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Apr 9, 2020
Hello folks,

This is another Minerware trivia question to see who's a Minerware OG player out of all the people on the forum.

Other than the current microgames in Minerware, what are some old microgames do you all remember? As for me, the most hilarious microgame that I remember back in 2020 was Milk The Cow. It was a fun microgame, but now the microgame has vanished. This also applies to the last knight fight which was replaced by the knight fight. That's all I can remember back in 2020 😎


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Mar 31, 2018
Here are some of the microgames that I remember! Some or all of these were likely never on Bedrock, but since Java MinerWare has been removed I would still consider them to be old games. There's more that I remember, but my post is already long enough and I want to give others the chance to reply as well.

Hedge Maze - An old boss game where players would spawn in a maze made of leaves. The goal was to find the gold block as many times as you could within the time limit, and each time it was found it would move locations. Many players found it annoying and difficult which is probably why it was removed.

Lucky PvP - This boss game took place in a small arena filled with miniature lucky blocks. Breaking one would give you random loot, which you would then use to kill the other players in the map. From what I can remember it was quite unbalanced, as some people would get lots of items from a lucky block and others would just get one, and the items were much too strong and could kill under-geared players too easily.

Deathmatch - A classic PvP boss game inside a small arena. During the grace period at the start you had the opportunity to choose a kit, then you fought the other players in a competition to get the most kills. Unfortunately, players who were not great at PvP often had a hard time and were targeted as they were an easy kill.
Colour Collection - This game would change the arena into a walled area with different colours on each of the walls. You could click on a wall to choose it as your colour. The goal was to choose a colour that no one else chose, and everyone who chose the same colour as someone else would be eliminated. This was actually really fun but sadly a lot of players didn't understand it, and it was also very easy to target other players and make them lose on purpose.

Egg Battle - This was a PvP game where players were split into red and blue teams and each had an egg. The goal was to break the other team's egg before your entire team was killed. If an egg was successfully broken, the opposing team would win the game. If neither egg was broken, the team with the most players still alive would win.

Lightning Strike - As the name may suggest, this microgame involved lightning. Some of the blocks on the floor would change and moments later they would be struck by lightning. If you were stood on or nearby those blocks you would be eliminated. This game was originally known for being extremely hard, then after some changes to the range of the lightning it was known for being really easy.

Musical Chairs - Much like the real-life game. Chairs would spawn around the platform and music would play. As soon as the music stopped you had to click on one of the chairs. If you clicked too early or didn't manage to get a chair, you would be eliminated.

Enchant the Item - This one was very self-explanatory. You would get an item to enchant using an anvil, and your inventory would be filled with items and enchanted books you didn't need to use and you had to find the right ones.
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