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luck islands

  1. caraMel

    Lucky Islands MinerWare Weekly challenge ~ 10 (PRIZE)

    Hiyaa!! For those who don't know how this works, every week I'll be posting a new exciting challenge for you to compete at! I'll generally announce the previous week's winners in the next week's post and you'll have exactly a week to join and share evidence. Anyone can join :) Firstly, I would...
  2. Roxrock

    Lucky Islands LI Topic discussion #5: Next update

    This week, I want to find out what you guys would like to see most in the next lucky islands update. If there is something specific you want that I didn’t include, be sure to reply, as a lot of the listed ideas are all thing I have asked for in the past, or things I’ve seen in previous updates...
  3. Roxrock

    All Networks Changes to new lucky block types

    The 1.19 update added five new Lucky block types. I think they are a step in the right direction; however, I would like to suggest some changes for each of them. Food and block lucky blocks: At the moment, one of each of these lucky blocks are given to every player at the start of a match...
  4. Velocidad

    Java Delete/Nerf trap chest in lucky islands

    I have been playing solo lucky blocks these last months, (specifically blessed mode), we all know that this modality is unfair since in large part you depend on luck. But I have come across several users who craft/use the trap chests to kill (if you place a trap chest and open it generates an...
  5. Harriot

    Bedrock Please limit frost wand in Lucky islands

    Please nerf the frost wand because look at this (note this is about the want not the player): The best way to nerf the want is that it can be used for around 5,7,10,20 times before it breaks and is gone from a player inventory. I know people can stack up on frost wands, but still, it could be...
  6. Spring5972

    Bedrock Ignore opening functionalities from using a tool or weapon for touch devices in other specific PVP games.

    Hello people, I can’t attack, move, or look while any functionality is opened. I’ve kept dying because I use touch screen and why does this functionality keep opening, was attacking one of the players. Just can’t hit someone and I also can’t move. Player pursues and kills me every time I open...
  7. Critomania

    Bedrock Remove explosive chests LuckyIslands

    in lucky islands there is such a thing as chests that explode. Everything seemed to be nothing. But one fact pisses me off during battles - players without resources just pick them up and go with them. They find the target, put the chest as close to it as possible and open it from a distance of...
  8. Socratias

    Video I Played With An Ex-Mod

    look @Sophie it's you! Disclaimer: This video contains swear words
  9. Socratias

    Video Having A Friendly Discussion With A Mod

    Why yes of course, I don’t go outside even when the sun is quite literally burning me! Dislaimer: This video contains swear words
  10. Brownieh

    Lucky Island kits

    Just a quick question. What kit do you guys use for solo/team. I use the Diamond Block kit in solo and the Cheff kit in teams. I saw some people use the Tamer kit but I don't know whether it's any good or not. Let me know what you guys use and if I should buy any other kits to get better!
  11. floriskn

    Lucky Island bow resource pack

    A Custom Lucky Islands Resource Pack For The Sword And Bows Made By floriskn 1.9 > 1.12 Download links: Download Resource Pack...
  12. cristian2259

    Java Improvements for the main Lobby and Lobbies for the most played games.

    Improvements for the main lobby: Well, since the main lobby was changed (2019) I have noticed several building errors. Now I'll show you some pictures: Lobbies for the most played games: I've been thinking this since "The Big Change" was released. And the suggestion is that in the...
  13. thepenmen22

    Lucky Island resource pack error

    DON'T LINK ME TO THE RESOURCE PACK SUPPORT THREAD, IT'S A USELESS THREAD. I already have the resource pack option enabled. I get a different error, that many people are having, but there is no solution. The error is: An error occurred trying to install the resource pack... Try reconnecting to...
  14. SimplyWesley

    New kit on Lucky Island!

    Helle, my friends and me really like Lucky Island and that is why we may have come up with this new kit: "The elytra Kit." If you equip this kit you go into the game with only an elytra. We thought because this is quite OP the price 2000 points to be. Greats from us.
  15. cobragunner123

    new lucky block drops

    I think it would be fair is you could get fireworks from lucky blocks as you also can get an elytra so you can give yourself a little boost while flying with the elytra
  16. Gonal

    In your opinion, what is the most fun game mode?

    Leave your answer in the survey you will find above! ;)
  17. werra11

    How to decrese the amount of teamers.

    Hello everyone, Lately I have been playing a lot of solo eggwars (speed and normal) But when I'm playing something keeps coming back... Teamers. So that's why I think we should do something about it. My first solution is to increse the ban for teaming. When you team or crossteam in a game your...
  18. ElementalFox Gaming

    Universal Starting food item

    I enjoy playing on the lucky islands minigames, but I often get frustrated by running out of food. I like how this game doesn't host many hackers or rule breakers, but it still has its flaws. I'm not posting to insult the game at all, but I would like to suggest giving all players a starting...
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