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  1. Modulo 7

    All Networks Advanced Player Statistics

    Currently, the only statistics being measured publicly for most game modes are wins. The only way to see how you rank is by getting to the top 200 on Java or 50 for Bedrock. This is adequate, but new players, or people who don't play much/don't have a lot of time to devote can easily become...
  2. T

    Java OP MODE IS NOT FUN Pt. 2

    This thread is the continuation of the last so if you haven't read that one already, I suggest you do that. Fist of all I wasn't expecting anything to come from the first post so thank you for responding and voting it was a nice surprise. I think the general consensus of this is that the...
  3. Rodeappel

    CubeCraft New Combat Update

    Hello everyone Jeb just released a new combat test 5 What is your opinion on this update? Should CubeCraft update to this new version when its combined with the full version?
  4. Nilstyle

    Poll —How familiar with Minecraft Combat are you ?

    Hello, Minecraft players of CubeCraft ~ I am currently making suggestions, along with other players, for the new combat update snapshot. I would like information about how experienced players from different communities are with Minecraft combat. This information will both help us decide which...
  5. Nightm4re

    All Networks Revert PVP System to 1.8 Combat Mechanics

    Hey Cubecraft Community, When the sever updated to 1.9, it also added the new PVP combat mechanics to all popular gamemodes, for example Survival games or Skywars. I have tested this new System for a while now and i feel like the old one back in the days of 1.8 PVP was way better. I`ve also...
  6. JoeProKill2000

    Java 1.8 Duels

    In CubeCraft 1.9+ Java, there are 1v1 duels you can participate in. I feel there should also be another queue for 1.8 duels so people who like the old combat system better can 1v1 in those duels.
  7. superman011

    I might need some help..

    Hello people. I am in need of some assistance with pvp here. To be honest i think this might be a bit depressing. Ever since the new combat update came out, i was trying to get used to things and such, but as time passed my basic 1.9 combat skills were flawed. What i mean is that pvp is no...
  8. giesko

    fishing rods

    can you add fishing rods for eggwars in 1.8 so you make better combo's. if you add it plz dont do it with enchantments and lett it cost like 10 diamonds so not everyone is gona rod everyone off at the beginning off the game
  9. D34TH4NG31

    Insane 1v1 PvP Tips and Combat Tactics

    Alright, so with the new update rolling out, for the PvP, I'm going to make a new thread on the Insane PvP kits and new maps. I guess I'll start with the NEWER kits, and then the older kits. I would just copy and paste my old thread, which is still nice to date, but I feel as though I've learned...
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