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  1. Dualninja

    Forwarded Custom kit creation.

    :cube_light: Introduction :cube_light: Hi Cubecrafters, I have a new suggestion today. It's too add Custom Kit Creation to Bedrock. This has been suggested before, but the thread is expired. For those of you that don't know, Custom Kit Creation is the ability to create your own kits. But you...
  2. JDgamers

    Java New Eggwars Kits - PvP Duels

    Hello there! I’m here with a new suggestion about changing kits in PvP Duels, explicitly the current Eggwars duels kits. These are the current “Normal” and “Overpowered” Eggwars duels kits: Current Eggwars Duels Kit (Normal) - Full Leather Armour (not enchanted) - Stone Sword (not enchanted)...
  3. Awabbatt

    Bedrock Duels wait time should be decreased

    So with the new Battle Arena Update, Duels and FFA came out of beta! Which is cool, but CC made a change to the duels waiting time when you are in your cage, It went from 5 seconds to 10 seconds which is way too much in my opinion. If this could be reversed back to 5 seconds then it would be...
  4. Osiris9559

    Bedrock hidden levers on new battle arena

    so the new hub for the duels and ffa came out and i found a few levers after exploring for 10 mins here is what i found (i found only 6 levers there might be more) edit: i found 2 more levers so 8 total
  5. Nuvoh

    Java Duels - an addition

    This is a simple suggestion and nothing big, but its definitely one that should be added. In eggwars, the most voted hp option and mode are overpowered, half hp. Ive seen in the duel creation you can replicate almost all the items in the OP item option, but you cant have half hp which surprised...
  6. Quis

    Java Kill Messages - Duels

    I was playing some duels and I came up with a suggestion. Right now, people with the Plus rank have special kill messages in FFA. What if you're able to get these messages for Duels too. I want to make it a little different. We also have egg break messages and you can select which one you want...
  7. beefismeat

    Bedrock Tournament minigame?

    Itd just be cool to have some sort of type of duels at the bottom of the duels gamemode list where there would be like 8 players and itd just work out like a tourney, match of 4, then semi final, then final or any other working number of people (of course amount of players in a tourney would...
  8. pieterpeer

    Bedrock Be able to accept Duels in every lobby

    The Idea💡 Hi everyone! There is this feature in which you can right click on someone's skin to open up their profile which also has the option to challange someone for a pvp duel: This is really useful to challenge players for a duel in the beta lobby, but when you challenge someone for a...
  9. chris crock

    Duels choosing your kit in duels

    i think you should be allowed to chose your kit in duels bc im not very wit and hate some kits and would like to play wit it like. when you /duel someone u can chose the kit. this way u can play ppl who are good wit that kit the only problem would be matches would take longer to find.
  10. SecretEagle9862

    Explosive bow duels

    Title explains itself, explosive bow duels on bedrock would be the new thing, imagine exploding the arena to bits to kill your opponent(s) very fun on java why isn't it on bedrock?
  11. CrackleHarvest36

    Java Duels (Team Mode)

    Hello! As I've been playing on the server more recently, I have come up with a suggestion regarding Duels. I think that a team mode for Duels would be a great addition so you could have 2v2s or even 4v4s. I've noticed that some other servers do this, and I think that it would be great to see...

    Bedrock Ideas for a PvP Games Rank!

    Welcome to my second suggestion! Hello! I'm here to suggest something else, it's not really as long a suggestion as last one. As we know, it is a matter of time that FFA and Duels receive their own lobby soon and maybe they also receive their own rank, I suppose it can be called PvP Games Rank...
  13. Puppyfied

    Bedrock Sniper Kit is op

    Problem: The Sniper Kit. The reason I dont really like it, is because of how easy it is to bow spam. With the sniper kit, people can just bow spam and each hit does 1 heart halfway charged. I think the idea of it is smart, but the bow does too much damage. I also havent seen many people with...
  14. O

    Beta 1v1 duel

    Really fun to play however it is difficult to spot where the map ends with the invisible walls. The map should end where the walls are so people don’t run into them and die the mushroom map seems to disconnect quite a lot I think that you should add fishing rods to the 1v1s and give a choice...
  15. G

    Bedrock Challenge duel 2v2 to other party

    I wanted to suggest something about being able to challenge a 2v2 duel to other people from another party
  16. E

    Bedrock CubeCraft bedrock ranked duels and tournaments

    It would be cool if we would have ranked duels and tournaments because it brings another reason then leaderboard too grind wins. You could compete in tournaments if you have high rank in ranked duels or maybe even you could add ranked to more game modes.
  17. InsaneOrbitzz

    Bedrock Ideas for FFA and Duels

    Right so FFA and Duels, its amazing. But I've got a few suggestions that I would like to be implemented! I'm not sure if some of these points have been discussed I haven't read through but I'm gonna put them all in one place. - I'm gonna start with FFA (Free For All): - - FFA is amazing, I...
  18. BiggestNoob7

    Video Cubecraft Duels All Kits Gamplay With Best Particals Pack

    First of all thank you so much Cubecraft for adding this it was well requested gamemode Im The first one to uploald Pog I played with sharpness particals packs one of the best pack I have ever seen Also going to upload FFA Gamplay tommorow so stay tuned plz watch it once and comment what you...
  19. pipiklatie

    Speed 3 in 1.8 Duels

    I just played my first copple of games of 1.8 duels and i played nodebuff and saw the speed was speed 3 and this is just one speed level too high you never use speed 3 on Cubecraft ever so why add it to the duels? I'd say get the speed back to speed 2. Kind Regards, pipiklatie
  20. Nyawh

    [Duels] Coffee

    Hi! These last days I've been working on a small duels map. A coffee cup! The map was built entirely by myself, @Nyawh. Thanks to the people who helped me with feedback, though! I've made about 6 versions of this map and I've asked for feedback to some people. Then, I made a last(s) version(s)...
  21. Gemmmmie

    Java Duels Play Again Mode

    I know this has been suggested a few times before, but I think this should be discussed again. I personally don't play Duels that often, however when I do I find it time consuming to type "/leave" then find another Duel game once I enter the Lobby. Therefore this is my suggestion, instead of...
  22. CRISED

    Duels update idea

    I've been thinking about this lately, and I'm sure someone has suggested this before, but my idea is to add a 2v2 duels mode. So, basically normal duels but 2v2 instead of 1v1 which you can play with party members or random people. Its a step in the direction of hosting private games in skywars...
  23. E

    Bedrock Add Duels to the server

    Duels in java is awesome and i would love to see this in bedrock so i can fight my friends. Vote in the poll above. You can't change your decision!
  24. Kimbert_

    [DUELS] Nature

    - Map name: Nature - Creator(s) of map: @Kimbert_ - Description of map: So after my last (failed) map submission, i still tried to build another map but for duels instead of skywars. I mad 2 huge trees and 3 big flowers, in the middle I made a bridge connecting both sides of the map, I've added...
  25. Meiske

    Video Midnight PvP Duels

    Hello CubeCrafters! I hope you all are doing well, I've decided to share some of my duels that I did yesterday around midnight, I'm aware it's a bit laggy- I don't have the best laptop unfortunately. I've always thought about posting some more videos on YouTube and making it a weekly thing but...
  26. jpts

    Bedrock (Bedrock Edition) Duels

    There aren't many good duels servers out there on MCPE, and I know there are Duels on the Java server. Maybe in the future they could add Duels??
  27. Lozora

    [DUELS] Kingdom

    Map Name : Kingdom Map creator(s) : Lozora (With help from @Quis and @Smoothlyy ) Description : I made this map because I felt like making my first map submission, I'm playing a lot of Duels lately and some of their maps are kinda boring in my opinion. That's the main reason I've built a Duels...
  28. juqn

    Java Adding Duels to 1.8

    I know that 1.8 isn't this server's priority, but I think CubeCraft would win more players if duels were added in 1.8. The 1.8 PvP community would start to go to CubeCraft to play some duels. I usually 1v1 my friends after playing a SkyWars game, but I don't like having to go to other server...
  29. Axyy

    Java DUELS - Reworked

    By Axyy. Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a wonderful day. Today I am posting a suggestion about the current state of Duels, things that can be improved, new features and more. Currently, Duels can be improved a lot, it’s fun to play but with new additions it can even be more fun...
  30. Fesa

    Java Duels Archer kit

    Hello everyone, This suggestion is a short and simple one, In duels, we have a kit with the following items: I'd really like to see a change to this, not the bow armour or so but the amount of food! If you play this in a mp with structures where you can hide behind it will most likely end in...
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