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Hello CubeCrafters,

It’s the end of the month, and the start of the New Year. And so, we have got to release the results of our Christmas game, Snow Down, which we had out last month. The top winners will receive a free rank, which will be listed below. Congratulations to everybody that took part. If you enjoyed Snow Down this year, so we will may be releasing it next year, for Christmas, and will be even better than ever!

Also, I would like to point out the UHC update. This includes many bug fixes...
Hello everyone, hope your having a good Christmas and enjoying the update. It's been a busy Christmas this year, I'd just like to thank the entire staff for putting up with all the spam and helping prevent all the rule breakers. @rubik_cube_man our only developer, who has spent most of his Xmas, fixing bugs and helping bring more content. @halothe23 for running the server and keeping it running for all this time, so amazingly and @johncoles for doing so...
Hello CubeCrafters,

Today I am announcing the release of a new game. Snow Down!

The objective of this game is similar to our old game Tron, as all you have you do is run around. A trail of your teams colour will appear behind you. If you crash into the other teams trail however you lose! The last remaining team wins! Gathering items which can be found on the floor will increase the chance that you have of winning.

This game we’re release as a Christmas special, so will only be around until the end of...
Hello CubeCrafters!

As you probably noticed (would be bad if you wouldn’t have yet!) we've released the "CubeCraft 2.0" update, which at the moment is operating in a stable condition, and we're happy to have finally released it.

Most of you also know we had quite some issues at the start, and not all of you are quite happy about that, and we hear you! We've had quite a few bugs at the start, which caused everyone (some of which were some impatient players!) to think that the 2.0 update was absolutely...

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Telly bridge on minecraft bedrock (no dragclick) , it took me 1 week to master it:
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