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Are their to many hackers

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    If you guys know me I'm a artist and a hacker reporter, everyday there would be at least 6 hackers on every single day(Different hackers if i may add) and i would reported like 1 or 2 of those people, but i wonder why are their so many hackers? Whats wrong with the hacker catcher plugin? I could, and other reporters could report all these people, but to edit and produce the videos every singe time is time consuming.. I have a life and i can't do this all day, I'm scared to even buy diamond armor(I never do just saying if i might one day) because in a less then 5 mins i will get killed by hacker(s). Is it the times i play, or is this just a server problem? I know the admins on this server work really hard, i am not trying to be a bad guy but i'm just asking. Also i'm saying this to Kit-Pvp where the hacking is the worst.
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    Players, we can't avoid every hacker. If we could we already would and this server would be hacker-free but realistically, it's not possible. If you want to know why there are so many hackers, ask the hackers themselves.
    We also know recording is time consuming, but if the community contributes to reporting players that will make gameplay enjoyable for you and for others as well. But again, it's not like we can make an anti-hacker plugin because it just doesn't exist. You don't have to report hackers if you think it's too much work, but it would make the gameplay a bit more enjoyable for everyone :)

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