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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Ilegator, Apr 18, 2016.

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    The people, when is playing Minecraft, is sometimes changing the server. Sometimes is very annoying to have to change your Minecraft version to play CubeCraft. For example, sometimes I want to play a SkyWars game and I remember that I have to join with Minecraft 1.9 so I don't join (the people is so lazy). You should make the server experience easier to join.
    Almost all the people don't like 1.9. Not only becouse of the 1.9 PvP but the abundant bugs and other things.
    Have you noticed that since you updated the server there is no more than 20k people? I don't thing this is a good thing for the server.
    Please, upgrade the server and make it 1.8/1.9 compatible.
    I have left your community since this happened and I'm sad :(

    Final suggestion:
    PvP lovers loves 1.7. 1.7 is so much better for PvP than 1.8 or 1.9 and I'd love it come back. I guess you will ignore me about this, but I had to try it xD

    Thank you!
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    Not going to happen. They already made 1.8 mode for SkyWars and Eggwars.
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    The server will not be compatible with 1.8 nor 1.7 , people need to get over that, change is good. If you haven't noticed, we recently just updated SkyWars and EggEars to have a 1.8 gamemode with more things to come!

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