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  1. Kimbert_

    [DUELS] Nature

    - Map name: Nature - Creator(s) of map: @Kimbert_ - Description of map: So after my last (failed) map submission, i still tried to build another map but for duels instead of skywars. I mad 2 huge trees and 3 big flowers, in the middle I made a bridge connecting both sides of the map, I've added...
  2. Meiske

    Video Midnight PvP Duels

    Hello CubeCrafters! I hope you all are doing well, I've decided to share some of my duels that I did yesterday around midnight, I'm aware it's a bit laggy- I don't have the best laptop unfortunately. I've always thought about posting some more videos on YouTube and making it a weekly thing but...
  3. jpants36

    Bedrock (Bedrock Edition) Duels

    There aren't many good duels servers out there on MCPE, and I know there are Duels on the Java server. Maybe in the future they could add Duels??
  4. Lozora

    [DUELS] Kingdom

    Map Name : Kingdom Map creator(s) : Lozora (With help from @Quis and @Smoothlyy ) Description : I made this map because I felt like making my first map submission, I'm playing a lot of Duels lately and some of their maps are kinda boring in my opinion. That's the main reason I've built a Duels...
  5. juan0h

    Java Adding Duels to 1.8

    I know that 1.8 isn't this server's priority, but I think CubeCraft would win more players if duels were added in 1.8. The 1.8 PvP community would start to go to CubeCraft to play some duels. I usually 1v1 my friends after playing a SkyWars game, but I don't like having to go to other server...
  6. Axyy

    Java DUELS - Reworked

    By Axyy. Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a wonderful day. Today I am posting a suggestion about the current state of Duels, things that can be improved, new features and more. Currently, Duels can be improved a lot, it’s fun to play but with new additions it can even be more fun...
  7. Fesa

    Java Duels Archer kit

    Hello everyone, This suggestion is a short and simple one, In duels, we have a kit with the following items: I'd really like to see a change to this, not the bow armour or so but the amount of food! If you play this in a mp with structures where you can hide behind it will most likely end in...
  8. Socratias

    Video When Cubecraft Is Boring, But The Grind Never Stops

    Me go sleep Disclaimer: There are some swear words in the video.
  9. Socratias

    Video Battle Royale but cubecraft version (& clanfights)

    Haha steve win Disclaimer: There are some swear words in the video.
  10. Oreo♥️

    Escalated Add PvP (FFA and Duels) to Bedrock.

    Hey guys! I've recently been getting quite into the Bedrock community and it's really fun! What I've been noticing though, is that I am really bad at PvP. That set aside, I've also been noticing that it lacks FFA and Duels, which are two game modes that are extremely easy to understand and are...
  11. Priley

    [DUELS] Arcade

    Arcade By Riley Hello, map submission community! :) Map Name: Arcade Creator: Riley Note: I am not a builder within the designer team and I'm not involved in reviewing map submissions. I'm just submitting a map I made like any other community member :p Since my Solo SkyWars Arcade map...
  12. L

    Java Suggestion: add duels to 1.8.

    I would really like to play in 1.8 games. After FFA became available in 1.8, I thought it would be a good idea to add duels in 1.8. I think that also attracts some players. So my suggestion is to maybe add duels to version 1.8.
  13. T

    Team duels

    I always like the game in minerware that there are 2 teams and an egg. It should be a PVP option because it is a fresh gamemode but still people know what to do. Maybe the teams would be smaller than they are in minerware but the concept is there. I hope more people would like this idea:)
  14. Atom_

    Duels Kit Selection

    When I play duels, I like to pick certain kits because some of them people just camp, and some like the potion kit with damage pots doesn't have much sword pvp. I would like to add a feature where you can select which kits you like and which kits you don't like and when you right click it picks...
  15. eu5ebio7w7

    Java Duels in version 1.8

    It would be very good that duels will be implemented in version 1.8 of the server, personally I would like very much :)
  16. MadBadJK

    Java 1.8 PvP duels?

    Okay I know the staff are already under heavy pressure from existing games. But theres actually no existing way to compete in a 1v1 or in a group against known people. Not tryna be toxic but many people be like: "LmAo KiD jUsT gO iN a sKyWaRs oR eGgWaRs gAmE aNd rEaCh uR fRiEnDs aS sOoN aS...
  17. Nilsen84

    Java Ping Difference In PvP Duels

    To start off I like pvp on CubeCraft. I Especially like duels. I play quite a lot of duels everyday and am enjoying it. I win most of the duels I play against non-laggers but if I am playing against someone with around a 100 ping or more I am pretty much guaranteed to loose unless that person...
  18. Starry

    Escalated Playagain/Automode for Duels

    Hey Cubes, when you play Skywars or other some other games you can do /playagain now and /playagain automode like here: Or you can click on the Play Again, Automode or Leave message when you die like here: I play Duels regularly, and when I win/lose a Duel you are able to rematch the person...
  19. D

    Java Duels need this

    Hello! We all played in the "duels" minigame. To complete a daily challenge or improve your skill. Recently, many players began to leave from the duel when they start to lose. They use autotips or quickly do ctrl+v. Because of this, you don't get a kill, but everything in duels based on kills...
  20. JoeProKill2000

    Java 1.8 Duels

    In CubeCraft 1.9+ Java, there are 1v1 duels you can participate in. I feel there should also be another queue for 1.8 duels so people who like the old combat system better can 1v1 in those duels.
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