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    My ideas for new lucky blocks :

    - Elder Guardian that jumps around. Drops 3 Lucky blocks when killed.
    - A random item with 2 random enchants. For example : You can get a sapling with sharpness or a totem of undying with looting.

    My ideas for new kits :

    - Enderman : 1 enderpearl, black leather armor and 5 chorus fruits.
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    I know that plenty of people that regularly play Lucky Islands already has said this (myself included), but since nothing has happened I wanna bump the suggestion again! :)

    That. Wretched. Cat. Of. Darkness.

    The cat is:

    - too fast
    - too hard to hit
    - too resilient to damage when you finally manages to hit it
    - even meaner and faster after its owner dies and enters like a frenzy.

    I love Lucky Islands, and few things leave a sour taste in my mouth. But the cat makes me irritated and at times angry almost daily. It’s simply hard to face a player in combat having to hit the cat 3 times before trying to hit the player. They get too much of a head start. Sure, if the player has really low armor I can kill the player first, but then I need to kill the cat afterwards.

    Almost every time I have a cat and it kills an opponent they write angrily something about the cat - because they hate the cat. Almost everyone does. It feels cheap and unfair.

    Please nerf or remove the cat.
    You can make it take only one hit before dying, make it give less damage and make it sit down IMMIDIATELY when it’s owner dies.
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    Remove "Battle" map

    Why removing a map from a gamemode you may ask?
    There are a few reasons:

    Its unpopular
    This actually should be the main reason you should remove it, it seem the community doesnt like it, why i think so?
    Everytime im entering Lucky island and its this map, compared to other maps this one fills the slowest, many players leave.
    In other maps it either fills very quick or nearly instantly with few exeptions, but in this one map it fills very slow.

    Its boring
    How can a map be boring when its about the gamemode? You may ask yourself that question, let me explain.
    in case you have a low chunk sight, this map will litteraly look like a standart survival games map, simply because its so big it doesnt feel like were actually on an island. Besides the war setting is rather uninteresting and at some point uncormfortable, for example a war with cloud airships and big creatures would have fit better and made it more enjoyable.

    Its unnecessary and unfitting in general
    We know team lucky island is for fighting in teams, however you usally expect more than just two teams, especially when each team is 10 players big.
    This is simply making teamfighting very hard and making it an even more egoistic behaviour as everyone wants lucky blocks and items than normal.
    Before the war map, the Creek map was rather something special, as its the only map with only 2 teams and with 8 players each team it wasnt too big, you still had the feeling you were on an island, even if there was a huge platform in front of you. Because of the war map there are now two maps with only two teams, making it rather usal.

    Please note that this is all my opinion, i just wanted to suggest a rework or removal of the map as its in my opinion the worst map, also if you are about to be the troll that flames me for not sharing the same opinion or someone who wants to say something like "nobody cares about your opinion" then i kindly ask you to not do that.
    Im completly serious with this post.
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    Respect for waiting all those minutes before the cooldown ends.
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    There really should be a way to see the price of the kit somewhere after you've bought it.

    Winged Leprechaun:
    1x Elytra with 5 durability (each durability = one second of flight time)
    2x Firework tier 1
    1xDragon head
    Cost: 300 Points
    Shop Menu Icon: Elytra
    Benefit: Able to rush very quickly if you get lucky and get a weapon from a lucky block. Or you could go to mid.
    Counterbalance:Little to no armour when rushing so early, allowing people with other kits to be able to defend themselves.

    1xMule Spawn Egg
    1xLeather Chestplate
    1xWooden Sword
    Cost: 350 Points
    Shop Menu Icon: Horse Spawn Egg
    Benefit:Faster movement and some quick cheap gear
    Counterbalance:Having to tame the horse, and others being able to kill the horse.

    Glass Cannon:

    1xDiamond Axe/Sword with: Sharpness 4, -16 max health
    Cost: 350-450 Points
    Benefit: one or two hit kill someone if using the weapon
    Counterbalance: You get one or two hit killed when using the weapon. Gets weaker as the game goes on and people get better armour. If the attacker and defender are both using this kit, it pretty much cancels out.

    1xFlint and steel with: 20 durability (Limits trolling/team killing)
    1x Golden Boots
    1x potion of fire resistance (3:00)
    Cost: 250 Points
    Benefit: Set your enemies on fire, resistance to fire/lava/blazes for some time.
    Counterbalance: Defender could use water, Defender could put out the fires, Defender could get extra hits in while you try to us the flint and steel.

    Blessed Curse:
    1x Chainmail Chestplate with curse of binding
    1x Chainmail Leggins with curse of binding
    1x leather boots
    Cost: 300 Points
    Benefit: Strong armour start
    Counterbalance: You are not able to remove the chestplate or leggings, resulting in you having worse armour than most others later in the game.

    1xGolden Pickaxe
    1xGolden Axe
    1xGolden Shovel
    1x Golden Helmet
    Cost: 200 Points
    Benefit: Early Tools for mining ores(not including diamonds) and blocks. Axe could be used as a weapon
    Counterbalance: Golden equipment has extremely low durability. Axe does same damage as wooden axe
    Landing Pad
    Item: Slimy Piston
    Action: Spawns a 2x2 of slime blocks beneath the player. Slime particles when the platform spawns
    Break Block: A Slime block or slime falls from the sky, and breaks/dies, turning into this item. Particle effects of a slime occur while falling. Sound of a slime when it gets to the ground.

    Item: Armour Stand/Spawn Egg
    Action: Spawns an armour stand with a leather chest plate and helmet OR Spawns a mob with your name. It disappears after being hit once.
    Break Block: End rod particles swirl up from the ground, then the decoy drops. Uses same noise as shield wand.

    Smoke Bomb
    Item: Firework Star
    Action: The particles that occur when taming a wolf but failing appear as the trail when the smoke bomb is thrown. After a second or two, it explodes to give players in the area blindness for 3-5 seconds. The sound that plays when it explodes is the sound that lava makes when burning something.
    Break Block: Drops like a hot potato would. Maybe use the sound of sand being placed when it drops.

    Blood Sword
    Item: Golden sword
    Action: The more kills you get with the sword, the stronger it will become. Or maybe the more experience you get/have, the more damage the sword does.
    Break Block: Similar to the fire sword drop, but the particles make up a red sword. Could use redstone particles instead of fire particles when it drops.

    Chorus Bow
    Action: When hit, a player will have the effect of eating a chorus fruit applied to them, making them teleport to a nearby (to them) random location.
    Break Block: Particles make up a purple grenade icon before an ender pearl teleportation sound occurs.

    Spider Wand
    Item: Cobweb
    Action: Kind of like the old fire wand, spews out 5-10 cobwebs in the direction the player is looking. Spider hurt noise plays. No particles.
    Break Block: White particles form a cobweb-like pattern, then a spider noise plays, then the wand drops.


    It would be nice to see some items make use of the curse of vanishing
    The Shulkening
    All players get levitation for 2-5 seconds every few seconds
    (I have no context of achievement rewards)
    Follow The Ice Brick Road
    Goal: Use the frost path wand 20 times in one game
    Difficulty: Easy
    Reward: 50XP

    Robin Hood
    Goal: Acquire one of each type of bow in one game
    Difficulty: Medium
    Reward 100XP

    Frozen Fever
    Goal: Hit someone with a frozen shot bow 5 times in a row
    Difficulty: Medium
    Reward: 150XP

    Cats should not be faster than players - give them slowness 1 or 2 so the player can outrun the cat.
    Change the cat quest's difficulty to hard

    Even in crazy mode with lucky rain it took a 23 minute game dedicated to this (and another) achievement for me to get it.
    Show the ender dragon's health.
    Not being able to see the dragon's health is a huge obstacle when trying to get it's achievement.
    The max amount of ender dragons that can spawn should be 1-3
    It keeps the chaotic factor of having many dragons at once, but also allows people to better target one to kill.
    Reduce the dragon's health so that it takes less than 64 arrows to kill.
    The achievement should be hard, not tedious. In a 23 minute game I used 7 stacks of arrows with an autobow trying to kill a single ender dragon, but the above issues kept me from doing so.
    Thanks for reading!
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