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  1. hoppyfrog28_

    I like this...

    This is a screenshot of the teaser for this year's Spring Event from the Public Update Board. If you look at the bottom, you can see that there is a release date (April 1, 2024). CubeCraft hardly ever puts release dates on their update board, and I think that they should do it more instead of...
  2. Fly☆Guy

    Cube Kingdom Community Survival Games Event

    ⚔️Cube Kingdom Survival Games Event⚔️ Hey Bedrock Cubecraft Community! We would like to announce Cube Kingdom’s First Partnered CubeCraft Event! We will be running a Survival Games event and you will get entered into the prize draw just by turning up and competing! (Read below for more...
  3. Salty_Shadows

    Java Event ideas/suggestions

    Hey java Cube players Soon in a partnered discord server ran by myself @Andygamer024 and @Fly☆Guy we are going to be running Java events to bring back some enjoyment for you guys so just give suggestions on what You would want to see in an event and we can try and make it happen :heart: (We...
  4. Casualpoalrbear

    Cubehq raid screenshots

    I just realized that I don't think no one had shared screenshot from the Cubehq raid here yet so like thanos I'm doing it myself (Don't ask me why I was a yellow anime girl my blue sonic skin didn't work)
  5. cubecraft player

    Make a big event that everyone can join soon (Idea)

    Just an idea, wondering when the next event was, and came up with this idea. Like an event that everyone who's on at the time can join by clicking an NPC in the main lobby or something, I think it would be pretty fun to have a giant event in a very convenient time in the future.
  6. Youseef Al-Rifai

    All Networks Ramadan Event

    Dear CubeCraft community, I am writing to propose an idea for a Ramadan event on the CubeCraft server network. As you may know, Ramadan is an important month in the Islamic calendar, and is observed by millions of people around the world. I believe that adding a Ramadan event to CubeCraft...
  7. VanHouten

    CubeHQ Community SkyWars ⚔️🏹

    ⛅ CubeCraft Community Skywars 🏹Hosted by CubeHQ Hey CubeCrafters! We would like to announce CubeCraft HQ's very first partnered event. We are super excited to work alongside CubeCraft to host fun and unique events with them. This event will take place on Saturday, January 28th at 8:00 PM GMT...
  8. TBroz15

    All Networks Winter 2022 - A Bittersweet Event

    :cube_light:Hey Cubecrafters! Its that time of year again, and yeah Cubecraft annually settled a winter event today! Well, its kind of different than the last years I've played the winter games, with a little sprinkle of flaw I may say. And hey, that is my opinion and just don't threaten me or...
  9. Reality NS

    All Networks ❄️ The maps that CC should bring back this winter

    The Winter event is the favorite of many players and it will happen in December. So I asked some people and myself about which maps should Cubecraft bring back for this event, according to their opinions. 🍞1. Gingerbread (EggWars Teams Of 4) This map is the favorite map of most EggWars Squads...
  10. IDKhan

    All Networks server events

    it would be really cool if the server did planned events like a tournament or something they never really do that and i think it would be amazing im pretty sure events happen sometimes like that squid game one but that was java only and wasnt really announced but a server event would be...
  11. B

    All Networks event playback

    this might be a realy stupid idea so sorry if i waste your time but i've been playing cubecraft for a while on pe and lately on java and i realy want to visit sertain events back so i thought that maybe that somewhere in the lobby there is a character with a time machine (or something like that)...
  12. G

    Bedrock New Updates Tonight (12/08/21) at 6pm UK time

    Hey, I thought we should try and guess what the update is... Comment below your thoughts for a chance to win discord nitro
  13. gamergangsta545

    Bedrock Make Ranks Event

    I feel like people with rank have more features than who don't have ranks (obviously) and a lot of people don't want to spend money unless they know what does rank in each game have for them This event might encourage more people to buy Ranks One week event will be amazing DM me if you agree...
  14. DarkStray

    Java or Bedrock Rank - Clip Submission

    Hello Everyone! I wanted to host a little Event type thing on the Java and Bedrock Servers! It would be a Clip Submissions Event, with a clip form the Bedrock or Java servers Rules and Info? - Clips Recorded Recently and your own. - Winners Prize | Discord Nitro or CC Rank/Pack(Options...
  15. ayahuascraft


    This is an idea for a new update event, in order to promote the game on the server and reach good figures and also make the players IN GENERAL have a good time for a good reward :heart: ADD THE LEGENDARY PAPA BUDDY UPDATE give people 15 days to complete it And add challenges like Win 750...
  16. Frambooz

    All Networks ☀️ New summer challenges

    Hey, I thought it would be awesome if we could get more summer update-related challenges to earn more summer cubelets. Since most of us have already completed the current challenges I think this is a good idea with the amount of time of the event left. Let me know what you think down below :D
  17. Stablish

    Discord [Event] Helper Acceptance Party

    Hey everyone! I was thinking to make a suggestion for new Helpers and decided to suggest something unique, which is the acceptance party. What is "Helper Acceptance Party"? A party which is hosted in Discord by the Helper Recruitment team to announce every new Helper and congratulate them with...
  18. S

    Events in FFA 1.8/1.9

    Woehoe, I like to play FFA on this server, there are a lot of nice people, it's fun and the maps are nice. But I still think there is space for improvement. I think that there should be some sort of events. Everybody can participate in. I got some cool ideas that maybe are fun. It keeps the...
  19. Hippir

    An event

    Event ended, winner received his rank upgrade Emerald -> Obsidian
  20. remio

    Best suggestion of the month February.

    Heya, I am RemiO05 and I have read a few discussions from skifby, and I saw that he made a couple of threads about the best suggestion threads! Please drop the best suggestions in here, and I will make a new thread after 2 weeks, because this thread will be locked! Be fast! This is actually a...
  21. OnePointEight.exe

    CubeCraft Anarchy Day

    What if for 5 Hours each year cubecraft didn't ban anyone for anything (-profanity cuz that isn't amazingly entertaining) also everyone can break anything that is not connected to joining lobby e.g. Lobby signs, this is somewhat of a joke but this would kinda be interesting, hacked clients...
  22. Jackxist


    What's happening Everyone is teaming together to make a giant amazing build on an eggwars map for a video and stream come watch the stream now and suggest things to build. JOIN THE EVENT NOW STREAM
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