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PvP Update - Duels, FFA and more! ⚔


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Aug 6, 2020
Hey Java CubeCrafters!

PvP is one of our longest-standing games on our network - a game where you're able to make friends (and enemies) in duels, FFA and assassinations! However, this game has not received an update in 823 days... until today!

Today, we're releasing a massive PvP update for our Java network - our Notion board has almost 60 entries... Let's get into what you'll be able to see on our network today!

🏹 Duels

Duels on 1.8! ⚔
Awesome news for our 1.8 players, we now have duels on 1.8! They will have the same changes to duels as our 1.9+ network, as well as some 1.8 specific kit changes!

Overpowered duels return! 💎
With our success of overpowered FFA mode, we're going to be re-releasing overpowered duels with the old kits! These kits have gone through a few changes though, so let's introduce all of the kits to you!
  • OP Warrior: Protection 4 diamond armour, sharpness 5 diamond sword, 4 speed 1 potions, 4 strength 1 potions, 1 enchanted golden apple
  • No Debuff: Protection 2 diamond armour, sharpness 2 fire aspect 1 diamond sword, 16 ender pearls, 64 steak, 1 fire resistance potion, 4 speed potions, 28 splash instant health 2 potions
  • OP Archer: Diamond armour, power 3 infinity bow, speed 1 potion, 1 golden apple
  • OP EggWars: Protection 5 leather armour, sharpness 2 stone sword, efficiency 2 stone pickaxe, 1 golden apple, 20 steak, 32 sandstone
  • Health: Protection 3 diamond armour, sharpness 5 fire aspect 2 diamond sword, speed 2, strength 2, fire resistance, 17 splash instant health 2 potions
  • Bomber: Protection 1 diamond armour, sharpness 5 diamond sword, stick with knockback 1, 64 creeper spawn eggs, strength 1
  • OP UHC: Protection 1 diamond armour, sharpness 2 diamond sword, power 2 bow w/ 12 arrows, 32 steak, flint and steel, 64 dirt, water bucket, lava bucket, 3 golden apples
  • Explosive bow: Blast protection 2 iron armour, explosive bow, 5 golden apple
  • OP SkyWars: Protection 1 diamond armour, sharpness 2 iron sword, 64 stone, power 1 bow, diamond pickaxe, 16 snowballs, lava bucket, water bucket, 2 golden apples, 16 steak, 32 arrows, shields
  • OP Survival Games: Projectile protection 1 iron helmet, protection 2 chain chestplate, protection 2 leather leggings, protection 1 chain boots, sharpness 1 iron sword, power 1 bow, 20 bread, sharpness 1 iron axe, 2 instant health potions, 64 wood planks, 2 golden apples, half broken flint and steel, water bucket, 32 arrows
  • Armour: 2 sets of protection 4 iron armour, sharpness 5 diamond sword, strength, resistance 3, regeneration, 8 steak
    • Purpose of this kit is to break the armour. It'll break fairly quickly though, so be prepared to swap your armour!
  • Shell: Protection 5 unbreaking 2 iron armour, sharpness 5 iron sword, strength 3, resistance 3, regeneration 3
Kits - 1.8 Specific & Global kit changes! 🚀
  • Archer kit no longer has punch on its bow.
  • Alchemist kit now only has 5 splash damage potions, 3 lingering damage potions (on 1.9+) and no longer have weakness.
  • Miner kit now has a wooden sword.
  • UHC and Survival Games now has a fishing rod on the second slot in 1,8.
Better & faster map generation! 💨
It's no secret that our old map generation was... slow. Sometimes, a small map would take 10-15 seconds to load for a duel that would take less than a minute. This was pretty annoying, especially for players who want to play more than three duels games. With this, we've implemented an awesome map generation system from our Skyblock systems to speed up the process!
How fast, you ask?

... Pretty fast.
Map updates - Out with the old, in with the new! 💐
With this new system, we're finally able to be less restrictive with our duels maps! You've likely noticed our duels maps to be a bit more lacklustre in terms of detail, especially comparing to our Marketplace maps. We've now been given a lot more freedom with our duels maps.
After looking at our new maps and comparing them to our old ones, we've decided to scrap all of our previous duels maps. Although you may be upset with this, you'll understand after you see our maps, and the possibilities it may bring with expanding our duels to include more players!

🍄 Mushroom

There isn't mush-room for two people here... get rid of one!

🌷 Spring

It's not gonna be much sunshine and flowers over here...

⛄ Winter

Anyone else excited for Christmas?

🏜 Desert

Fight like the warriors you are!

🐸 Swamp

What are ye doin' in me swamp?!

New achievements! ✨
Some achievements for you all to enjoy the update in!
  • Living on the edge [Easy]: Win a duel with half a heart. Reward: 75xp, 20 points.
  • Smart play [Hard]: Win a duel by punching someone with a bow. Reward: 250 exp, 100 points.
  • Slowpoke [Medium]: Win a duel by shifting the entire game. Reward: 125xp, 50 points.
  • No rush! [Medium]: Win a duel by walking the entire game. Reward: 125xp, 50 points.
  • Catch a grenade for you… [Easy]: Kill your opponent using TnT. Reward: 75xp, 20 points
  • Startin’ beef [Medium]: Kill your opponent using cooked beef. Reward: 125xp, 50 points.
Bug fixes & Quality of life features! 🌠
  • You can't challenge yourself anymore. Unfortunate, I want to duel myself :sadcat:
  • Fixed a duplication glitch where you hold an item in your inventory when you rematch a player.
  • Fixed a bug where if you accept a rematch when flying with an Elytra, you get stuck in a block.
  • Fixed a bug where killing someone with TnT caused the game not to end.
  • Fixed a bug where placing TnT from your offhand did not automatically ignite it.
  • Fixed a bug where translators do not show up in tab in kit creation.
  • Fixed some typos in the kit creation menus.


New kit - Berserker! 🪓
After a discussion in our PvP Suggestions thread, we've decided to trial an axe kit! Introducing the Berserker kit:
  • Diamond axe & wooden sword (knockback 1)
  • Diamond chestplate
  • Diamond leggings (protection 1)
  • Diamond boots.
This kit will hopefully see a pretty cool meta in FFA where players can swap between the axe and sword to maximise their damage output!

Kit changes & balancing! ⚖
After looking at feedback for the FFA, we've decided to have some changes to two of the kits, Beast & Wizard.
  • Beast: Diamond chestplate & leggings are now protection 1, not protection 2.
    • We noticed that the beast kit was pretty overpowered when compared to other kits like the Warrior kit. We want to balance it so that one kit isn't as overpowering as another.
  • Wizard: Reduced the number of damage potions from 4 -> 3, reduced the number of poison potion from 2 -> 1, and you're able to regenerate your potions upon getting kills.
    • At the moment, the wizard kit is seen to be the optimal kit for revenge - players will spawn in and throw all of their potions at one time without thought. With less damaging potions, you should think about how to use your potions.
    • Regenerating potions is a bit of a wildcard change in our opinion. We don't want to see the wizard kit to be used only for revenge killing, and should be used as a kit that can get killstreaks if used correctly. At the moment, you're sort of capped with the length of the potions, which is around 3 minutes of playtime. Afterwards, you're obliged to die. We've made an algorithm where you're able to get a random potion from your initial selection when you get a kill. You are not able to get more than what you start with, so don't worry, you can't farm kills and get 64 damage potions!
  • In winged maps, Samurai kit is given protection 1 iron leggings.​
    • We felt like the kit died way too quickly for the benefit for speed. We added some more armour to balance this.​
  • In winged maps, Beast kit has protection 2 diamond boots & helmet.​
    • We felt like the sword was a bit too weak in comparison to other kits, so we buffed it a bit to help it survive a bit more!​
New map - Mayan! 🗿
Built by @Gatsbe and @Unstrafeless , this map takes you on a trip to a Mayan temple where you are able to explore around the expansive cave system or explore around the village. Be careful, not everyone is friendly!
In this map, you are able to find a multitude of secrets... best of luck finding them!

This map is like no other though - its sheer size matches its player count, as you'll be able to join this map with 80 players! We will be inspecting how performant the servers will be and how enjoyable the map will be for everyone. It'll definitely provide a different experience to FFA though!
The player count may change in the future though, we're using this map as a trial to see how well our servers do with 80 players at one time PvP'ing!

/settime - An obsidian perk! 🌅
This command allows you to change the time for the map to day, sunset, night, or server time. Enjoy all of the maps on FFA at a different time!

Mirage at sunset... gorgeous! 😍

New achievements! ✨
Like our other modes, FFA now has kit achievements! You will need to get a 15 kill streak with a kit to unlock this, as well as some more achievements:
  • Cold-hearted [Medium]: Get 100 kills in one FFA game, with a K/D of 10. Reward: 300 exp, 50 points.
  • Kit achievements [Easy]. Reward: 25 points, 50 exp
    • Warrior’s Heart. Get a 15 kill streak with warrior.
    • Unleashed. Get a 15 kill streak with beast
    • Yer a wizard! Get a 15 kill streak with wizard.
    • Point blank. Get a 15 kill streak with sniper.
    • Speedster: Get a 15 kill streak with samurai.
    • On a rampage! Get a 15 kill streak with berserker/lumberjack.
  • ...That’s how you use it, right? [Hard]: Kill someone by punching them with a bow. Reward: 250 exp, 100 points.

Bug fixes & Quality of life features! 🌠
  • Added regular golden apples to /shop for 125 points.
  • Increased price of enchanted golden apples to 500 points.
  • You are given 1 experience for every kill.
  • Added armour stands for Berserker kit in 1.9+ and 1.8.
  • All items from kits and the /shop will be unbreakable.
  • Combat logging is a lot clearer now - you'll be told when you are in and out of combat now in chat.
  • Killstreaks should be saved properly when you leave the game or if the server abruptly stops.
  • Fixed bug where players using the archer kit are able to kill themselves by not allowing an arrow you shoot to shoot yourself.

☠ Assassinations

Coin increase in chests! 💸
To progress the game a little faster, we've increased the number of coins you can receive in chests! You're now able to get 25% more coins in chests.

Sidebar addition! 📝
We've added a sidebar to Assassins, similar to FFA! It also shows the number of coins you have in your inventory.


Bug fixes & Quality of life features! 🌠
  • Added spawn protection when you first spawn in assassinations.
  • Fixed some odd spaces taking fire damage in some of the shops.
  • Fixed a bug where if you quickly switch maps, your loadout is not saved.

🤔 So, what now?

We see PvP to be a wildly loved gamemode amongst the Minecraft multiplayer community - the best examples you can see is on our server, where the playerbase on games like EggWars and SkyWars outmatches PvE or less-combat heavy games like Parkour or Beta Games.
Bedrock CubeCrafters, you'll be happy to hear that we're looking into bringing some PvP modes to the server! This is all early development... more updates in the future!

Hope you enjoy this update, thanks for reading, and I hope you're as excited as I am with the future of PvP! 💙


Jul 21, 2017
Thanks for the massive work team!
This is actually a pretty nice update. Hope 1.8 players enjoy it as well!


Dec 31, 2017
Icey Land
This is amazing, great work! I think I will defiantly start to play PVP a lot more, what a well deserved update. :)


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Jun 29, 2019
😯 Didn't expect this at all! Epic update! <3
Awesome news for our 1.8 players, we now have duels on 1.8! They will have the same changes to duels as our 1.9+ network, as well as some 1.8 specific kit changes!
Especially this :D, I personally don't play 1.8 a lot but I can imagine how it feels to not have duels xd
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