARE SOME OF THE BEST TIPS EVERRR xD 1. Straifing, straifing is the key to PVP if you time it exactly your opponent won't be able to hit you. 2. Lava and water, Always have a bucket of lava...
  19. jast3r

    EggWars Elite Team

    Welcome! My name is Jast3r, and i am looking for players that are willing to join my Elite EggWars 1.9/1.10/1.11 Team. I can already hear you asking to yourself: "Ohh im totaly pro, where do i sign up!". Well i say to you, Hold on cowboy! There are some requirements that you must have in order...
  20. S

    Ranking System!!!

    Note - This may be difficult to do, as it the ranks could be affected by hacking or how good your teammates are. So, I am really annoyed at getting teammates that really don't know how to play the game, and I'm sure people better than me hate having me on their team, so I thought there could be...
  21. B

    Video OMG, 1 corazón!!! SkyWars PvP 1.9.4

  22. B

    Video SkyWars Epic Videos 1.9!! Suscribe Please :DD (Spanish)

  23. TheGamingSacrifice

    I invented a new strat! :D

    I invented bunnyhoping just now with the elytra yo can go twice as fast as sprint jumping. The technicue you will have to find out yuorself :3!
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