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  1. cldash

    Lets all countdown from 100 to 0

  2. D

    EggWars Teaming

    I was playing in Egg Wars Team 2 and had killed all the eggs but couldn't find anyone, so I go to see from island to island and there, I see 4 players from different teams who share resources, and who start attacking me together. This is detrimental to the good experience of the game, especially...
  3. Lyriie

    💕 The Ultimate Friendship Quiz

    The Ultimate Friendship Quiz Hello friends! Since it's valentine's day and I'm making an effort to be more involved in the community, I thought I would come up with a fun game to play. Introducing, the ultimate friendship quiz! Take a friend (or a romantic partner) and have them complete this...
  4. U

    Bedrock Slime Survival for bedrock?

    Hey, now that snowman survival is deleted can u add slime Survival in bedrock? I know there was this game on Java years ago, but can u add It back again and ok bedrock too? Seems a nice game saw It on yt. Hope u wil add It because its a cool game!
  5. TBroz15

    All Networks Turn "Wrecking Ball" into an Actual Game Mode

    :cube_light: Hello there Cubecrafters! I've taken a break from playing for months on this network since new stuff was added while I was away there. Then I got back to the server and played for a few hours, then I caught attention on Minerware's update, it had a new boss minigame called "Wrecking...
  6. dean24686

    All Networks Scarecrow Survival

    I have a idea! My Friends Always Miss Snowman Survival, It’s Such A Fun Game But It’s Only For A Very Short Time During The Year, So Why Not Add, SCARECROW SURVIVAL! It Will Just Be Replaced During The Winter, But Also With Scarecrow Survival Rank! And Add Back All Of The Powerups: Decoy...
  7. Youseef Al-Rifai

    All Networks New game in MinerWare

    Hello, I have an idea for a new game in MinerWare. The idea of a game, in short, is to have a developed stick, a knockback, and an ice arena. The game is called ''Stick Fight'' :cube_arrow::agree: I agree :cube_arrow::unsure: hesitant :cube_arrow::disagree: I do not agree
  8. cubecraft player

    Make a big event that everyone can join soon (Idea)

    Just an idea, wondering when the next event was, and came up with this idea. Like an event that everyone who's on at the time can join by clicking an NPC in the main lobby or something, I think it would be pretty fun to have a giant event in a very convenient time in the future.
  9. Aratic

    Cubecraft Chess Club (fan owned)

    Do you play Chess, do you play Cubecraft, then join the Cubecraft chess club! We will do weekly events starting next week. (if you want to get into chess you can practice with Cubecraft community too) https://www.chess.com/club/cubecraft-chess-club
  10. La J

    Count to 1,000

    Hi Guys! So i wanted to do something nice and decided to bring back the game a guy did here some time ago, the challenge was count to 1,000,000 but i don’t wanna exaggerate so we’re gonna just count to 1,000 (p.s gonna use his same rules so it’s easier for everyone and let’s make this happen...
  11. BurntCrown8876

    Count to... 1?!

    Hey there! You may have played count to 1,000,000, another number, or count till staff interrupts, but have you played count to 1 yet? It's a tricky concept to understand. Basically, you... err... need to... count to one. Good luck folks! This may be hard, but do your best! And remember, God...
  12. BurntCrown8876

    20 Questions

    Hello there! Today I want to play 20 Questions. In case you're not familiar with it, it's a popular game where someone picks something, and others need to try and guess what it is. In this case, it will be something in Minecraft. It could be a biome, a mob, a structure, something on CubeCraft...
  13. Hoshi

    All Networks Planned MinerWare games that NEED fixing!

    ✏️ Reason for writing A little while ago, I randomly decided to join the server again and play some games with my friends. We started a game of MinerWare and were playing casually. When we finally reached the point of the boss game... it turned out the be the notorious Hook The Most Mobs. I...
  14. BurntCrown8876

    Resolved Question

    Hi, just got a random question. How does CubeCraft get money to power their server and forum page, apart from bundles and things? Thank you, just interested! :)
  15. SoloWarz

    Web PFP Boarders

    Hey, Cubecrafters! It's very nice for the VIP, partners, and staff to have smth makes them stand out, so here in this suggestion, I have an idea which makes them stand out more! So, I suggest adding PFP boarders to the ranked, yt, or even staff members, it's simple and very cool. For example...
  16. Dont kill

    All Networks Tasks (Suggest)

    My Suggestion Is To Add Someplace Or A New Item When We Enter To It, It Will Show Us Our Tasks Like (Kill 4 Players In Sky Wars , Win 2 Games Of Block Wars.....) And Stuff Like That (Kill-Players, Win-Games, Break-Eggs, Use Things "Like -Totem-Ender Pearl-Snow ball-..."....) And If Someone...
  17. PieCreeper

    All Networks New Game: Among Survival

    I have a new game idea. It is called Among Survival which is similar to Among Slimes except that instead of The Skeld, it takes place in a normal Minecraft world. There would be two teams: Players and Impostors. The players can win by either defeating the enderdragon or killing the impostor(s)...
  18. Senpai ♔

    Java Suggestions - game

    Suggestion: what if Cubecraft added a Minecraft manhunt game? only for Minecraft java edition, if you did not know what is manhunt game, its a Minecraft game Created by a Minecraft YouTuber called Dream, Minecraft Manhunt is essentially a game that sees one player attempt to defeat the Ender...
  19. Wave Master7S

    Bedrock Make more non pvp games

    Hello guys today I’d like to present my idea for more non pvp games because we have like none. 1st Idea.porting over tower defense 2nd idea.Making a Build battle this will allow the cubecraft community to compete and build with their friends on their favorite server.It will give 10 minutes to...
  20. T

    Bedrock Some Changes Should Be Made To Stats

    Ok, so Cubecraft is probably my favourite Bedrock Edition Server but my only main problem I have with the server is the fact that thinks like kills, goals, egg destructions and other similar things that you do within the games that you play, do not count towards stats. This is a big problem in...
  21. Cindy200510

    Add woolwars

    Hey! I saw a server with woolwars, but I think I would like to have it on my fav server too! (This server :P)
  22. Egg🥚

    [Game] Random questions

    Hi, Just wanna introduce a little game. Just curious how many people reacts and how long it takes before it dies (probably a day). But the idea is simple: First of you answer the question of the post before you. Then ask a very random question. It should be funny ok? I’ll begin: Can you...
  23. Ediinsonn

    What kind of player are you? (Game) Part 1

    What kind of Skywars player are you? According to your month! Part 1! January-February - Everyone loves you, you get along very well with everyone! March-April - You're a good gamer, but it's just a game, my friend. May- June - banned at, 3 ,,, 2 ,,, 1 out! July-August - Always afk...
  24. Katsia Stray

    The alphabet game

    What is up gamers? Today I will present the easiest game to play Rules are - You say a word starting with the last letter of the last word Example- Elephant (ends with T) Tango (starts with t because elephant ends with T) Orb (starts with O since tango ends with O) The starter word is "Silly"...
  25. MinecraftNOOB2oo3

    Java Bring Bingo Back

    This Is My Second Thread Into Bringing The BETA game bingo back because it was the best game in my opinion and i would be on cubecraft 24/7 if they bring back bingo Leaving A Poll Say Yes if You feel The Same Or Agree Thank You :)
  26. Luukk

    [Game] I'm taking a trip

    Hello! I was thinking of a fun minigame for on the forums and I remembered a minigame I used to play when I was younger. It was called: Going on a trip... (for the Dutch people: Ik ga op vakantie en ik neem mee...) The goal is to (in this case) copy the text of post before you and add ONE...
  27. maflenoo

    All Networks Adding new games to Cubecraft

    Hello Cubecrafters :D I hope you are good and safe Today I have a new suggestion The suggestion is to add some new permanent games to cubecraft server. These games are Murder Mystery / UHC / Build Battle. First with Murder Mystery : # The Murder : - He is someone who has a sword in the...
  28. C

    Java slime survival as an offical cubecraft game

    hey, i would like to post my suggestion here so here it is slime survival is a temporary-featured game, that players don't have acces to all the time. so my suggestion is to make slime survival an offical game that players have acces to all the time, like mineware or skywars. i am sure i am not...
  29. Unipotatoo

    Java Leaderboard Waiting Lobby!

    I've seen a lot of players complain about removing the old armor stand based leaderboards, and honestly, I hate the GUI leaderboards there beyond boring. Bringing these leaderboards back is not a new suggestion, its been suggested multiple times since the GUIs have been added. I'm not sure why...
  30. strangelifekim

    Java HAUNTED (Bring it back)

    I used to play on the old server called Thechunk. I just now see that it's gone and it combined with cube craft. Everything has been moved over, all but one game. Haunted. I played this game with my first Minecraft friends. I miss the game dearly and I'd love to see its return to the server...
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