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Hello CubeCrafters,

For the last few months, we have been hard at work creating a SkyWars update for you all! Our goal was to adjust our existing content in-game, but also spice the game up by adding some new things. If you are curious about what we changed and added, then this thread might be interesting to read!

🗓️ Weekly items

As previously mentioned, we wanted to add some new features to the game. One of our most game-changing features, are the weekly items! There are 9 items in total and it varies per week which weekly item you can find. Weekly items have a very low spawn rate, so the lucky people that find these might be able to give the game an interesting twist...

Featured item menu.jpg

Weekly Items Menu
Hello CubeCrafters!

We're excited to bring back Spring once again, this time in our brand new lobby for the first time. Today we're bringing you brand new maps in addition to returning classics, as well as some exclusives now present on both platforms!

Check out this year's Spring update below! 💖

View attachment 209294

🌼 Spring Maps

This year we've taken huge strides into improving parity between both Bedrock & Java by removing exclusive maps entirely. We now have a huge seasonal map pool available to both platforms.

Check out the spoilers far below to see what's new to your favourite Minecraft platform, but first- the brand new maps!

🏡 Fence - EggWars Duos


Will you play of-fence or de-fence?
Hello, CubeCrafers!

In the spirit of April, we've revamped all of our Free for All maps on both Java & Bedrock. We can't wait for your feedback! 💖

Tropical - FFA

You'll be grounded on this map.

Canals - FFA

Meet a bunch of down to earth players
Hello CubeCrafters,

Yesterday at around 5pm GMT, our Skyblock game mode experienced a severe bug that corrupted island data for anyone joining their island from our main lobby or the Skyblock hub. Whilst we noticed this quickly and responded accordingly, we have determined that a large majority of players may have been impacted. Because of this, we have identified the players (around 13000) that joined during the period our servers had the bug, and we have sadly needed to prevent them from joining Skyblock for the next couple of days for a 24-hour rollback. This is to restore all generators and spawners that were lost.

What does this mean?

We regularly back up everything on our network specifically for issues just like this. For the players that joined during the period of the bug being present, we've decided to roll back their Skyblock islands to yesterday at 11am UTC, which means any changes made to islands, including progress after this time, will be lost.

We understand that this solution might upset those who have just started our Skyblock game mode, or have been 'grinding' to earn Skyblock coins; however, this is the best solution we have to fix corrupted data and works for the most amount of people. We're very sorry if this causes any inconvenience. This will help save months of lost progress for most users. This is ONLY for our Bedrock network.

In light of the partial rollback, we plan to activate a global ore generator booster which lasts for 48 hours in the near future, to help players that have missed progress get back up to speed. 🎉

We hope you understand and have a great rest of your day.
Hello CubeCrafters!

As you might have noticed over the past few months, we have been working on implementing many Quality of Life features! In this thread, you will find some highlighted changes, a changelog with credits to the original suggestions, and a credits section for everyone that was involved in this project!

🎉 Parties and friends changes!

A highly requested feature for our Bedrock network has been the addition of party chat! Until recently, the network only contained a global chat. With the Quality of Life changes, we have added a party chat and a team chat. We hope that this had made playing games with your friends even more fun.

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