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  1. Anonymoose3840

    Are you less likely to get the Partner Rank for YouTube if you do Shorts videos?

    I was told by Riftz that Shorts creators are considered less worthy of the YouTube rank than full-length creators. I do agree with this but I wanted to know, to what extent is this true?
  2. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Bedrock What is the best game mode on cubecraft between:

    I choose skywars I have mainly played It on my channel so I feel like that's why I choose it XD.
  3. ace096488

    Bedrock boss fight gamemode

    so a boss battle gamemode with different unique bosses you and you're friends can battle with like 1-8 players per fight and the bosses could be like a custom nether boss with different stages and it gives you effects and it has custom attacks. you could also get coins while fighting it...
  4. ace096488

    All Networks Trios

    Hi I'm DanishAcei have a friend group of three and we would always play squads with a stranger but we have always hoped there would be trios so we could communicate with each other more easily and effectively through a game so i would just hope you're team would approve of this and make it...
  5. O

    Other Games Magic And Mayhem Addon

    I really loved Magic And Mayhem. But I was sad when it was removed. Can you please make an add-on for us to play?
  6. Herbubulle

    Bedrock Spawn in front of the new Duel NPC

    Hello, New small suggestion! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -For the current DUEL Gamemode (Battle Arena) when the game ends we spawn in front of the duel NPC (Added a while ago) but this is NOT the case for the new duels...
  7. J

    Builds New game mode uhc

    I really think cubecraft should make a uhc game mode no bedrock servers really have it and I think a lot of people would play it as it’s a pvp based game
  8. NSG_

    All Networks Suggestion: Skywars - Hardcore

    So your playing Skywars. You think: "This is to easy!" There Are People With THOUSAND Wins! So I thought, Skywars - Hardcore! - What is this? Skywars - Hardcore is a gamemode similar to Skywars, but harder. - What does it bring to the table? Glad You Asked! 1. Less OP / Better Armor & Weapons...
  9. bgeat leader

    All Networks New gamemode or beta game

    There should be a new gamemode or a beta game that is factions it would bring a lot more variety to the gamemodes I'm not sure about Java but we don't have this on bedrock.
  10. ImLuctor

    All Networks Parkour Update Suggestion New Gamemode

    Do you want a new Parkour Gamemode? Well go ahead and suggest your ideas! I miss competition in the game. In almost all games we see leaderboards with wins and it would be nice if parkour also has a win leaderboard. Therefore im suggesting to add a gamemode where players are thrown into maps...
  11. D

    Java New Parkour Gamemode but with blocks idea!

    that parkour gamemode is fun and all, but how about you add a new parkour gamemode with blocks. as in you get some blocks and have to carefully place them as you make the jump to finish the level. this will help us learn to clutch in skywars and such. and it would be far more fun than regular...

    Bedrock Gamemode

    Endergames So i want to suggest a game mode called endergames. At first you can select one of a tons of Kits for example a kangaroo can jump 2 times or shark that gets strength 2 in water. And then it starts on a platform in the sky wich is a little bit like a survival games start (its made out...
  13. DarkStray

    All Networks Ranked Gamemodes: Limited Time Featured Mode - “Skill Based Matchmaking”

    Ranked Playlist Ideas •Point Systems •LTM Scoreboard(“Game Statistics”) with suggestions •Matchmaking •Gamemode “shuffle” or Playlist Reset I Want This To Be A Separate Gamemode Not Take Over The Other Ones Point System How does it work? The point System will work by giving each player 100...
  14. L

    Escalated [Bedrock] Quick survival games (Qsg)

    Hello, around 1 year ago i've made a suggestion about a possible gamemode that could be added to Cubecraft, well sadly backthen no one really seemd to be intrested or cared about it. Thats why I'm trying it now a 2nd time with the hope of reaching more people. The gamemode already exists on a...
  15. InsaneOrbitzz

    All Networks Prisons (Miner) Gamemode

    Hi, so I saw this suggestion a while back but they didn't go into to much explanation, so I thought I would bring it back as a new thread, for all networks, with my own detail. I'm going to be referring to Bedrock with all my points since thats the platform I play on, but I still feel like this...
  16. P

    Assassinations Update

    Assassinations I feel like there should be some MAJOR changes in the Assassination game mode. 1. I feel like there should be some new items added, so here's a suggestion. A. A stew that can be found at the potion shop. This stew is made out of only the best mushrooms that can be found in the...
  17. P

    Assassinations Update

    Assassinations I feel like there should be some MAJOR changes in the Assassination game mode. 1. I feel like there should be some new items added, so here's a suggestion. A. A stew that can be found at the potion shop. This stew is made out of only the best mushrooms that can be found in the...
  18. Maomi

    Bedrock Block Wars Game Mode Suggestions (by me!)

    Hi everyone! Welcome to my thread. I'm going to discuss some ideas for game modes that I have for Block Wars on the Bedrock server. I have a fair few ideas of how I think the game could evolve from here. NEW GAME MODES "Core" mode. Similar to the Core mode in the Java version, albeit with some...
  19. W

    All Networks Some suggestions

    I think you should add health makers when you hit someone with a bow and mabey add spleen if you can because Consle players cant play it because of Microsoft
  20. kibelek

    Bedrock Add a map selector for games to players with the specific rank.

    Hello, What do you think about adding map selector to bedrock for players with a rank? For example, when somebody has a skywars rank, he will be able to choose a map he wants to play on this gamemode. This feature will make more players buy bedrock server ranks. What is your opinion, vote in a...
  21. W

    Bedrock UHC gamemode?

    I would like to add a UHC gamemode for those intrested in PvP with a hint of survival which is including me! Please make this happen : )
  22. P

    All Networks New game mode: money wars

    Money games 💵 money games is a big scale map with a mix of between hunger games and eggwars in this mode you want to collect as much money as you can (if you play cod 2019 it’s plunder) how it works there are spawners around the map giving you iron, gold, diamonds, and possibly emeralds (if...
  23. Quis

    Java New duel gamemode’s

    Hi everyone! I was thinking about duels and I think it is fun to add some different gamemode’s. I was thinking about: 1v1 skywars Sumo 1v1 eggwars 2v2 duels (I think this is already suggested) Fist fight (no weapons, no armor) 1v1 spleef/ splegg/ bow spleef I don’t know if this is possible...
  24. Mirriya

    All Networks KingdomWars! (GAMODEMODE) 2.0

    KingdomWars - Have to grab resources for 10 min in a medium sandbox with 4/10/20 teammates and basically defend there territory to win before anyone liberates it. Q/A How many 'Kingdoms' will there be= 4/8/ How big will the teams be= 6/10/20 How much time do the teams get to prepare...
  25. Mirriya

    All Networks Gamemode IDEAS!

    KingdomWars - Have to grab resources for 10min in a medium sandbox with 4/10/20 teammates and basically defend there territory to win before anyone liberates it. Jerio is HERE! - You have to hide from jerio with other players and try to escape from a Spaceship/Planet/RocketShip. HighWars! -...
  26. Mirriya

    All Networks New Gamemodes

    Hi im just wondering if you guys can make some new gamemods? cause almost every gamemode you have is 1.9 the only gamemode i enjoyed playing is Skwars Only Maybe you guys can add more pvp or like more fun mini games? Maybe like UHC or Kingdom Wars (its basically like protecting your kingdom from...
  27. Typ0

    All Networks Survival Games

    So, i've done some thinking and this post is not solely based on opinion but also statistics. Basically, I think the Survival Games should be a permanent gamemode as it was out a couple days ago and the teams version of the gamemode was very popular and had almost as many players as Minerware...
  28. QuintenVermaas

    All Networks New game Suggestion: Hide and Seek

    Dear Cubecraft, As one of my first time in Cubecraft I remember there was an "Arcade" lobby (OG's remember the Super Mario lobby) with Hide and Seek as one of the gamemodes! I really enjoyed playing, It was one of my Favourite Gamemode! Simply hide yourself in a Block and make sure you don't...
  29. Semmetje11lolly

    Java NEW GAMEMODE (Brawl Craft)

    Hey CubeCrafters! Remember when Fortnite was a hype and CubeCraft made Battle Zone? Well, right now the game Brawl Stars is very populair and I think it would be very cool to have a Minecraft version called Brawl Craft! What is Brawl Stars? So, for those who don't know what Brawl Stars is, it...
  30. RemiFan

    Java Eggwars gamemode

    Hello. I think the majority of you all agree that overpowered is the best gamemode in Eggwars. I think so too, the way that everything is cheap makes rushing way easier. But then there's some games where people camp diamond generators, have full diamond armour and the 64 diamond sword, 15...
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