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Jun 14, 2020
So we just got ffa on bedrock which is an awesome thing, thanks for giving us a good and active kitpvp server. Now since we got this new game on bedrock, let's not add the bad things that java ffa has...

The most hated java ffa feature is the shop, and yes, it brings more bad than good to the game and the community. And since we do not have it yet, its no "iconic part of ffa". Please do not add shop to bedrock ffa.

Also PLEASE get us the kill boosts, i am not asking for a full instant heal or strength, just some small buffs to not make us run away until we have enough health after we win a close fight. like a health potion that gets us 2-3 hearts, maybe a small speed boost. but please give us something when we get a kill, it is not enjoyable to run away after a fight to heal and this is the biggest flaw in my opinion.

So yeah, the game just got out and we can add as many good features before the game is out for enough that people hate the updates. Thanks.
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