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Aug 26, 2015
Hai applicants!
Do you desire to help the server? Are you interested in translating various projects to reach a broad range of nationalities? Look no further than the Translator Applications!
Becoming a part of the Translation Team brings with it added responsibility as well as experience working within a team. It allows you to be a part of the bigger project - CubeCraft - and ensure we are able to reach people on the server with their language.

📈 The Process

How does the application process work? Our team of SrTranslators and Proofreaders will be looking through the applications and helping to ensure each one is reviewed. They will be checking the skill level of the applicant and be the main source of contact for any future member. While sorting through applications, they will utilize prefixes to allow you and the other team members to know what stage the application is at.

This is when an applicant has first submitted their application. It allows our team to know when an application has not yet been processed. That being said, it will not stay this way for too long!

This is the next tag an applicant will get if they are being considered! This tag means that an applicant meets the minimum requirements and is now ready to be presented with a skills test. This test allows us to determine your translation capabilities.

This is when an application has been closed and the applicant has not been accepted. This will always be followed with feedback as to why an applicant has not been accepted, and the next steps.

This means that the applicant has been accepted! The next steps they must take will be provided and they will be integrated from there.

Note! Never leave your email, phone number, or any other personal information unless we ask for more information in response to your application.

🔍 What do we look for in an applicant?

We value characteristics and personality as much as skills.
  • You meet Discord's ToS or have parental consent to use the platform.
  • You can speak/understand English (verbally and written).
  • You are familiar with all of our rules.
  • You are a native speaker of the language you are applying for - C1/C2 fluency level.
  • Helpfulness - Providing the ability for the community to be able to read and understand what is on our network is an important quality for us. You will be a part of this bigger project and it is important you desire to assist with this.
  • Maturity - An applicant must have a mature attitude and should be respectful to everyone. It is important you can work alongside a team and be patient with others, as you will be consistently working together to get projects done.
  • Multilingual - You are required to be a native speaker of the language you are applying for, alongside being able to communicate in English.
  • Commitment - This is important as we will be relying on you to translate the projects provided to you in a timely manner. You must be aware of what you are applying for and be enthusiastic about spending some of your free time translating for CubeCraft!
If you speak a language that is not listed, feel free to apply! We are always looking to expand the languages we translate on the network!
If a language is marked Closed, we are not currently accepting applications for that language. We will update this continuously, and if we require more for that language we will change it to Open.
  • Arabic - Open
  • Bulgarian - Open
  • Catalan - Open
  • Chinese (Simplified) - Open
  • Chinese (Traditional) - Open
  • Czech - Open
  • Danish - Open
  • Dutch - Closed
  • Finnish - Open
  • French - Closed
  • German - Open
  • Greek - Open
  • Hebrew - Open
  • Hungarian - Open
  • Italian - Open
  • Japanese - Open
  • Polish - Open
  • Portuguese (Brazilian) - Open
  • Portuguese (European) - Open
  • Russian - Open
  • Spanish - Closed
  • Swedish - Open
  • Turkish - Closed
🏗️ The Recruitment Structure

  • These are the ones that assist the Community and Volunteer Admins in ensuring that the team is running smoothly and is staying motivated/encouraged.
  • Recruitment of this position does remain from within the team itself. This occurs through applications being open for the entire team, respective to the language needed, to apply when the need arises. This, unfortunately, is not able to be applied for as a community member.
  • These are the members who work alongside the SrTranslators to ensure the team is remaining motivated and translation strings are maintaining quality. They will be working to ensure that the team is heard and bugs are addressed as well.
  • Recruitment of this position does remain from within the team itself. This, unfortunately, is not able to be applied for as a community member.
  • These are the community members who have a passion for translating. They will be translating the projects we provide to them, which includes the various text on our network!
  • Recruitment for this position is fully from you as the community! We will be looking through all of your applications. We encourage you to share this with your friends as well, as we will be working to translate a language fully once we have 5 members recruited.
  • After the application is received there will be a skills test provided to the applicant. From here the SrTranslators and Proofreaders will review the application alongside the Moderation staff to ensure the applicant meets our requirements. If all looks good, they will be accepted and welcomed onto the team!

📝 Some things to note!

We do not make any decision alone and all potential applicants will be discussed with the Proofreaders and SrTranslators. This is to ensure there is accountability for those being added and insurance that we can reduce any potential bias.

This may all be a lot to take in, but be aware that decisions are based on a majority. This means if you fear someone dislikes you, it will not be the demise of your chances. It just means their opinion will be taken into account and discussed!

Also if a Translator applicant is unsuccessful, there will be provided feedback to ensure that there is no applicant who is denied without a reason to support it. Keep in mind, things like plagiarizing in your application (like using google translate or another site, etc) will result in a denial. If you do it three times, you will be blocked permanently from applying.

✉️ Interested? Apply Now!

We are excited to continue to see the translation team grow and allow our network to be understood by people all over the world! We hope you all are too!

If you are interested in applying, you can find more, you can apply here!
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