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May 25, 2014
Username: FaZeMCO
Name: Holly
Age: 21
I am 21 and I am in University for ED Gaming Experience. I have a Degree on Tech support and I know how to make custom plugins and more. I am nice and easy to get along with. I have played MineCraft for 4 Years so I know the Past of MineCraft. I play MineCraft alot in my spare time and like to Help people if there in trouble or need some help. I will accept orders from other Staff and Owners. I have played on CubeCraft for about 2 Months and think I would liek to go for the position Moderator. I like to play SG and Skywars or go on Creative to do some building. I vote for points so I can get better Kits and stuff like that.

What will you do if people Advertise Spamm?:
If someone Spamms it's just a Basic kick for Spamm. But if they keep it up the punishments go higher. If a player be's mean then It is the same a Basic kick but if they keep doing it punishments go Higher, and the same with CAPS. But if someone advertises then it's just a full Ban.

What will you do for the server?:
If I get accepted I will most likely donate for Emerald or more. I will help out 24/7 and ask people to vote donate etc. I will be on the website alot and view the Forum posts and comment or tell them some advice. I will always be nice and if a player Needs Help about something I will tell them what to do.

Past Experience:
I have been a Mod on a server called CedgePvP but quited for this Applictaion. Admin on two servers and Helper on one. But here's a story when I was 19. Two years ago I worked for a compnay called SoftwareServers with my Boyfriend. I was ServerHoster and Plugin Devoloper. I worked there for about a year. I got so good people voted em for Plugin-Operator but a month later the company lost money and it fell down but now I have experience on Server Making and Plugin Devoloping.

So Vote for Accept or Decline and Thank You for reading :) @Volkom_ @halothe23 @rubik_cube_man
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