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hi im late but i wanna introduce myself


Apr 25, 2020
My Recliner
Hey there everyone. I’m Beller5. Most of my friends call me Beller, though you can call me “dude,” “bro,” “man,” or anything of the sort.

I’m thirteen years young, and I live in the wonderful plains of Oklahoma. More specifically, in my parents’ house.

I play CubeCraft quite a bit in my free time, which is whenever I’m not sleeping, eating, or going to football, basketball, or baseball practice. Yes, you read that right. I play three sports and STILL find time to play video games.

I play on Bedrock Edition, which means that I’m clearly superior to all of you Java beta males. I enjoy playing the newly released Skyblock, Skywars, Minerware, and BlockWars. If you want to play, just say so :)

I love and approve of what the staff team is doing at Skyblock, and would love to join the team in the future, whenever I get more experience in speaking Spanish and when I actually meet the age limit ;)

Thanks for reading my super late introduction :)
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