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Team Command


Dec 8, 2013
Crazy Land
There shouldbe a /team command
Where you do /team username
Then t will say to that person Player is wanting to team with you
Then the person does /Team accept
Then they cannot attack each other

To break a team do /Team break Player
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GamingBoy YT wrote on Zombiepower's profile.
Just joined the "new" java lobby and thought I was on the wrong server 😅 😂
But it's nice to have some variety :cube:
When I go to FORUMS and then to the Creations section, I can't find my own threads. Is this an error? They seem to have dissapeared, though I can still go to them through my notifications.
Caliditas wrote on Zed's profile.
Will the reports site and the other "spin-off" sites also get an update after the forums update rolled out properly?
These new looks are awesome but don't really fit with the old design on the reports site.
I LOVE Slime Survival. It's the best gamemode I've ever played.
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