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Feb 8, 2020
Heyo, i have a suggestion which I've seen very many people be interested in.

I believe that the bedrock version of Eggwars/Skywars should have a Competitive / Ranked Gamemode
This gamemode would ofc be up to people to decide if they want to play but this is to cater to people that want a challenge
and to improve by going against many other good players and getting your name out there over the leaderboard which you would need to grind very very hard to get into top 50
Competitive can be extremly fun for everyone that plays it, and maybe cubecraft could do a Competitive event every 1-3 months or so (Just ideas)
(Seen many many people interested)
How it would work if ofc up to the devs

An a idea from me would be like Fortnite arena
It would be a point system
2 points per egg destroyed
5 points per game won

To get the team to look into getting this out to us we need 25 agree votes, you the community have to vote if you agree or not.
Vote agree if you agree with the general concept (Completely up to devs how they would run it)
Vote Disagree if you oppose the general concept (please don't choose this if you dislike how the point system is, just a idea [Up to the devs how they want to manipulate it into the game] )


Mar 11, 2022
I love this idea…I’ve been looking for a way to play competitively but it’s hard to find anything so a ranked playlist would be amazing
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