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  1. pekd

    SkyWars duels Speedrun Tournament

    so: i thought why not make a skywars duels speedrun tournament and so i made one! (makes sense right?) Rules: 1. Dont play against your friend or tell your opponent you are speedrunning or something 2. You have to get the kill, if the opponent falls before you hit them, it doesnt count 3. The...
  2. CheesySteveey

    Video Cubecraft Duels but Armor is BANNED!

    Thanks for Watching! I hope you enjoy!
  3. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Video I traped yet again someone but with the maps own design trap!😂

    Another traping video! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! And have a great day(night).
  4. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Bedrock Competitions that you think you will win.

    Pvp = Could be ranked, could be duels, free for all, and more. Building = It could be a building competition who can build for a specific theme. combos = How long you can hold the combos than the other enemy. bridging = It could be specific examples of Icy bridging and more. Or god...
  5. pekd

    Bedrock duels lag needs to be fixed ASAP

    at this point, duels lag is so bad that only every fifth game actually is a duel. either, the servers crash, or the "1v1" is just randomly spamming in the air in the hope of accidentally hitting the opponent. switching to NA or AS servers also wont help, as the AS servers have duels lag too and...
  6. pekd

    Bedrock Nerf the sword in crystal pvp kit

    the crystal pvp kit is kinda weird because the sword deals way too much damage. a single combo is enougth to kill your opponent. thats why i think you should nerf the sword, maybe leave it unenchanted so people actually use the crystals
  7. Flip1482242

    Bedrock BlockWars Is Bridges 1v1s dead?

    Is blockwars bridges 1v1s dead?
  8. pekd

    What is your best time in the Duels Parcour? (the one above the river)

    idk if only i grind that parcour so hard but my best time is 26.something seconds, also im trying to get a sub 25seconds run but i cant find any more skips
  9. Casualpoalrbear

    What is the dumbest strat/mistake that you made that somehow won you the game?

    This can be about any game from minerware to parkour to survival games to skywars. I go first. I was playing eggwars duos with my irl friend and I saw him sneaking on the middle island inbetween our base and a already killed enemy team. I walk up to him and saw him crouching I was confused but...
  10. NotNitrouss

    Bedrock More game modes in duels

    I think adding games like pot PvP and others to duels would be great for the PvP community. Anyone else think so?
  11. AsimoDonut

    Video not a single hit

    Thanks for Watching!
  12. privqted

    Implemented Bedrock FIX BRIDGE DUELS

    BRIDGE DUELS IS THE MOST RECENT DUELS GAMEMODE ADDED, AND IT NEEDS TO BE FIXED. 1 - RESPAWN TIME Bridges is a gamemode that should have NO respawn time, especially in the duels gamemode, with a past 5 second respawn time, now 3 seconds, you cannot respawn fast enough to protect your base from...
  13. privqted

    Bedrock "Play Again" Feature In Duels

    Recently CubeCraft has been adding a ton of new duels gamemodes, but you can only play one game then you have to either do a rematch or go back to lobby and enter the portal again. This takes time and is very annoying to do. Cubecraft should have a menu pop up at the end of the game, similar...
  14. privqted

    Bedrock Fix CTF Duels!

    The most recent duels update added CTF Duels and in my opinion there's a few features that should be changed. Firstly - Respawn Time. When CTF duels was released the respawn time was 5 seconds. But then they decided to change it from 5 seconds to 2 seconds, this makes it very difficult to...
  15. SrAndro

    Bedrock Player position on the server

    Hello Cubecrafters, I hope you are very well. I wanted to add a suggestion regarding the game modes that the server has, it seems to me that it would be a good idea that in some way the player's statistics show their position within each minigame (Not a Top since I know that takes a lot...
  16. Silco

    Bedrock Battle Arena rank for Eggwars Duels

    Hey everyone, I’m back with another suggestion! So I logged onto a battle arena lobby and went to play Eggwars Duels, and pick a map. The interface then said I needed battle arena rank to pick the map, even though it’s Eggwars Duels and I have Eggwars rank. I switched to Eggwars lobby and this...
  17. B

    All Networks Remove/nerf tactical kit in normal mode duels

    The tactical kit ima be honest is just an op kit in normal mode im fine with it in op mode but in normal when im tryna do quick matches its awful
  18. FunnyShorts183

    Duels Tactical Loot matches take too long

    I don't think there's anything else to add, matches of "Tactical" loot are too long, because people will spam-heal or camp with the blocks given.
  19. GiGaGekkies

    All Networks Spawnlocation - Lucky Island Duels

    💡Spawnlocation - Lucky Island Duels Hello, Cubecraft-ers! It's me again with another suggestion! As you might know, there's a feature which lets you spawn in front of the npc after a duel match (Spoiler 1). However, this is not the case with the new game duels (Spoiler 2). My suggestion is to...
  20. La J


    1v1 sumo pvp or similar hi, i wanted to get some attention from y’all for a thing i think it’s worth adding to bedrock cubecraft , so as a bedrock player i’ve seen that 6-7 servers we have only 1-2 got ‘1v1 pvp’ and it’s pretty annoying since some of us wanna get better at pvp to get more...
  21. kyviu

    Bedrock Duels Update

    I want to introduce another idea for the future duels update that may be beneficial to players, so currently as it stand in a normal game of duels the timer to start the game is 10 seconds, and i feel like this time period is unnecessarily long and should be reduced down to 5 seconds, 2 seconds...
  22. mismut

    Bedrock Cooldown on Duel request

    Hi! While writing my last suggestion (you should read it btw :D) I realised that you can spam Duel Request as many times you want, and that can be sometimes annoying. There is feature that you can invite someone to party every 10 seconds (i dont know exact time) while trying inviting my friend...
  23. cephelic

    Bedrock Add a “Play a new opponent” option in duels

    I usually play tank kit, and when I want to play against somebody new I have to go back to lobby and select it again. It gets quite annoying. My suggestion is to add a “Play a new opponent” option when the duel ends.
  24. C

    Bedrock Add End Crystal kit to duels

    End crystal PvP is a more unknown kind of PvP, but it is very effective and intense. Having a potential End Crystal PvP kit in duels would be incredible, not just to the people who already like crystal PvP, but to those who want to get into it. The kit would consist of: Diamond sword...
  25. mqtthxwYT

    Duels Gamemode

    Its been a while since cubecraft duels have been updated. I think that there should be some new maps added and/or making some new kits. I've grinded a grand total of 4500 duel wins and it got boring overtime, so I would really like a duels update.
  26. mismut

    Bedrock same time at the bottom and on the right side

    Hi! This is just small suggestion: make the time at the BOTTOM of the screen same as on the RIGHT SIDE This is not that big problem, but it would make playing 1v1s better :D Btw TIME LEFT on both places would be better then Time Remaining at the bottom and Time Left on the Right side <3
  27. KingMathc36

    Bedrock Pickup time in paty duels

    Remove the time for selecting opponents if two players are in a party and have chosen a duel between themselves 1 on 1. Like, why do we need this time?) Whom does it pick for us if we want to play 2?)
  28. Nixalwa

    Bedrock Sumo

    Add sumo
  29. Silco

    Bedrock Remove Volcano Map on Duels

    Hiya everyone! I have a simple suggestion that I think will greatly improve Duels. This is to completely remove the Volcano map from it. • Opponents will just run around the map until timeout • On Archer they just hide and run • It slows down gameplay and is unenjoyable to play on Fixes- I...
  30. privqted

    Implemented Flat duels maps

    Duels is a fun gamemode on cubecraft. One thing that is very annoying is the maps. I dont see any reason for the maps having a huge flower, a huge mushroom or ice cubes everywhere. It makes combos harder to keep and is also a way for people to sit in corners and abuse the headhitter. The ice...
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